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You may also be looking for the fan Meri aka Meridian.

Title: Meridian
Publisher: Lace Neon Press
Editor(s): Caitlan Rothermel
Date(s): 1985-1986
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
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Meridian is a multimedia gen anthology. Its original title was "Metamorphosis."

Issue 1

Meridian 1 was published in 1985 and contains 114 pages. It has stories by Fine, Macht-DeWitt, Weir and Peach. Poetry by DeLeon, Rogrow and Noyes. Art by Bev Chick, Connie Crouch, Caro Hedge, Gennie Summers, Vel Jaeger, Melody Rondeau, Barbara P. Gordon, and Richard Pollet. The front cover is by Noyes, the back cover by Chick.

From an ad in Datazine #45: "The Enterprise crew meets Fernando, Hawkeye and the men from U.N.C.L.E. Another M.A.G.I. file from Leah McGrew. A guaranteed good read for anyone interested in escaping from the real (??????) world."

  • The U.N.C.L.E. Affair by Sally Peach (1)
  • Stitch in Time by Meg Fine (22)
  • These Three by Roberta Rogow (29)
  • Slipping Away by Richard Pollet (30)
  • Telecommunicator Network by Caitlin Rothermel (34)
  • Cute Critters by Gennie Summers (36)
  • Introduction to M.A.G.I. by Leah McGrew (38)
  • Song by Leah McGrew (41)
  • My Favorite Things by Mimi Noyes (50)
  • T'Dal by Caitlin Rothermel (52)
  • Family Reunion by Gloria DeLeon (75)
  • Fire Bird by Eve Weir (76)
  • Phoenix Rising by Eve Weir (79)
  • Mechanics of Diplomacy by Sara Macht-DeWitt (83)
  • Limericks by Gloria DeLeon (93)
  • Kiska by Ruth Ann Hepner (94)
  • Contributor Biographies (111)
  • IDIC by Gloria DeLeon (inner back cover)

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, by Sue Wilson
back cover of issue #2, by Shellie Whild

Meridian 2 was published in 1986 and contains 126 pages. Front cover by Sue Wilson.

Contains odd things about hot dogs.

  • Foreword by Liz Ellington (1)
  • Keagh by Egan Varian (The crew of the Enterprise is exploring the remnants of an ancient civilization on a beautiful planet that reminds McCoy of Earth. All is tranquil until McCoy is lured away by an entity that has no intention of ever returning the doctor to his friends.) (1)
  • Spock - Central Character in the Star Trek Movies by Kathleen Woodbury (19)
  • Interrogative by Betsy Fisher (23)
  • Job Description by Rich Lessman (24)
  • Death of a Hot Dog by Mike Coyle (28)
  • When It Was For Real by Caitlin Rothermel (33)
  • David by Gloria DeLeon (39)
  • Code of Honor by Ben Adams (41)
  • Companion by Dwight Humphries (46)
  • A Doctor's Dilemma by Sherri Rabinowitz (47)
  • A Small Deception by Ann Woodridge (The crew of the Enterprise is long overdue for R&R. They need a diversion and McCoy is just the one to come up with a plan.) (65)
  • Business as Usual by Bob Rearcord (71)
  • In a Different Reality by Richard Pollet (76)
  • Quester by Charmaine Wood (103)
  • T'Dal by Caitlin Rothermel (105)
  • Lykos by Dwight Humpheries (116)
  • Contributor biographies (118)
  • Plugs (124)
  • afterward by Liz Ellington (127)
  • art by Sue Wilson (front cover), Caro Hedge, Frances Mao, Gennie Summers, Mike Coyle, Delmo Walters Jr. and Dean Haspiel, Alsah Walsh, Shellie Whild, Kelly Lafferty, Justin Bright, Bev Chick, Melody Rondeau and Richard Pollet

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

If, by chance, you may have come across a copy of issue one some time ago, and were disappointed by not only the content, but the typos and different typefaces which were more than a little distracting... well. Maybe you'd like to come back to the scene of the crime for another visit. First of all, you won't be finding a type [sic] every otner [sic] word... or paragraph... or page. This second attempt by Rothermel is really rather refreshing, because the gal has really cleaned up her act. You will find that issue #2 has a little something for everyone, from the fine front cover by Sue Wilson, printed on hard red stock and overlaid with plastic film. The zine is spiral bound and attractive. Inside the front and back covers, you will find two sensitive poems by Liz Ellington. Best poetry I've found anywhere in ages. 'Keagh': McCoy's mind is stolen by a lonely entity and drawn away to another dimension. Can Spock's mental powers bring the doctor back or will the Vulcan be taken away into the same haze of non-existence? Interesting story with good characterizations. 'Job Description' has a neat illo by Kelly Lafferty. if you enjoy clever little put-ons, this is the story for you. 'Death of a Hot Dog' is a total nonsense, but excellent cartoon work. 'When It Was for Real' is the Doomsday story to end them all. Like looking into an infinity of stacked mirrors. Chilling illo by Coyle. 'David' is nicely illoed by Bev Chick. This poet and this illustrator should team up more often. DeLeon has a way of forming word pictures which is very satisfying. 'Doctor's Dilemma' is a little piece of fluff and my favorite story in the zine. It concerns a young man who becomes a guinea pig for a device rumored to take one from reality and deposit him lock-stock-and-yo-yo into the Trek universe. If you can suspend your belief long enough, the story is a treat... This story is illoed with some neat cartoons by Rondeau. Issue #2 of this zine is the second zine I've seen whose editor has gone with the added bonus of inserting contributor biographies. The only one who has done it better is Likely Impossibilities and Lifestar. But these bios are good, too. You not only get to see who the writers are, but through their own words, you are also able to get inside their heads a little bit. This is very refreshing and a lot of fun. I hope the idea catches on and we get to see a lot more of it in other zines. In conclusion, I think you will enjoy your copy of Meridian #2." [1]


  1. from Datazine #47