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Title: Foundations
Publisher: Pyramids Press
Editor(s): GateJunkie & Jackjunkie
Date(s): 2001-2006
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
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Foundations is a gen Stargate SG-1 fiction anthology.

Issue 1

cover issue #1, Cathy L.

Foundations 1 was published in 2001 (second printing January 2002?) and has 232 pages. Cover by Cathy L.. Interior art by Jeanne McClure and Lightfoot.

The original flyer is here.

  • Intolerable Possession by JJJunky (20 pages)
  • Gliding by Kaz (4 pages)
  • Death Toll By K. Hanna Korossy (6 pages)
  • The Demon Inside by DawnC (22 pages)
  • Inheritance by Pho (12 pages)
  • Ode to Coffee by Cathy L. (3 pages)
  • A Hieroglyphic Glossary (2 pages)
  • Business as Usual by ETS ("He thought he heard Jack call his name as he screamed in response to the crushing weight of stone on top of him. A second passed before shearing pain radiated from his left thigh and right shoulder. As the sand wave moved past the destroyed temple, more flaming intense pain caused by the shifting weight crushing him overwhelmed Daniel's senses and blackness swallowed him.")
  • Choices Made by Elyse Dickenson ("O'Neill's shout was cut off as bodies plowed into the back of his knees and knocked him off his feet. A smothering pressure enveloped and crushed him. Blackness consumed him, blotting out the all too real fear he was going to die.
  • Honor The Night by Sheila Paulson. The whoosh of the arrow sailing past O'Neill created a breeze he could feel so closely did it miss him. When he heard the sickening thunk of sound and heard the choked-off cry of pain from Daniel, Jack's stomach twisted into an impossible knot. Daniel pitched forward and sprawled face down in the dust of the square, the arrow protruding from his back, his pack flung beside him.")
  • Time by Nancy Richardson ("Jack slammed the phone down, visibly shaking. He didn't know why he was so angry with Daniel. True, he hadn't slept in days, but he didn't know if that was a cause or an effect. Dr. Janet Fraiser had prescribed medication for his insomnia, but what he really needed was an antidote for Daniel Jackson. Simply put, the man was driving him nuts.")
  • Scorched Souls by Brenda A. ("At first Jack thought it was the sound of thunder. The weather had deteriorated rapidly in the last couple of hours, and the little rainstorm of earlier had turned into a nasty one with howling wind, sheets of rain, and rolling thunder that rattled the windows in the old cabin. He'd fallen asleep on the couch in front of the fire, and frowned as he heard the sound again. Damn, that wasn't thunder, that was...")

Issue 2

cover issue #2, Cathy L.

Foundations 2 was published in 2002 and has 215 pages. Art by Cathy L. (front cover).

The front cover is here. Jeanne McClure, and Lightfoot.

  • Eviction Notice by Lin (5)
  • Risky Business by Kaz (""Let's start from the beginning shall we? I am Colonel Jack O'Neill from Earth. My team and I are here to explore your planet. You know, meet and greet the locals and then leave… peacefully. One thing I am not here for is to provide you with any nutrients. Get it?") (17)
  • The Gate of Breath by Jmas (73)
  • To Lose a Friend by Sheila Paulson (77)
  • Cut One, and the Other Bleeds by JackJunkie (winner of a 2003 FanQ) (81)
  • New Worlds by K. Hanna Korossy (95)
  • In This, or Any Reality by ETS (103)
  • Wake Up Call by Cathy L. (113)
  • What's Up, Doc? by Scribe (117)
  • Blinded by the Light by Pho (125)
  • Once Upon a Time by Lin (129)
  • Wait For Me by Jmas ("SG-5, SG-7, and SG-11…all here to help find you. Siler and his crew are working overtime. General Hammond came offworld today too, if you can believe that. All for you, big guy. No one wants to believe you're gone, no one is giving up.") (135)
  • Working Through the Night by ETS ("Daniel was shocked. "What! That's," he stuttered. "That's it! Whatever happened to working through the night!?" he shouted to Jack's retreating back. His disappointment and frustration, which only he could hear, echoed then faded. "I'd do it for you," came Daniel's plaintive reminder, fully voicing his hurt at his friends' seeming lack of enthusiasm in solving this mystery and retrieving him.") (139)
  • Stop and Smell the Flowers by Nancy Richardson (149)
  • A Moment in Time by JJJunky ("His right index finger frantically poked at the button that would lead him to another elevator and eventually outside Cheyenne Mountain. He was thankful the car was empty. No one must see him like this.") (185)
  • Home by Yum@ (199)
  • Out of Service by Cathy L. (207)

Issue 3

cover issue #3, Cathy L.

Foundations 3 was published in 2003 and is 234 pages long. Art by Cathy L. (front cover).

The original flyer is here.

