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Title: Gateways
Publisher: Wizard Works (print zines) and Pure Insanity (zines on CD)
Editor(s): Jan Keeler & Joyce Strohm
Date(s): 1999-2002
Medium: print
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
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Gateways is a gen Stargate SG-1 anthology.

From a fan in 2016: "Each issue the size of a phone book, chock full of fiction. Some issues were graced with very pretty Jessie McClain covers as well." [1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Heather Bruton

Gateways 1 contains 512 pages and was published in 1999. The cover is by Heather Bruton.

  • Ghosts by Sheila Paulson. Crossover with The Real Ghostbusters, prequel to Curses. (30 pages)
  • Fragile Vessel (29 pages)
  • A Question Of Strength (8 pages)
  • Blind Vision (2 pages)
  • Family Matters (15 pages)
  • Not Taken (6 pages)
  • Initiation (47 pages)
  • Captured Moment (4 pages)
  • Friend In Need (14 pages)
  • A Time To Mourn (2 pages)
  • Beloved Of The Gods (17 pages)
  • The ABC’s Of Friendship (5 pages)
  • Time For Good-Bye (4 pages)
  • The Lion and The Lamb (40 pages)
  • Go The Distance (7 pages)
  • Dr. Jackson and Mr. Haied (37 pages)
  • Heart Of The Darkness (28 pages)
  • The Wizard of P3X-958 (15 pages)
  • Getting Settled (6 pages)
  • Requiem (51 pages)
  • Against His Will (13 pages)
  • Aftermath (2 pages)
  • The Whipping Boy (29 pages)
  • Recovering (18 pages)
  • Worth Dying For (37 pages)
  • Our Boys Are Back (1 page)
  • Hell To Pay Hell to Pay by Joyce Strohm (46 pages) (Fan Q winner)

Issue 2

Gateways 2 contains 344 pages and was published in 2000.

issue #2, published on a CD in 2004
  • Phoenix by JJJunky: "My host is dying. It has become difficult to sustain his life without the assistance of the sarcophagus. You will be my new host. Through you, I will learn all there is to know of the Tau'ri." Horrified, Daniel stumbled back.
  • Holidays by Rowan: Holidays for those stationed at Stargate Command could be dicey at best.
cover of issue #2
  • Crisis of Faith by Kaliope: O'Neill reached out and placed a hand on the archeologist's shoulder, squeezing lightly, praying Daniel could feel the contact and know he wasn't alone. Damn it, Daniel, you just had to listen to your heart and not your head, didn't you?
  • Cold Day in Hell by Jackjunkie: He spasmed in a paroxysm of agony as the Goa'uld countered his initial attempt at control. Shivering from reaction as much as from cold, Jack panted as the torturous wave ebbed.
  • Cookie Crumbs by Yum@: There was a growing puddle of milk on the floor, spoons everywhere, crumbly footsteps on the tiles, napkins scattered about like discarded flyers. And three men and a girl soaking wet...with milk.
  • Through a Gate Darkly by Sapphire: ON the ground beside the opening, something glistened in the cold light of the torch. Sam picked it up. It was Daniel's glasses.
  • All I Ever Wanted by Elaine Gustainis: "You're on vacation for the next three weeks," he said quickly and a little too chipper. Daniel stared at him in confusion for a moment before smiling and shaking his head. (a winner of a 2001 FanQ)
  • Betrayal by Scribe: "The code, Daniel," Apophis' voice crooned near his ear. "Tell me the code, and it will stop."
  • Loose Ends by Sharane McCurry: "To old friends well met," he said. "Jenny and I used to try to guess what you had waiting for you when you got back."
  • Jinx by Sheila Paulson: Then Hammond looked me right in the eye and asked the question that sent cold shock pulsing through my system even more strongly than when I'd been blasted. "Where's the rest of SG-1?"
  • Letters That You Never meant to Send by Kelly Benson: When he thought he was going to die, he tried to write to Sara.
  • And the Cold Will Numb Me No More by Yum@: "His clothes are wet. I need a blanket here. Daniel? Come on, Jackson! Come back to us!"
  • Reading Lesson by Pewter: Daniel hadn't shouted any denials. He hadn't pleaded with any dieties. He had simply held her body and shut the rest of them out for awhile.
  • The Enemy of My Enemy by Bastet: Jack turned to see Daniel staring at him. His blue eyes were glassy with pain and shock.
  • Demons by Brenda A.: I don't know how long we stayed there on the floor of the storage room after Daniel collapsed, and I got that gun away from him.
  • Ghosts by Lori Grey: It had been on my mind as well. Daniel's feet would be bruised by now, probably torn.
  • Know Thine Enemy by Jeanne Gold: He stopped, pinning Daniel with a glare. "Know thine enemy. Is that not what the Tau'ri say?"

