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Pairing: Rupert Giles/Spike
Alternative name(s): Spiles
Gender category: M/M, Slash
Fandom: Buffyverse
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Reasonably popular
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Giles/Spike is the pairing of Rupert Giles and Spike from the Buffyverse.



This pairing appears to have grown in popularity following their interactions in Season 4.

Common Tropes & Storylines

  • Living Together: Many works are set during the period in S4 when Spike was staying in Giles house. Most works begin with Spike chained up in the bathtub.
  • Many works also show these two growing closer during the summer following Buffy's death, and beginning a relationship then.
  • Magic Gone Awry: Sometimes a spell cast by Willow or Ethan Rayne can led to these two beginning a sexual or romantic relationship. Fics set during the S6 episode Tabula Rasa also employ this trope.
  • Pre-canon: A small number of works are set pre-canon, and involve alternate first meetings between Spike and a younger Giles. These works often included Giles Ripper persona.



  • Doing It Wrong by thea_bromine. How does a vampire with no reflection do that? Answer: he gets a Watcher to help. Words: about 6 500.
  • Four Step Programme by brutti ma buoni. Post ‘The Gift’, Spike and Giles have reasons to get closer. More humour than angst or romance. Words: about 1 600.
  • If Strangers Meet by Ruuger. Young Giles is sent to New York to help a watcher and crosses paths with a Spike who never escaped from that submarine. Set in the late 70's with spoilers for "Why We Fight" and "The Dark Age". Words: about 18 000.
  • It Never Happened by Shadowscast. Post-"Gift". Giles and the others are struggling to figure out how to live in a world without Buffy, and how to continue to protect it. An encounter with a strange demon turns Spike into an ordinary human, which complicates matters. Words: about 37 000.
  • Randy and His Dad by hello spikey. “Tabula Rasa” rewrite with Spike/Giles twist and kind of an (pseudo)incest kink. Words: about 13 500.
  • What Lies Within by Jenny. Willow does a spell that goes badly wrong. Spike and Giles find out more about each other than they could have thought possible. This new knowlegde has consequences they find hard to control. Words: about 56 000.


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