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Name: The Common People Warehouse
Date(s): 1996-2001
Archivist: David J. Warner, Laersyn, Kielle, sevenall,
Founder: David J. Warner, Kielle
Type: Fanfiction Archive (Closed)
Fandom: X-Men Comics - no X-Men, but using the concept of mutants, TCP
URL: The TCP Warehouse (Wayback)
AO3 Collection
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The Common People Warehouse was an archive for Marvel fanfic of The Common People genre.

Imagine a world much like our own with one small exception: "superheroes" and "supervillains" are not fanciful comic-book inventions but, rather, a dangerous reality. Now imagine that you live in this world...and you're not a superhero or a supervillain.

Look past the pages. People just like you and I -- human, mutant, and otherwise -- still attend school, go to work, take vacations and open presents and get drunk and catch movies. Love blooms and dies, children are born, elections are discussed around water coolers, and car accidents and racial rumblings occasionally shatter the peace.

In other words, life goes on...with a few startling new twists.

Welcome to the world of the Common People. [1]


The first incarnation of the Warehouse was created by David J. Warner on August 20, 1996[2] on geocities, just over two weeks after the genre was created. David maintained the website until a year later, handing the archiving duties over to Laersyn[3], who renamed it the Common People Warehouse. Kielle took over the archive and moved it to her personal domain, on February 27, 1999[4], although she stopped updating the site in November 2001. Following Kielle's death in 2005, Laersyn gave permission for the Warehouse to go to sevenall who had previously helped maintain it; sevenall maintained it until 2011. At the time the Warehouse closed, it had 357 Stories By 161 Authors[5].

The content was a curious mix of "established" fanfic writers who jumped on the genre when it was first developed, and "newbies", who often made a TCP their first fanfic posting to one of the mailing lists. David and Kielle both had an "open door" archiving policy, which meant they archived every TCP story that was posted - with the exception of anything "R" rated as it would go against their ISP's TOS. However, the site is not a complete collection - anything posted after November 2001 was not included.

There is no active archive for Common People stories, although there is a AO3 tag and a challenge on AO3.

In December 2023, it was announced that The Common People Warehouse would be moving to the Archive of Our Own as an Open Doors Project.[6] The import was completed in February 2024.[7]


Abyss Acetal Adam Safran Akin Alara Rogers Alec Wire Aleta Thuvis Alicia MacKenzie
Amanda Sichter Ana Lyssie Cotton Andraste Azzy Banshee Batya Ben Church Blue
Bobbi Todd Bones Bum Chameleon C.H. Baker Chris Votulle Contrail Crow Hagakure
Cynjen D^Knight Daniel Martin Daniel Perry Daniel Sauve Darkriver Daroos D. Amaya
David Hicks Dawn L. Bobby Denise K Desert Nomad Diamonde Doc Nuke Dr. Benway Dyce
Em-Spider Engsig Eve11 Eve Neves Evenstar Faile Fancycatz Farlianth
Foenix Fred G Frito Galaxia Alpha Geoff Jones Gladys H. Harper Havok
Heatherly Hutch Indigo Indy Jason Kenney Jaya Mitai JB JB McDragon
Jelpy Jenni JenX Joan M John Birt Johnny Tracker K-Nice Kaleko
Kassia Kate Bolin Kathryn Kaylee Kerr Kielle Kitarra Kylen
Kym Lady Juliet Lady Shalott Laersyn Lori McDonald Lunatiqua Lynx Madrigal Swan
Maegan Maelstrom Manda Martha Mac Me Melodist Mercutio Micaela
Mickey Mike Smith Natas Necalan Atrivus Nick C Northlight Nute Oberon
Omega Paradoqz Paul Tran Perri Smith Persephone Kore Phil Foster Phil H Poi Lass
Pollymel Quincunx Raven Redhawk Rhiannon Rhona H River Robert Seward
Robert Tom Rogue Rolock Rosencrantz Rossi Ryder Sara J.M. Seraph
Sevenall Shadowen Shai Perihawk Shakes Sigel Phoenix Silvanis Supereub Skyrocket
Spaz Somer Sorpaijen Sparrow Susan "Neon Nurse" Crites Suzene C Sylk Talis
Tangerine Tangletoy Tapestry Thomas W. Timesprite Tomato Soup Tracy Sue Trisha Lynn
Turlock Twist WGSarah Yasmin M. Yeap Wai Chen


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