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This page refers to the Star Trek fan writer. For information on Emma Woodhouse, the protagonist of Jane Austen's novel Emma, please see Jane Austen.

Name: Emma Woodhouse
Type: Fan Writer
Fandoms: Star Trek:Voyager, Star Wars, Sentinel
URL: http://www.geocities.com/emma_woodhouse_2000/ (Miss Emma's Own Page)
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Emma Woodhouse was a prolific writer in Star Trek, Sentinel and Star Wars. She's presumed to have left fandom at some point before 1999. She is archived at both Trekiverse and the Better Living through TrekSmut Archive.


Miss Woodhouse stories were first posted to the original BLTS mailing list, run, at the time, by Taffy.

Her Tom, Dick and Harry series were published by Evil Twin Press.

Comments by Fans

[recommending Emma Woodhouse for a Best New Writer Award (ASC Award) in 1996]: The first story of Emma's I read was "Lifewish," because I was drawn in by the fact that it had the intriguing letters P/K/Q in the header. So I read it and loved it (OK so I wanted to know what happened *after* Picard said "I wasn't going to say no," but that's not what she was writing about), and promptly hunted down the rest of the things she'd posted and kept looking for more. Emma is an outstanding writer; her prose is polished, her dialogue flows naturally and she combines heart-wrenching angst, good plots and really hot sex in a believable way. My favorite Emma story is "Command Performance," because I'm a C/P fan and because it's just so good, but all I have to see is that she wrote something and that's enough to get me to read it. [1]
[recommending Emma Woodhouse for a Best New Writer Award (ASC Award) in 1996]: Emma's story Tom, Dick, and Harry has a very special place in my heart: the very first Voyager story I read, and the one that jerked me squarely into slash fandom . . . TD&H, Life Wish, and Unforgettable are three of the most enjoyable stories I read last year, and I have read all three of them many times over. Emma is *great* at making things happen in her stories--her characters draw you in and the plots are very creative and engrossing. She brought Q to Voyager much more effectively than the writers on the show did (Life Wish), she got Tom and Harry joined in a Vulcan mind meld (The Valley), she showed us what "Prison Tom" was like (Unforgettable), and she even found a way to get Tom together with an In Vitro from Space: Above and Beyond (in one of the hottest stories of the year, Who Watches the Threshhold?). And through it all, the romance is to die for. [2]

Notable Works


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