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Name: Herself
Alias(es): herself_nyc
Type: writing
Fandoms: Buffyverse, Firefly
URL: Herself@Bugger This; @All About Spike; @Bloodshedverse; @IJ; @LJ
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Herself is a fan author, active in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fandom since September 2001. She is one of the authors archived at Bugger This, and is associated with FayJay and Kalima.[1]

Her fiction usually features Spike, and she's best known for her angsty adult Spike/Buffy. The Deadly Hook crowns her the reigning queen of Buffy/Spike angst, and describes her Spuffy stories as excellent mixtures of agony, sex, and deep thoughts; to read Herself is to drink a mason jar full of tears. In a good way.[2] Stultiloquentia describes her style as really something else—bird-skeleton graceful and a little eerie.[3]

Herself also writes Spike/Xander and other het & slash BtVS pairings, as well as occasional Angel and Firefly works. All her completed fanfiction is archived at Bugger This; she also archives at Livejournal and Insanejournal, and at the All About Spike and The Bloodshedverse archives.

Notable Works

  • Bittersweets series -- classic Spuffy AU saga, diverging from canon after season 6 'Wrecked'. Cupidsbow writes of the series opener, All Wrong: This story ... describes female pleasure as a hot, real, uncrass thing; sexuality is a central part of this Buffy's physicality, and while she's shown to be broken, she's still Buffy, making the hard choices. ...Herself has captured the overwrought romantic that's at the heart of Spike, without re-working him into something less, well, spikey.[4]
  • Manhattan Nocturne -- historical Spike story. Indri writes: Spike shags the locals in Herself's lyrical Manhattan Nocturne[5]
  • What She Deserves & Lovingkindness -- pair of AU novellas set after season 6 'Grave'. Xanphibian writes Herself knows these characters, shows you their hearts and their souls, makes you ache and break and mend with them. She ...[has] them work out how they feel, what they feel, separating the past from the present while showing just how much the past affects them. The story is just stunning...[6] Mustang Sally writes (of 'What She Deserves'): It's not a *fun* story, it's not one of the hearts and roses, Titanic Spuffy reunions that have been clogging up the 'net recently, but the writing is witty, powerful, and executed with all of Herself's skill and flair. ... It's a Scorsese film of a fic, with all the noir, blood and sweat that Marty handles so well.[7]


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