  • A Man of His Word by Babs (5)
  • Especially the Lies by L.A. Carr (11)
  • Forgotten Memories by Nancy Richardson (""I remember, damn it. Or, at least I think I do," Jack said uncertainly. "It was me, wasn't it?" Jack knew by the immediate silence that he was correct, and his stomach lurched. He closed his eyes, the blood pounded in his head, and his heart hammered wildly. Oh, God.") (15)
  • Family by K. Hanna Korossy (59)
  • Alarmed by Pho (69)
  • Caught in the Grip by Lin (83)
  • The Chosen by Sheila Paulson (93)
  • Embryos by Travelling One ("Oh Christ, stop it. Jack's face registered nearly as much pain as Daniel's. Though it was killing him to watch this, as long as Daniel had to go through it, the least he could do was be strong for his friend and not cringe away. He knew Daniel was trying hard not to cry out, but the frequent moans and low sobs betrayed his defiance and courage.") (125)
  • To Rise Above... by JB (143)
  • Divergence by ETS ("Both officers departed leaving Walter busy tapping in commands to his computer. If they were going to bring in, set up and activate the Beta gate, he had a lot of preparatory work ahead of him. A movement out of the corner of his eye distracted him. Doctor Jackson had removed his radio head set letting it slip from lax fingers to clank on the console. He followed this by removing his glasses and resting his damp forehead in his right hand, elbow propped on the countertop for support. Walter noticed the left hand holding the glasses was quivering") (157)
  • One Right Step by JJJunky (185)
  • Taken by Kaz (193)
  • In Touch by Jackjunkie (225)
  • Meaning of Life Stuff by ETS (229)
  • art by Cathy L. (front cover) and Lightfoot

Issue 4

cover issue #4, Yuma

Foundations 4 was published in 2004 and is 210 pages long with illustrations. Art by Cathy L. (front cover).

The original flyer is here.

  • Acts of Faith by ETS (5)
  • Friendship Instincts by K. Hanna Korossy (15)
  • The Other Man's Moccasins by Marcia Brin (29)
  • The Last Dance by Nancy Richardson ("Jack refused to move which aggravated the young woman even further. He took a step backwards as she rushed forward then reached past him, deftly plucking one of the stalks from the shrub. He watched spellbound as she plunged the stalk into the ground. Seconds later, she withdrew it and held it up to his scrutiny and education. Jack noticed immediately that the red tip was missing. He looked down and grimaced at the sight of a red, multi-legged, scaly beetle burrowing into the ground. "Jesus," he whispered.") (35)
  • The Face of God by Sheila Paulson ("Jack opened his eyes to his bedroom, twisted bedclothes, and sweat trickling into his eyes. God, that had been a bad one. The memory of the nightmare clutched at his guts, and he jumped up and raced madly into the bathroom, where he spewed out the contents of his stomach into the toilet bowl. Only as he knelt there spent and shaking did he realize this wasn't the first time he'd had the dream.") (73)
  • Sticking Together by Babs (101)
  • Drops in the Ocean by Scribe (113)
  • Set in Stone by Kaliope ("A faint rumbling sound came from deep inside the ground, growing louder, and an alarming vibration shook the temple. Dirt and loose bricks showered down from above.") (117)
  • Game Over by Yuma (127)
  • Blind Luck by Kaz ("SG-1 cast worried glances around each other and up, willing the ceiling to hold. Trickles of dust continued to spiral down, raining over them as they waited anxiously for the tremors to stop. There was a momentary lapse in the shuddering, and then a spectacular concussion boomed through the aisles.") (151
  • Children of the Light by JJJunky (217)

Issue 5

cover issue #5, Yuma

Foundations 5 was published in 2005, is 223 pages long, and a collection of seventeen stories. Art by Cathy L. (front cover).

The original flyer is here.

  • BeA Fishy Tale by Kaz (5)
  • No Touching by Marcia Brin (13)
  • Hard Choices by Nancy Richardson ("Jack hadn’t missed ‘the look’ she had flashed him earlier when he’d told Daniel he didn’t like most of what he said, but he managed to restrain from throwing him into walls. The thing of it was, Jack didn’t know why he said that and with such venom. It had just come out, and he didn’t stop to analyze it, nor did he want to now. “Touché,” Jack mumbled then turned and left the infirmary.") (21)
  • Expressions of Regret by Sheila Paulson (61)
  • The Only Visions by Carrie (67)
  • Space Monkey by Wendy Myers (73)
  • The Things You'll Do for a Friend by K. Hanna Korossy (77)
  • Undalia by Lin (95)
  • Finding Home by Babs ("Whoa, he was dizzy. Daniel stopped walking about halfway to his kitchen, standing still until the moment passed. Cramps in his stomach caused him to curl over, holding his belly and spots danced behind his eyes. He raised his head, thinking he could make it to the couch. Daniel managed one step, then two before his world went black.") (117)
  • Between Iraq and a Hard Place by Gallagater ("Harry drew in his legs and leaned forward with a sigh. “Relax, Jack. We don’t need your blood pressure squirting out of your ears. You’re going to be a very busy boy over the next few days.” He rested his chin on his interlocked fingers. “Very busy,” he repeated softly.")
  • Coming to His Senses by JJJunky (147)
  • Watching Their Six by Seanchaidh (169)
  • Always the Quiet Ones by Kiva (173)
  • Fishing, Take Two by Sam Walker (189)
  • A Matter of Pride by JoaG (199)
  • The Bores and the Bored by Brate (221)

Issue 6

front cover issue #6, Cathy L.

