Buffy and Spike: An Exercise in Futility

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Title: Buffy and Spike: An Exercise in Futility
Creator: Magi
Date(s): early 2000s?
Medium: online
Fandom: Buffy & Angel
External Links: Magi essay, Archived version
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Buffy and Spike: An Exercise in Futility is an essay by Magi.

It is one of many essays at Octaves, a Buffy and Angel website.

"Magi gives us her two cents on why Spike and Buffy just don't cut it as a legitimate pair."


Many believe that the future of Spike is inexorably tied to that of Buffy. This is, of course, the predominant opinion of those known as Spike and Buffy (S/B) Shippers. Obviously that feeling isn't entirely shared by the B/A Shippers, who will forever hope for the reuniting of Buffy and Angel. As it will become obvious further into this oration, let me clarify that I am a member of the latter group. As a firm devotee of the show from its inception, I have always believed that the love shared by Buffy and Angel is infinite and unbreakable. For this reason, my earlier addresses have suggested the necessity of a new character to which Spike can convey his affections. I would like to illuminate the reasons behind this, and to explain why IMO Buffy and Spike's relationship is not viable.

It is a commonly held feeling that the longevity of Buffy (the character not the show) is directly tied to those she holds dear. As has been stated and displayed numerous times, Slayer's don't have a history of endurance. I believe that Buffy once stated that the average life expectancy of a Slayer is 25. That number even seems a bit high, from what little we know of the past slayers. Buffy herself died twice by the time reached 21. Both of her deaths were rescinded (for lack of a better word) by her friends. Xander brought life back to a drowned Buffy, and the Scoobies worked some serious magick to restore her life again.

Combine that with the many times where their assistance might've hastened the demise of our beloved heroine, and you see why Buffy's friends are responsible for her ability to beat the odds. Even after his departure from Sunnydale, Angel's assistance has been invaluable as well. Without his help, Xander might never have found Buffy to revive her the first time. Her deep commitment to her friends and family is one of the things that make her so special. In fact, it's her inability to feel as much for them now that's contributing to her current state, that of a hollow person searching to find new meaning in her life. This includes Angel, although his presence isn't of as immediate importance just now.