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Title: Pegasus B
Creator: Salieri
Date(s): 2005-2010[1]
Medium: shared universe
Fandom: Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis
External Links: Pegasus B LJ community
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Pegasus B is a Stargate SG-1/Stargate: Atlantis shared universe. From Salieri's Pegasus B page:

"What is Pegasus B? Well, I was goofing around one day imagining what it might be like if Daniel never joined SG-1 but was rather recruited by Elizabeth Weir (via Daniel's old college pal and erstwhile snuggle-buddy, Rodney McKay) for the Atlantis Expedition. This idea caught on with the LJ crowd who encouraged me to write it. So I did, up to the end of the Atlantis Pilot. That's what's here, called, quite creatively, "The Pilot." "Then there was a lot of discussion about the hows and wherefores of Jack's life without Daniel and Daniel's life with Rodney and so on an so forth, and I said, "Hey, if you want to know those stories, then write 'em." And people did, so Brighid E. Stone decided to make a community to keep track of all the PegB stories and you can find it in LJ under pegasus_b."[2]

External Links

Story Index

1 Pegasus B the Pilot by troyswann
2 Pretzels by raqs (R/D) R's fussing over D, Jack's observing.
3 Explorations by thegrrrl2002 (R/D/S) In bed. Woohoo!
4 Inklings by raqs (J/D R/D/S) Jack and S have chain of command problems.
5 Untitled by tafkarfanfic (R/D R/D/S) Vignette
6 Tide by mz_bstone Feedback poetry.
7 Keeping. . .Underground Hatches Locked by thegrrrl2002 (R/D/S) about to discover the Genii
8 Cognitional by ev_vy (R/D J/D) Vignette
9 Chairs by raqs (J/D) Jack & D get comfortable in the community room.
10 Dark Side of the Moon Part 1 by carolyn_claire (J/S) have words on a balcony
11 Sam Snippet by troyswann Backstory: Jack's return from Ba'al
12 Elizabeth Snippet by cofax7 Rampant gayness - E's observations
13 Back at the Ranch by miera_c Backstory: A look at those left behind
14 This Sulum by troyswann Icky Sulum
15 As the Boys Watch the Boys. . . by d (R/D/S R/S D/J) Zelenka&Grodin playing games.
16 A Day in the Life by maraceles (J/D) A Jack/Daniel story
17 Jack and Ba'al Stalking by d Backstory: J's dark thoughts about Ba'al
18 Untitled by raven_lore
19 Stand by Your Man by maraceles (D/J R/D/S) D's obsessed with J, R's amused.
20 Daniel, Ford & Coffee by dirty_diana Taking care of Daniel
21 Things Rodney McKay Knows by slashygood (R/D) Backstory: How R and D met.
22 Cut by cdeacon (J/D) Why D cut his hair.
23 Feedback Poetry for 'This Sulum' by mz_bstone
24 I Don't Need to Be Shrunk by troyswann D and S talk about psychiatrists - Part 1
25 Hide and Seek by danvers 103 rewrite - D gets the shield.
26 Watching by thegrrrl2002 (R/D/S) In bed, Daniel's watching.
27 Getting in the Game by troyswann J joins the conversation - Part 2
28 Fresh Air by maraceles (J/D R/D/S) D spends time with J, R's not happy.
29 Damn It's Cold by troyswann (R/S) Snippet about the cold
30 Wreath by troyswann (J/D) Hiding
31 Green Eyed Physicist by sffan (J/D) R threatens Jack.
32 Cars by raqs 109 rewrite.
33 Samson by fbf Daniel's hair.
34 Untitled by ceridwen_amyed Backstory: D and his grandfather
35 Knives by raqs (J/D) D seduces J and J lets him.
36 Ego by troyswann Backstory: on Abydos
37 The First Cut by sffan (J/D R/D) R and D arguing about Jack.
38 Distraction by maryavatar (R/S J/D R/S/E) R fantasizes during a briefing.
39 And the Rift Grows by d (R/D J/D R/D/S) Both backstory and current R/D.
40 Dark Side of the Moon Part 2 by carolyn_claire (J/S) A briefing & a relationships discussion.
41 Temporary Arrangement by miera_c (R/D/S D/J) Elizabeth's had enough.
42 Cosmic by thegrrrl2002 (R/S R/D/S) S wants R to himself.
43 As Atlantis Turns by d (J/D R/S R/D/S) Wraith attack - Daniel gets hurt.
