Aloysius's Star Wars Fan Fiction

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Aloysius's Star Wars Fan Fiction
Author: Aloysius
Dates: 1999 - 2013 or later
Fandom: Star Wars, Star Wars TPM
URL: (Wayback) (Wayback link)
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Aloysius's Star Wars Fan Fiction was a Star Wars fanfiction site.

It was a member of the The Phantom Menace Fanfiction Webring, The Women of Star Wars Web Ring and the Jedi Grrls webring. It was linked at Jedi Discipline.

By 2003 the site had changed the name to Whispering Moon, moved to a different location and became a multifandom site.

Description from The Fic Closet: "Aloysius and I go WAAAAAY back. She writes great stuff. If she'd just finish a certain story *coughcough* I'd be mighty happy."[1]


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