Rebecca Smallwood

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Name: Rebecca Smallwood
Alias(es): Rivka
Type: Archivist, Webmaster, Programmer, Artist, Fanwriter
Fandoms: Forgotten Realms, The Lord of The Rings, X-Men,
Communities: Lavender Eyes, Council of Elrond, The Danger Room (archive)
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Rebecca Smallwood, also known as Rivka, is a fanwriter and programmer known for creating eFiction and several fan archives.


Rebecca created eFiction, an it's PHPnuke predecessor Fanfiction Module 1.0, for her fansites,[1] making them available for download on her sourceforge page Orodruin. This page would later move to her personal domain, and eventually be retired in 2005[2], after handing off eFiction to new developers.[3]

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