44 Raccoons by raqs (J/D R/D) R's snarky. J's smug.
45 Stella Maris by tafkarfanfic (R/D) Backstory: Rodney and Daniel's relationship
46 It's Not the First Time by troyswann (J/D) A shocking revelation
47 Crash Landing by miera_c (S/R R/D J/D) - S thinks about R.
48 Wood to Burn by dirty_diana (S/E) E takes a moment and S finds her.
49 Truce by sffan (J/D R/D) R observes J and D.
50 What You Want by d (S/R J/D R/D/S) S and R make up.
51 A Small Thing by mz_bstone Elizabeth - no-one died this week.
52 That I Do Not Fall by sffan (J/D) In bed, their first time.
53 Consolation by troyswann (S/R) Work and comfort.
54 The Gift by dustandroses (J/D) D comforts J after a mission gone wrong.
55 Spark Plugs by raqs (J/D) Elizabeth approaches Daniel about Jack.
56 Hand to Hand by troyswann (R/D/S) Self-defence training.
57 A Multi-Dimensional Universe by thegrrrl2002 (R/S R/D/S J/D) Zelenka on sex: R's. R chooses.
58 Broaching the Subject by sffan (J/D) J and D talking on a balcony
59 Stella Maris: DVD Commentary Version by tafkarfanfic (R/D)
60 Mapping by troyswann (J/D) Scars
61 Innovations by raqs (J/D R/S R/D/S) J checks out the competition and tries something new.
62 Becoming Alien - Part 1/3 by mz_bstone (Gen) Halling joins AG-1
63 Turbulence - Part 1 by raqs (R/S) Sheppard's on a bumpy flight
64 Turbulence - Part 2 by raqs (R/S) Hostage negotiations
65 Walking Barefoot to Palestine by loneraven (R/D) Backstory: Daniel angst in Egypt
66 Twist by troyswann (R/D J/D) Backstory: One of Daniel's scars.
67 Cerebral by maryavatar (R/S) A playful discussion about youthful aspirations.
68 Turbulence - Part 3 by raqs (R/S J/D R/D/S) The best defence is a good offence.
69 Feedback Poetry for 'Twist' by mz_bstone
70 Turbulence - Part 4 by raqs (R/S J/D R/D/S) The Plan. (J & R in a closet)
71 Turbulence - Part 5 by raqs (R/S J/D R/D/S) Hurry up and wait.
72 Becoming Alien - Part 2/3 by mz_bstone (R/S) Halling. Negotiating & fishing with Wookies.
73 Turbulence - Part 6 by raqs (R/S J/D R/D/S) The Battle.
74 Killing the Cat by loneraven Daniel and General Sam - Quantum Mirror fun.
75 Turbulence - Part 7 by raqs (R/S J/D R/D/S) The Escape.
76 Turbulence - Part 8 by raqs (R/S J/D R/D/S) Coming Home.
77 Becoming Alien - Part 3/3 by mz_bstone (R/S J/D Z/E F/Other) Halling. Children & trust.
78 Turbulence - Part 9: Love Stories by raqs (R/S J/D R/D/S & Others) The Aftermath.
79 Untitled by radiotelescope Continuity is an illusion.
80 Tarsiidae (Or, a Simian Vacation) by maching_monkey (R/S J/D R/D) Monkey!Daniel
81 Prototype by thegrrrl2002 (R/S) Rodney's jumped in a Jumper.
82 Demography by jmtorres Teyla finds Earthlings confusing.
83 Pygoscelis (Or, a Gift of Pebbles) by maching_monkey (R/S J/D) Gay Penguin Sex!
84 Slant by troyswann (R/D) Backstory: Tag to Twist - Bruises & teeth.
85 Lying by troyswann (J/D J/Sara) Backstory: Angst!Jack - Sara & Charlie & Ba'al &...Daniel.
86 Dorktastic Dance Disasters by d (R/S J/D R/D) S and D...see title.
87 Confrontation by sffan (J/D) Rodney's worried. Is Daniel being abused?
88 Penny, or Nature's Who's Who: The McKay by troyswann (R/D) Backstory: An adventure.
89 A Hint of Lemon by tafkarfanfic (R/D) Backstory: Rodney's parents and allergies.
90 Insect by mz_bstone Inspired by This Sulum
91 Love Story by loneraven (R/D) Backstory: Drugs, a confession and love.
92 Dark Side of the Moon Part 3 by carolyn_claire (J/S) A conversation (flirting) and a grave.
93 Dark Side of the Moon Part 4 by carolyn_claire (J/S R/D F/Other) Football & an invitation.
94 Post Bellum by troyswann Ba'al, Kowalski and Angst!Jack
95 Favors by tafkarfanfic (R/D) Daniel wiles Rodney into a situation
96 Gimme Some Sugar, Baby by tafkarfanfic (R/D) Movie Marathon food fight
97 Angels in the Architecture by dirty_diana (S/R S/E) - Death, grief, comfort & a ghost