Foundations 6 was published in 2006 and has 256 pages. The art is by Cathy L. (front cover) and interior art by Lightfoot.

The original flyer is here.

  • Her Wake by K. Hanna Korossy ("Jack made a face and sent the pen skipping over the desktop to fall off the other side and roll into some dark corner. He’d known his people for three years now, been killed, resurrected, tortured, and celebrated with them. He knew them better than he knew himself. And still he had no idea what to do.") (5)
  • Home at Last by Joana Dey (13)
  • The Face of Fear by Gallagater ("Tossing his pack to the side, Jack stretched out on his stomach, leaned forward and reached down, quickly snagging the weapon. He realized his mistake within a fraction of a second, but it was already too late. Even as his brain was screaming for him to pull back, he felt the mouth of the well seal around his bicep. Instinct kicked in as Jack fought to pull his arm free. Unable to get to his feet, he strained backward, trying to roll away from the hole, sweat beading on his forehead. Nothing. Whatever had him, had him good.") (27)
  • Light Dawns Over Marble Head by Sam Walker (43)
  • To Infinity and Beyond by Sam Walker (45)
  • Afterthoughts, poem by Kamelion (47)
  • Rebounded by BeeBee ("“……and this is why you are never, I repeat never, doing anything like that again,” Jack O’Neill yelled pointing a finger at Daniel Jackson’s bruised face. Daniel obediently followed Jack into his office having just returned to the SGC after his little adventure aboard the Prometheus and his run in with Vala. He had managed to hide his injuries from the crew of the Prometheus although he had caught Walter giving him an odd look.") (55)
  • The Feast of Samhain by Rose Adair (69)
  • Deception by Nancy Richardson (93)
  • With Many a Winding Turn by Charli Booker (147)
  • Shades of Oannes by Redbyrd (159)
  • A Time to Every Purpose by Melissa Beattie (183)
  • Games People Play by JoaG (193)
  • Parts by Kiva (221)
  • Winter's Thaw by Babs (225)
  • In Knots by Yuma (249)
  • A Gift of a Friend by Cathy L. (253)

Issue 7

cover issue #7, Cathy L.

Foundations 7 was published in 2006 and has 200+ pages with illustrations. The front cover is by Cathy L.

The original flyer is here.

  • The Healing Process by Kiva (5)
  • Eyes of blue by Nancy Richardson (""Carter, we're on another planet. We fight alien creatures that use humans as hosts and real live pieces of Lego that chew metal. Never mind the fact that a few months ago, Daniel was a glowy white cloud. I think a little eye color change is not an impossibility."") (9)
  • Beep by Yum@ (33)
  • Up from the Abyss by K. Hanna Korossy (37)
  • Hall of the Fathers by Sheila Paulson (47)
  • Change of Plans by JJJunky (65)
  • Over a Barrel by Travelling One ("There was nowhere to take cover and sneak in unobserved, so Jack motioned Daniel and Carter to stay behind while he and Teal'c quietly made their way around to the front of the compound. The sight before them froze them in their tracks.") (71)
  • A Friend in Need by Cathy L. (89)
  • When It Counts by Bab (93)
  • Off-Key by Yum@ ("All this time, Daniel had concentrated on the Anubis enemy Teal'c talked about. He still couldn't remember much about him. However, from Teal'c's sober account, Daniel felt instinctively this was a being that must be stopped at all costs. Perhaps that's why Daniel had felt so driven to break whatever rules he'd broken. Perhaps that was why he'd taken the chance. Let the greater threat to the many override what he thought was the minor needs of the one--himself. He'd comforted himself with that thought the entire time he was hiding in the ship, thinking furiously on how to get Jonas out. So what if he couldn't remember much about his life? There was a greater and more pressing issue at hand.") (109)
  • 525,600 by Devra (119)
  • Time Out of Mind by Redbyrd ("Daniel didn't even have time to nod. The memories seemed to surface easily, without conscious prompting. He flashed on the wrapped body being sent through the Stargate, but wrenched his thoughts back to the present before he could be thrown into another of these hellacious flashbacks. "We killed him, too," Daniel said.") (141)
  • Iced by Kaliope (165)
  • Hanging Up by Yum@ (177)
  • Betrayed by JoaG ("Okay, the Goa'uld who'd delicately stepped out of the woods and was staring at him with hatred in her eyes definitely knew where he was from. There were too many for him to try and shoot his way out of this situation. From the corner of his eye, he saw Itirah scuttle away, going back the way they'd come. He was pretty sure the man wasn't running for help. For a moment he hoped that Jack hadn't listened to him and had followed him here after all, but he was fairly sure his friend hadn't. So the only choice he had left was to try and talk his way out of the situation. But before he could open his mouth, someone else spoke. "He requires being dead."") (181)
  • Bedtime Orders by Cathy L. (215)