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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Miss Emma's Own Page
Author: Emma Woodhouse
Dates: 2001 - 2004 (Wayback captures)
Fandom: Star Wars TPM, The Sentinel, Star Trek Voyager, Stargate SG-1, S:AAB
URL: http://www.geocities.com/emma_woodhouse_2000/ (Wayback link)
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Miss Emma's Own Page was Emma Woodhouse's fanfiction page.

It was a member of The Phantom Menace Fanfiction Webring, The Star Trek Slash Ring, the Sentinel Slash Webring, the SW Slash webring and the Slash Fan Fiction Ring.

The site was hosted by GeoCities.

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The Phantom Menace (Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan)

Oh, how we love those lovely Jedi boys! Those devastating voices, the intriguing wrap around garments, the delicious boots! I had virtually retired from writing fan fiction when these dashing fellows came slashing their way into my heart.

In Your Darkest Dreams. My first TPM story, posted September 28, 1999. This was the first fan fiction story I'd posted in several years, and I managed to rather shock myself. A lengthy PWP.

The Padawan's Whore. Posted 23 December, 1999. l've heard quite a few complaints about the title, so let me assure you, this is actually a very sweet and mushy story.

Shield of the Jedi. Posted 13 January, 2000. Warning: RAPE. much darker than my usual fare, this story features non-con, Qui-Gon/Sidious. And, while there is no actual underage sex in the story, there is certainly graphic consideration of it. If either of these warnings bothers you, you might not care for this story.

Wild Spirit. Posted 4 February, 2000. This is an Alternate Universe story. You will find some elements of this universe different from the 'canon' universe. This story is the first of a planned trilogy.

Stargate SG-1

Much as we love the galaxy far, far away, this galaxy has its own rewards. For one thing, it has a network of mysterious Stargates, and a wisecracking soldier and an earnest young anthropologist determined to explore them all. Stepping through the Gate, being whisked to distant planets, never knowing which mission might be their last... Don't you think they deserve a little recreation? So did I.

What This Is. Posted 18 November, 1999. The SG-1 team meets up with Hathor again. But this time her fascination potion doesn't work, or at least, not exactly the way she intended...

The Sentinel

Is there a slash writer alive today who hasn't written at least one Jim and Blair story? Don't they look just adorable? Don't they obviously belong together? I wrote a short series for these charmers. The stories follow this sequence, but can stand alone quite nicely.

The Haunted Grove. Archived in May, 1997. While investigating a case, Jim experiences strange flashbacks in the woods.

You Know Who. Archived in June, 1997. Blair receives flowers at the police station.

Tell Me A Story. Archived in July, 1997. Blair tells Jim his favorite fantasy.

Star Trek: Voyager

Ah, Voyager! The lost ship, isolated and far from home, piloted by the delectible ex-convict! My first internet fandom, and the first fandom for which I wrote and posted fan fiction. There's just something about that First Time, isn't there?

The Tom, Dick and Harry Series

(Paris/Kim) A group of stories that fall in the same timeline. They are self-contained stories, and go in this order:

Tom, Dick and Harry. Pardon my nostalgia, but this is it, my first fan fiction. (Miss Emma wipes away a sentimental tear...) Posted 12 July, 1996. Two boys and a cave.

Lifewish. The sequel to TD&H. Posted 2 August, 1996 . This is "a P/K/Q with a special guest star". Tom is heartbroken when Harry dies in an accident. Q offers to bring him back... for a price.

B'Elanna's Reward. (P/K/T) A short PWP, part of what I call the Pure Smut series.

Harry's Revenge. (P/K/T) Posted 20 August, 1996. More Pure Smut, beginning the day after B'Elanna's Reward.

The Trouble With Tuvok. (P/K/Tu) This was posted later, but fits in here just fine. This story doesn't exactly qualify as Pure Smut, in fact, I gave it a R rating, quite mild for me. Pon farr strikes at an inconvenient time.

Unforgettable. Posted 15 October, 1996. The last of the Tom, Dick and Harry series. (And note the posting date please. This has nothing to do with the uninspiring Voyager episode of the same name, and was in fact posted first.) An accident causes Tom to lose two years of his memory. The last thing he remembers, he was in prison, and he has no memory of Voyager, or the Delta Quadrant. Or Harry.

Stand-Alone Stories

Who Monitors The Threshold: (Paris/Hawkes, SAAB crossover) Posted 23 October 1996. This is a crossover with Space: Above and Beyond, and still the only SAAB crossover I've ever seen. Take each show's Troubled Misfit and throw them together in a small shuttlecraft and just stand back...

Command Performance: (Chakotay/Paris) Posted 8 November 1996. Why didn't the show do more with the lovely C/P antagonism they established in the pilot? But we made up for it. Like this story, for instance. When I wrote this, I was so new to fandom and fan fiction that I thought I'd come up with a new plot twist. (But I'm told this is a classic...)

The Valley: (Paris/Kim) Posted 17 January 1997. Another first time story. TOS had The Naked Time, TNG had The Naked Now, and this is Voyager's The Naked Yet Again. A virus unleashes inhibitions and the aftermath is when the real trouble starts. Post-Chute and angsty.

Deeds Done in Darkness. (Janeway/Paris) Posted 12 February 1998. They said it couldn't be done! But here it is, Miss Emma wrote a het story! Hey, she's the Captain, why should the guys get all the fun?

Let Me Call You Sweetheart. (Paris/Kim) Posted 7 October 1998. A late Voyager story, and another first time. As the title probably indicates, less heavy duty angst, more teen-angst and mush.


What was that about zines?

Okay, here's the deal. Evil Twin Press is producing several zines of my Voyager stories. Please note: these are all previously web-posted stories, so don't buy the zines looking for new stories. No, buy them for the right reason, that you want to read Miss Emma in the bathtub!

What stories are we talking about? Well, there's the Tom, Dick and Harry Series, which includes Tom, Dick, and Harry, Lifewish, B'Elanna's Reward, Harry's Revenge, The Trouble With Tuvok, and Unforgettable. Available NOW!

Coming soon: Four Ways To Paris, a zine containing four stories which pair the much-sought-after pilot with four different partners. The zine will contain: Command Performance (C/P), The Valley (P/K), Deeds Done In Darkness (J/P - warning - HET!), and Who Monitors The Threshold, (P/Hawkes SAAB crossover).