98 Sessions - The Cuckoo's Nest by danvers Post-Turbulance - FRDJ&S resist Kate Heightmeyer
99 Five Ways J & D Don't Arrive in Atlantis - #1 by troyswann Ambushed
100 Untitled by tafkarfanfic (R/D, D/S/Ba'al) follows 99
101 AU SGA/SG meets AU PegB by d (R/S Martouf/Ba'al) Meet SG15's Dixon
102 Pulling Taffy by dirty_diana (R/D) Backstory: R & D in Amsterdam, in bed.
103 Popcorn by raqs (R/S) Anticipation
104 Off to Prison. Again by maraceles (R/D, D/S/Ba'al) follows 100
105 It's Dark Inside by tafkarfanfic (R/D, D/S/Ba'al) follows 104
106 Conversation One: Programming by maraceles (D/S/Ba'al) follows 105 D & S
107 Washington Bullets by nostalgia_lj (J/Sam) Bitch
108 Of Tea and Pillows by raven_lore Elizabeth and Teyla reminisce
109 Conversation Two: Stasis by maraceles R & Beckett. R, S & J.
110 Conversation Three: Sacrifices by maraceles (D/Ba'al) J & D.
111 Toys by troyswann Backstory: The first Abydos mission - J & Sam.
112 Untitled by mishbloom (D/S D/R) Slut!Daniel
113 Conversation Four: Choices by maraceles (D/Ba'al D/Shau'ri) D & Shau'ri.
114 Untitled by caersmane (E/Zelenka) A promising start.
115 He Should Have Known Better. Really by tafkarfanfic (R/D) Steamed, dunked and rolled.
116 Rosemary by tafkarfanfic (R/S/Ba'al) follows 105 J escapes. D plots. S ouch! Enter Teyla.
117 Untitled by caersmane (E/Zelenka) Where/what/who's for lunch?
118 Reactionary by shetiger The Ladies-Only Man Plan.
119 Peripeteia of a Tok'ra Part 1: Seperation by kuwdora (orig SG-1 fic) Martouf joins the SGC.
120 Poseidon by pengke_writing Angst!Daniel. A conversation on a balcony.
121 Untitled by caersmane Elizabeth alone in bed with her thoughts.
122 Meanwhile, In Pegasus B by radiotelescope Sheppard ponders time-travel.
123 Not Exactly the Snow Queen by kres (J/D) This Sulum in D's mind - poison. J to the rescue.
124 Written in Stone by gategrrl (E/Carter) A Memorial Stone & E create a phantasm Sam.
125 The End of the Affair by tafkarfanfic (J/D R/D R/S) D-in-love thinks he's in love.
126 Resurrection by sffan (R/D J/D) Follows 97. Daniel descends.
127 The Road to Rome - Part 1 by insanity__inc (R/S) Saturday nights.
128 The Road to Rome - Part 2 by insanity__inc (E/OFC R/S J/D) Girlfriends.
129 The Road to Rome - Part 3 by insanity__inc (various) Ladies Lounge.
130 The Waiting Room by tafkarfanfic Follows 116. Ba'al kills a plan.
131 Untitled by cdeacon Prisoners of Ba'al.
132 Untitled by raven_lore (R/Sam) Backstory: Attraction.
133 Mirage by trelkez (Sam/surprise) Backstory: A tent door flaps open in the night breeze...
134 Jay & Silent Simon - Part 1 by kuwdora Atlantis needs the best, needs...Coombs and Felger?
135 Falling by tafkarfanfic Follows 130.
136 Untitled by caersmane (E/Radek) What's going on with these two? Everyone wants to know.
137 Chance by history_gurl Backstory: How Sheppard was recruited.
138 Cut in Full Bloom by tafkarfanfic Follows 135. (Includes Pegasus Ba'al summary)
139 Untitled by caersmane (E/Radek) Follows 136. Flirting and a rival.
140 A Love Like Blood by tafkarfanfic Follows 138. (Includes Pegasus Ba'al summary)
141 Untitled by inyron (E/Simon E/S) Atlantis 109 Home rewrite.
142 Pegasus...Femme by tafkarfanfic Sam's recruited to head Atlantis' military contingent.
143 Decisions, Decisions by rosewildeirish Follows 142. R's unsettled. Enter Major Sheppard.
144 Trouble With the Folks by aderam Follows 143. Jacob/Selmac are going too.
145 Epilogue to Resurrection by sffan (J/D) Follows 126. A sweet epilogue.
146 Dead Man's Party by tafkarfanfic follows 140 (Includes Pegasus Ba'al summary)
147 Untitled by caersmane (E/Radek) Follows 139. Radek yearns.
148 Jay & Silent Simon - Part 2 by kuwdora Coombs and Felger nervously await departure.
149 The Killing Moon by tafkarfanfic Follows 146 (Includes Pegasus Ba'al summary)
