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Title: Suicidum
Publisher: AllGen Press
Author(s): DawnC
Cover Artist(s): Lupe Backe
Date(s): 2002, 2003
Medium: online, print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
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cover by Lupe Backe
original art by Lupe Backe


Suicidium is a Stargate SG-1 110-page gen novel with a high level of angst and Daniel whumping.

It is set after the episode "Forever in a Day" and Daniel appears to be suicidal, but appearances can be deceiving. The story was posted to the net in 2002 and the info on the website says the novel is over 400K and divided into 4 parts for your convenience. The file size info equates here to a word count of roughly 69,000 words.

Author's Summary

"Daniel Jackson proved himself a security risk when he helped the Tollans in Enigma. Maybourne hasn't forgotten."

Award Nominations

The story was nominated for a Stargate Fan Award in the category "Best Novel" (Gen) in 2003.[1]

Some people recommend it because it has "Lots of angsting and Danny whumping." [2]

Others dislike it for exactly the same reason.

Print Zine

AllGen Press republished an expanded and revised version of the story in 2003 as a fanzine with several illustrations by Lupe.

Art has been included on Fanlore with the publisher's permission.

From Lupe: "When I was offered the opportunity to illustrate Dawn's wonderful story I jumped at the chance. Not only was Dawn one of my favorite authors, but I had read Suicidium and I loved everything about it. The proposal was for me to do a whole series of drawings for the story and as luck would have it, I actually had the time to do them."

Some samples are below. To see more, go to Lupe's Stargate Art, illustrations from the Stargate zine "Suicidium". [3]

Reactions and Reviews

Hurt comfort - bloody brilliant when it's done well (Pough, Poss), painfully bad when it's not (DawnC's Suicidium comes to mind, which started off promisingly enough then descended into 'how many ways can we hurt Danny today?'). [4]


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