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Name: FEF Webring
Date Founded: 04 April 2001
Fandom: multifandom
URL: http://www.phoenixfyre.net/FEF/fefwebring.html (Wayback)
FEF Webring.png

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FEF Webring is the Freedom of Expression in Fanfiction webring. The FEF Webring was created to link together sites that support FEF.

Site Requirements:

  • You must have a website related to fanfiction (i.e. an archive, a personal author page, etc)
  • Your website must not denigrate any type of fanfic, fandom or fanfic author.
  • You do not have to be an FEF member to join the webring, though it is preferred.
  • The webring HTML code must be present on the URL submitted.
About FEF:
Purpose: FEF provides fanfic fans with a means to show their support for other authors/archivists/etc. by displaying a button on their website.
What FEF stands for: FEF and its supporters recognize the right of all fanfic authors to write what they want. Flames and nastiness because of genre, pairing, fandom, etc. are detrimental to the fanfic community and do nothing but discourage authors. (Please note that I do not consider constructive criticism a flame. Constructive criticism is essential to good fanfiction. There was a bit of confusion earlier about this, and it was my fault.) FEF wants to encourage fanfic fans to promote a friendly environment.[1]
FEF was founded on 4 April 2001.

Member Sites

FEF Webring2.png


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