Give Blood

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Title: Give Blood
Publisher: Eel Pie Publishing
Editor(s): Kate Nuernberg
Date(s): 1998-2000
Medium: print
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Language: English
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Give Blood is a gen Buffy anthology with cover art by Kate Nuernberg and interior art by Anja Gruber.

Issue 1

cover issue #1

Give Blood 1 was published in 1998 and has 229 pages.

  • Intermezzo by P.L. Poole (After ‘Becoming Part 2’) (3)
  • A Kiss for the Dying by Jeanne DeVore (After ‘The Dark Age’) (Alternate to the events in ‘Ted’) (17)
  • Sophisticated Tastes by Elizabeth Carpenter (After ‘Go Fish’) (67)
  • The Shiver When You're Warm by Kate Nuernberg (After ‘Prophecy Girl’...Takes place during the summer) (85)
  • O Positive by The Authors (227)

Issue 2

Give Blood 2 was published in 2000 and contains 165 pages.

It was a pioneering zine in that it was "an internet zine with the availability of print."

From a flyer:

Writing BtVS fanfic can be an exercise in frustration. The show moves so fast, circumstances change, characters disappear, relationships shift, and that wonderfully plotted story is now alternate universe. For slow writers, or those who tend to compose long, involved epics, there may not be a solution. But, as most of us have discovered in the past few years, the Internet helps. It is definitely a faster way to distribute creative efforts. However, being a technophobe who long resisted the Internet, I always swore that I would continue to publish a print zine for those fans who can't/ won't/ don't want to log on.

So how do you get instant gratification and do a print zine? Drum roll.... zine by subscription. Okay, maybe the concept is a lot like newsletters, lending libraries, and letterzines; but maybe there are enough differences. I'd like to try this with any of you who are interested. Here's the plan: 1. Purchase the first installment (2 stories and cover). The first installment is available now, with stories by Elizabeth Carpenter and Jeanne DeVore; art by Anja Gruber and Kate Nuernberg. 2. Sign up on our list, with your name and address. OR: Simply provide your name and address if you do not wish to buy the first installment. You can write us at any time to sign up. 3. No more than once a month, or when new stories/ art/ other materials are available, you will receive a postcard describing them and listing the price. Pages will have generous gutter margins for three hole punch if you wish to keep yours in a notebook. 4. Order whatever you like or nothing at all. There will be no deposits or preorders. You will send no money until pages are ready to mail. This is print-on-demand. I hope this will keep my overhead low (maybe I'll develop stooped shoulders or a sore neck) and keep your costs down. If I have a low number of responses, I'll still do this, so don't hesitate to sign on. The subscription zine will be available in Europe, but prices will have to reflect costs. MATERIAL WILL APPEAR ON MY WEBSITE AS IT IS MADE AVAILABLE IN PRINT I encourage anyone who is online to find these stories and illustrations on the Internet where they are FREE!

We are not online yet. Please check around the end of June and thereafter. Our address will be:

  • Demons are Forever by Elizabeth Carpenter (This is before Cordelia breaks off her relationship with Xander) (53 pages)
  • Waking Up in a Coma by Jeanne DeVore (before the Watchers test) (67 pages)
  • Late Night Thoughts on Graduation by Elaine Batterby (1 page)
  • The Shadows Run from Themselves by Kate Nuernberg (Immediately after ‘Graduation’) (44 pages)