150 Untitled by caersmane (E/Radek) E goes looking, and finds Radek.
151 Goodwill Toward Men by troyswann (R/D) Backstory: A surprise package. D needs R.
152 High Tide (Final) by tafkarfanfic Follows 149 (Pegasus Ba'al summary HERE)
153 Untitled by caersmane (E/Radek E/Teyla) Follows 150. Teyla drops by to *cough* explain.
154 Caudices Cupidinesque by aderam (Pegasus Ba'al) Sharra haunts her city, bored.
155 Tomorrow or the Day After by troyswann (Pegasus Ba'al) S's a troubled man. J understands.
156 Saltwater by trelkez (R/D) Backstory: Thanksgiving 1997 - a day at the beach.
157 Between Destinations by trelkez (R/D) Backstory: Separation and postcards.
158 Assessments by teaphile Follows 144. Daniel/Selmac now?
159 Untitled by caersmane (E/Radek) Follows 150. Making love.
160 Immortal No More by kuwdora
161 Once a Day and Twice on Sunday by caersmane
162 Complications by teaphile
163 No Answer by mishbloom
164 Respectable by troyswann (R/D)
165 Inside a Cliche by kuwdora
166 Glass by troyswann
167 Untitled Snippets by rosewildeirish
168 Diverging Paths by liminalliz (Jack/Sam)
169 Monsoon and Freshers' Week by loneraven (R/D) Two backstories: Daniel and Rodney in Oxford.
170 Social Studies - Part 1 by teaphile (R/D) Backstory.
171 Ghost in the Machine by d () Follows 152
172 Under a Broken Moon - Part 1 by raqs
173 Under a Broken Moon - Part 2 by raqs
174 Under a Broken Moon - Part 3 by raqs
175 Ghost in the Machine - Part 2 by d
176 Under a Broken Moon - Part 4 by raqs
177 Social Studies - Part 2 by teaphile The High School years.
178 Under a Broken Moon - Part 5 by raqs
179 Under a Broken Moon - Part 6 by raqs
180 A Warrior's Grace - Part 1 by gelasius
181 Under a Broken Moon - Part 7 by raqs
182 Under a Broken Moon - Part 8 by raqs
183 Under a Broken Moon - Part 9 by raqs
184 Shovel-Bum by cofax7 No Rodney, no recruitment, so where's Daniel now?
185 A Warrior's Grace - Part 2 by gelasius (Teyla/Elizabeth)
186 Under a Broken Moon - Part 10 by raqs
187 The Palest Sky - Part 1 by kellifer_k
188 The Palest Sky - Part 2 by kellifer_k
189 The Palest Sky - Part 3 by kellifer_k
190 Pegasus C - New Neighbours - Part 1 by aderam
191 The Palest Sky - Part 4 by kellifer_k
192 The Palest Sky - Part 5 by kellifer_k
193 The Palest Sky - Part 6 by kellifer_k
194 The Palest Sky - Part 7 by kellifer_k
195 The Palest Sky - Part 8 by kellifer_k
196 Math by teh_gandu (Elizabeth/Teyla Elizabeth/Sam)
197 The Palest Sky - Part 9 by kellifer_k
198 The Palest Sky - Part 10 by kellifer_k
199 The Palest Sky - Part 11 by kellifer_k
200 The Palest Sky - Part 12 by kellifer_k
201 The Palest Sky - Part 13 by kellifer_k
202 The Palest Sky - Part 14 by kellifer_k
203 A Room With a View by teh_gandu (Elizabeth/Teyla, implied Elizabeth/Teyla/Sam)
204 The Games We Play by teh_gandu (Teyla/Sam Teyla/Kate)
205 The Waiting Game by teh_gandu (Teyla/Kate, implied Teyla/Sam)
206 The Palest Sky - Part 15 by kellifer_k
207 Artificial Sweetner by kuwdora
208 en avant (Pegasus ? - Part 1) by trelkez
209 en arriere" (Pegasus ? - Part 2) by trelkez
210 terre-a-terre (Pegasus ? - Part 3) by trelkez
211 Geek Gossip by kuwdora
212 Social Studies - Part 3 by teaphile
213 Social Studies - Part 4 by teaphile
214 Social Studies - Part 5 (The End) by teaphile
215 Overlooked by kellifer_fic
216 Wrapping Paper by raqs (Jack/Rodney) (Pegasus Ba'al)
217 Theory of Unification by kuwdora (Sam/Rodney Rodney/Daniel)
218 Red Sky at Dawn - Part 1 by kellifer_fic
219 Triumvirate - Part 1 by kuwdora (Peg Femme)
220 Red Sky at Dawn - Part 2 by kellifer_fic
221 Red Sky at Dawn - Part 3 by kellifer_fic
222 Red Sky at Dawn - Part 4 by kellifer_fic
223 Red Sky at Dawn - Part 5 by kellifer_fic
224 Red Sky at Dawn - Part 6 by kellifer_fic1 Pegasus B the Pilot by troyswann


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