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Name: Yum@
Alias(es): mrwubbles, Yuma
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Stargate SG1, Supernatural, NCIS, White Collar , Emergency, Whitechapel and Magnificent Seven
Communities: Stargatefan.com
URL: ~yum (FanFiction.Net) & mrwubbles (LiveJournal) & yuma_writes (AO3)
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Yum@ is a fan writer, fan artist and archivist.


Yum@ first appeared in the mid 90's on a Geocities homepage called 'Stargate SG-1 Fan' around the second season of Stargate SG-1. It had been a simple website with very few pages. On the site, Yum@ had indicated the website was first created for an HTML course's final project.

After SG-1.Net dissolved and Sean Fitzgibbons moved on to temporarily work for MGM, several 'Gaters' crossed over to volunteer and further develop Stargatefan.com's content, including episode synopses, screen captures and what would later be a comprehensive online gen fan fiction archive. The website moved to tvheaven for its expansion.

Due to high traffic and a growing website, Yum@ moved Stargatefan in 2000 to its own server.

Year 2006 - 2007

In summer of 2006, the listgroups were alerted that Yum@ had suffered an impairing stroke. A postcard campaign went underway to send Yum@ get well wishes. Later, No One Gets Left Behind was published by Ancient's Gate for Yum@.

While Stargatefan remains up, it is unclear if Yum@ is still active on the website. Yum@ has shown up in two other sites, posting fan fiction at FanFiction.Net and LiveJournal, as recently as September 2011.

In 2007, Yum@ was the winner of the 2007 SF/Media Fan Fund. She attended MW*C 27.

Pyramids Press

In May, 2000, Pyramids Press, a fan publication spin-off of Stargatefan, debuted at MediaWest with Foundations and Fate's Reflection, an H/C novel by Yum@. The fan-run press specialized in perfect binding fanzines during a time comb and spiral binding was still common among various fanzine publications.


The first fan fiction noted that Yum@ was said to have written was Duck in 1998. Another piece called It Was A Dark and Stormy Night... is thought to have originated the trope of Daniel Jackson's 'artefact, not rock' fanon.

Yum@ has written in various other fandoms besides Stargate SG-1 including Supernatural, NCIS, White Collar and Magnificent Seven, the TV series. She also writes under the pseudonym mrwubbles on LiveJournal.

While Yum@ frequently posts online, several of her works can only be found in printed fanzines. Some of the various fanzines Yum@ has written for include:

Several her of works have won awards: she won a FanQ award in 2000 for a Stargate SG1 gen story and her zine Foundations #1 also won a FanQ award that year as Best Stargate SG1 Gen Zine. Her Magnificent Seven story "Identity" published in Brotherhood won a 2007 FanQ award and "The Last One by Yuma", also Stargate SG1, won a FanQ Award that year. "Traffic in Memory Lane" won a 2008 FanQ Award and her NUMB3RS story "The Sum of It All" also won a FanQ that year. Her novella Fate's Reflection won a 2008 Stargate Fan Award for Best Story in a Zine.

Art Gallery

Additional art is archived here.