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Name: Peacewind Sanctuary
Owner/Maintainer: Peacewind (Marcia Tucker, Master Eliz-mar Von, The Czarina Merquise?)
Dates: 14 June 2001 or before - 03 February 2003 or later (Wayback captures)
Type: link site
Fandom: Gundam Wing, Star Wars TPM, Forever Knight
URL: (Wayback link)
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Peacewind Sanctuary was Peacewind's slash, yaoi and anime link site.

Peacewind Sanctuary.png

Links to Hosted Fan Fiction

FKFIC-L Fanfic Archive (fiction by Marcia Tucker under T)

The new JADFE Archives (Forever Knight erotica - fic by Marcia Tucker - click on Authors R-Z, scroll down - first in the list of this author is "Call of Nature". Forgive the screwed up formatting - AOL to blame.)

Sen-sation (Sentinel fanfic page, author Marcia Tucker)

Swordfeast: An Alternate Universe (RPG crossover fiction site - this AU uses characters from Forever Knight, The Sentinel, and Kindred: the Embraced. Set in 1996, mortals, Kindred, and vampires clash in the city of Julian Luna, Prince of San Francisco. (WEBSITE STILL TO COME)

Master_Apprentice Archive (fiction by Master Eliz-mar Von under M)

The Oraclyne Website (SW:TPM series by Master Eliz-mar Von)

The Hall of the Lightning Count (The Czarina Merquise's personal Gundam Wing fics and pics website)

Gundam Wing

Other Anime Yaoi Links

Other Anime Links

Not necessarily yaoi

The Gowcaizer Webpage (Okay, I know this is really obscure, but I like it. I like the characters Kyosuke Shingure and Professor Ozaki, to be exact)

Seeing Shades of Red? Char Aznable page (Char is the Zechs precursor in the Gundam saga)

Chibishop - A Doujinshi source

Happy Hentai Home - Toshi's Manga/Doujinshi Site

Shrine to Yue (CardCaptor Sakura's Zechs-lookalike Guardian - see top right of page)

Soyokaze Fansubs - great source for tapes of things unavailable commercially! Cheap and fast turnaround!

House of Anime - free shipping, but you pay what they'd charge in a retail store like Suncoast Video

Anime Castle - shipping isn't free, but they charge a lot less, and if you're getting multiple things, it's cheaper in the long run.

Best prices!

Convention Links

Okay, so these are just the ones I go to.

WindyCon XXVIII (SF fan con in the Chicago area)

Escapade (slash con in Santa Barbara, CA)

ZebraCon (slash con in the Chicago area)

MediaWest*Con (slash-friendly con in Lansing, MI)

WizardWorld 2001 (comics and gaming con in Chicago)


Assorted Resource Links

Infoplease - Encyclopedia, Atlas, Dictionary, etc.

Julie's Art Tips and Tutorial (on manga drawing)

GW Archive (includes translations of manga, episode scripts)

Free Clip Art, Animations, Backgrounds (vast resource!)

Other Slash Links

Elusive Lovers (Han/Luke)


Freedom of Expression in Fanfiction

Gundam Wing Fans Against Discrimination