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Gateways 3 contains 363 pages and was published in 2000.

  • Booby Trap by JJJunky: "We kill only to save our people," Dante defended. "As do we." Daniel swept his hand out to indicate O'Neill, Carter, and Teal'c. "Please let my friends go. We'll leave and never come back." (8 pages)
  • Hide & Seek by Phoenix E: "Danny, wait! Where are you going?" Daniel smiled and pointed at the yawning void beyond the outer rim of the cliff. "Out there. She's waiting for me..." (19 pages)
  • A Visit (1 page)
  • Separation Anxiety by Debby Andrede: On that scale, how much worth could one colonel and a captain possibly have in the great military big picture? (11 pages)
  • I Believe in Yesterday by Linda Watson: "Dammit, Daniel where's my son?" He grabbed the linguist by the front of his shirt and pushed him against the closest door. (20 pages)
  • Vigil by Teal'cster: There wasn't room for doubts in this place. She had a patient struggling to survive, and she would give everything she had to make sure he got a chance. (11 pages)
  • A Place in the Heart by Judy Mason: Looking past Daniel and Cassandra, Jack could see the little girl wasn't the only one engrossed in Daniel's story. (5 pages)
  • Choices by Pho: The minute they exited the 'gate, Jack knew he'd made a mistake. (23 pages)
  • Soul of a Planet by Momoftoad: From somewhere up above her, the Goa'uld laughed, a staccato giggle waxing and waning with the cries from her friends in the cells below...Sam steeled herself and began working her way free from her shackles. (55 pages)
  • Nightmares by Graculus: "You've been having nightmares, Jack," said Daniel quietly, "for the last couple of nights if not longer..." (10 pages)
  • Captured by Beth Singer: Jack whirled around just in time to see Daniel's eyes roll back so far they showed nothing but white crescents. His left arm buckled, and Jack caught him before he fell. (20 pages)
  • To Return the Way I was Before by Yum@: O'Neill held fast and grunted as the animal slammed into them. Daniel gasped at the added weight, but the colonel refused to leave or escape. (99 pages)
  • Bargaining Chip by J.M. McClure, Scribe & Gatejunkie: Oh God, Danny. It'll never be okay again. You don't understand. You won't ever understand, and I can't save you from your own innocence no matter how hard I try. (66 pages)

Issue 4

issue #4 on CD
cover of issue #4, Jessie McClain

Gateways 4 was published in 2001 and is 540 pages with a full color cover of Jack O'Neill by Jessie McClain. Interior art is by Jill I. Collins and Lynn Francher. It won a 2002 FanQ.

  • My Friend, My Enemy by JJJunky (1)
  • That's Just Jack by PhoenixE (19)
  • Having a Bad Day by ETS (23)
  • Humble Beginnings by PhoenixE (45)
  • The Hollow People by Sheila Paulson (51)
  • General Admissions by K. Hanna Korossy (75)
  • To Endure Burning by Judy A. Mason (85)
  • Separation Anziety by ELG (95)
  • Dead Reckoning by Jackjunkie and Gatejunkie (172)
  • Only the Strong by Debra Kraft (203) ("Set circa Season 3, this fic focuses on the original SG-1 and is a true team fic. Although the emphasis is on Jack and Daniel, all 4 team members have key and starring roles. On a planet where only the strong are expected to survive, Daniel gets the chance to feel like a champion. But don't go dusting off those golden gloves just yet. And what's got Carter so pumped for a shot in the ring? Throw in a suicide mission for Teal'c and this fic serves up plenty of angst for Jack with a decent dash for H/C on the side.")
  • Shake, Rattle and... by Jill I. Collins (233)
  • Family Photos by Cathy L. (251)
  • Tangled Web by Scribe (300)
  • Burdens of Command by Marcia Brin (348)
  • Red Harvest by Yum@ (386)
  • Guardian of the Gate by JB

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, Jessie McClain

Gateways 5 was published in 2002 and 510 pages. Cover art was done by Jessie McClain.

This zine won a Fan Quality Award.

  • Plant Food by Jackjunkie (5 pages)
  • Through The Darkness (50 pages)
  • Alien Absorption (11 pages)
  • Being Friends (35 pages)
  • Riff (8 pages)
  • Tau’ri Tales (15 pages)
  • Host (11 pages)
  • May I Just Ask (16 pages)
  • By The Rules (6 pages)
  • Misery’s Company (11 pages)
  • Siege by Seanchaidh (37 pages)
  • Darkness, Light (19 pages)
  • Never Alone (6 pages)
  • The Chess Game (123 pages)
  • Quagmire (44 pages)
  • Prodigal’s Return (9 pages)
  • To The Victor, The Spoils (30 pages)
  • Fraternal Instinct II (15 pages)
  • Victimization (26 pages)
  • Doubt and Faith (7 pages)


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