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Name: Profiler
Creator: Cynthia Saunders
Date(s): September 21, 1996 – July 1, 2000
Medium: TV
Country of Origin: USA
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Profiler is an American crime drama show that aired on NBC from 1996 to 2000. It follows an FBI profiler who is part of a team of investigators - known as the Violent Crimes Task Force - in Atlanta, GA. Samantha Waters, and later, Rachel Burke, is the gifted criminal profiler.

The primary antagonist for the first three seasons is a character known only as 'Jack'. Jack has a history with Sam - he killed her husband. He is obsessed with Sam and is convinced that she loves him.



Profiler shared the universe with The Pretender, with both Ally Walker and Michael T. Weiss guest starring on each other shows. This resulted in crossover fanworks (fics especially).

Common Pairings

Het includes Sam/Bailey, Sam/John, Sam/Jack, Sam/Nick Femslash includes Angel/Sam

Season 4 controversy

In June 1999, NBC announced that they would be replacing Ally Walker in season 4. "Walker will be phased out by the fourth episode of the 1999-2000 season, the show's fourth. She'll be replaced by an actress yet to be cast, playing a new character. Reports have said that she's leaving for a film career, but network executives say Walker is walking at NBC's urging. The actress has a strained relationship with the management team that's taken over at NBC since the show's start in 1996. Execs say her character isn't convincing as a brilliant forensic psychologist who hunts serial killers."[1].

Fans did not take the change well, and there were attempts to persuade NBC to keep Ally Walker on[1], but ultimately Jamie Luner was cast as Dr. Rachel Burke. Her character was not as well liked as Sam Waters.

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