Night Watch (Sentinel/Batman story)

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Title: Night Watch
Author(s): Anna Monique
Length: 36K
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel Batman fusion
External Links: online here

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Night Watch is a Jim/Blair fusion with Batman by Brighid.

Reactions and Reviews

Jim is head of EllisonCorp at day and vigilante at night... I was a bit surprised how well the universes meshed in this Batman-TS fusion, since for me both have a very different feeling and tone. The Batman universe in my mind is a very dark place, because the only Batman comics I've read are along the lines of Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, Year One (Miller/Mazuchelli), The Killing Joke (Moore/Bolland), and Arkham Asylum (Morrison/McKean). I never watched the tv series and I can't remember seeing any movie (though I might have). Whereas the TS universe for me is a friendlier place. But right the first scene which sets the background of the "Night Watch" pulled me in and made me feel like in a Batman comic. Another thing well managed were the senses, because for my view of Batman it is crucial that he has no super powers, but somehow because of the double-edged nature of the senses they were incorporated without making Night Watch more of a superhero with powers and less a human vigilante. And I'm still waiting for the promised next installment, Switchman vs. Night Watch.[1]


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