Love Lorne

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Name: Love Lorne
Date(s): 13 May 2001 - October 2002 (Wayback date)
Archivist: Jennifer W.
Founder: Annie
Type: character-centric
Fandom: Angel the Series
URL: (Wayback)
Love Lorne.png
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Love Lorne is the Host/Lorne character zone for the BtVS Writers' Guild. Besides the archive, the page features essays, an episode-by-episode character biography, beta readers, and links to learn more about The Host and Andy Hallett, the actor who portrays him. There's also a few other goodies.

The site was originally created May 13, 2001 and was redesigned October 21, 2001. As of August 7, 2002, it is under the ownership of Jennifer.

The site joined FEF June 06, 2001.