Are We The Lucky Ones?

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Title: Are We The Lucky Ones?
Creator: jagwriter78
Date: Aug 2009
Format: WMV
Length: 3:06 minutes
Music: "Lucky" by Bif Naked
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
URL: vid announcement

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Are We The Lucky Ones? is a Buffy fanvid by jagwriter78. The vidder offered extended vid commentary at the vid commentary LJ community on October 16, 2009.[1]

Viddder's summary: "What I want from you I can never have."


  • "That was wonderful !! The effects were such a natural progression with the vid !! I loved the effect of showing the text with the characters lines.Also the b&w scene that changes into color was wild !! Your clipping was well done to match the lyrics as well." ~ feedback at the vidder's website.
  • "he edits are seamless and the video flowed beautifully with the song. The writing is very effective and I loved the painterly move from black and white to color." ~ feedback at the vidder's website.