X-Men Slash

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Name: X-Men Slash
Date(s): 09 April 2001 or before (FEF joining date)
Archivist: Lee Tabor
Founder: Lee Tabor
Fandom: The X-Men
URL: http://www.slashcity.org/~xmenslash/ (defunct); archive link
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X-Men Slash is an X-Men slash fanfiction archive. It contains slash fanfic from various authors and links. It contained 81 stories by 30 contributing authors.

The page was linked at X-Archive[1] and other pages and was hosted by SlashCity.

The page is linked on The Slash Slut's Recs link page and the oldest available Wayback link for that is from July 14, 2002.[2]

The site joined the FEF April 9, 2001.


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