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Name: Brighid
Alias(es): Brighid E. Stone
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: The Sentinel, The X-Files, due South, Smallville, Oz, Star Trek Voyager, TNG, TOS, DS9, Firefly, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis
Other: Brighid's Reading Room
URL: Brighid (AO3)
brighidstone (Tumblr)
mz_bstone (LiveJournal)
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Brighid is a fan writer.

Fan Comments: 1998

Another fresh face on the fanfic scene, Brighid already has delivered some wonderful pieces. Unfortunately, her work can be hard to find as there is no website featuring it as of yet. I had to dig through Dejanews for some of it. Too bad, because this is a new author with a strong understanding of our favorite Fed. In fact, this author does something that I've seen very few do well. She writes first person Scully pieces so convincingly that I feel I'm hearing her thoughts. "More Full of Weeping" is a sad and sweet lovingly written tale of Scully working through loss. This is good stuff, folks. For a haunting case file complete with Psychic!Scully, take a look at Pophyria's Lover (part 1) and " Pophyria's Lover (part 2)". [1]
Ah, blessed newbies. Just when my old gray head starts yelling "Shoot if you must... PLEASE!" over the lack of good, nay, coherent, XF-fic, along comes a writer like this. Lyrical, sensible, and versatile with dabblings in both MSR and slash. Thank goodness for the open-minded. She's lovely, and she's got the goods. Check her out on ATXC or if you are an XAPEN member, we have some very nice works of hers on our Egroups archive. Good stuff. [2]

Fan Comments: 2012

Brighid is a very prolific author who's been active in many fandoms. The Sentinel counts as one of her earlier ones, and her stories in it show only hints of the lyric qualities her more recent ones are so exemplary for. Unfortunately, as all of her works, both stories [3] are relatively short, but they each deal with one of the show's major traumata, "Sentinel Too" and "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg". Brighid shows us what we all hope happened off-screen - Jim and Blair getting over their problems by talking them through instead of dismissing them with a quick joke. [4]



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