New Worlds & False Gods

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Are you looking for the multimedia fanzine New Worlds?

Title: New Worlds & False Gods
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Gate Hopper's Press
Date(s): 1999-2003
Medium: print
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Language: English
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New Worlds & False Gods is a gen Stargate SG-1 fanzine.

Summaries from the publisher.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

New Worlds & False Gods 1 is 166 pages long and a collection of 12 stories and poems. It was published in February 1999.

  • Sunny Day (by Glenda Young-Christian) Jack O'Neill contemplates his future. (2)
  • Rainy Night (by Glenda Young-Christian) Daniel Jackson faces his future. (2)
  • Conquer Fate (by Valerie DeVries) Daniel is possessed by a Goa'uld and the team rushes to save the anthropologist's life. (21)
  • Gifts (by Sheila Paulson) Ancient artifacts, a deserted world, and children-soldiers. A routine mission turns deadly for the SG-1 team when they encounter the "gifted" descendants of ancient Egypt. (44)
  • Rebel Sons (by Paula Smus) The SG-1 team find the descendants of Akhenaten, worshipers of Aten – a rival sun God for Ra. But all is not what it seems, and Daniel is the one caught in the crossfire of deception. (14)
  • Shadows (by Joyce Strohm) The team meet the Gommorians, a race of soul-sucking ghosts who are looking to quench their insatiable thirst with a couple of humans named Jack and Daniel. (45)
  • A Friend in Need (by Larie Stoley) When Daniel is injured on a mission, Jack elects to stay behind with the dying man. Can Carter and Teal'c bring back help in time? (20)
  • Serpent's Legacy (by Joyce Strohm) Jack and Daniel do a little soul searching after they destroy Apophis' ship. (3)
  • Poetry by Lynn Gill and art by Lana G. Merkel

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Anja Gruber

New Worlds & False Gods 2 was published in October 1999, is 200 pages long and is a collection of 15 stories. The cover is by Anja Gruber.

The zine premiered at EclectiCon in November 1999. [1]

  • Friend or Foe (by Paula Smus) Their memories stripped away, Daniel and Teal'c become weapons to be used against O'Neill and Carter. (16)
  • After the Rain (by Kelly Benson) Jack's visit to his son's grave opens old wounds and heals others. (4)
  • Aftershocks (by Brenda A.) Post-Serpent's Lair. Daniel is having trouble coping and turns to Catherine for help. She turns to Jack. (4)
  • Down Time (by Graculus) Daniel was hoping to avoid Jack, but that proves to be impossible. (4)
  • Step By Step (by JAS) A missing scene and tag from One False Step. Jack and Daniel get themselves off PJ2-445, but the events on-planet haunts both men. (8)
  • Alliances (by Sheila Paulson) A crossover with Shadow Chasers. A chance meeting between SG-1 and the two shadow chasers, Jonathan McKensie and Edgar Benedek leads to some interesting fireworks back at SGC! (37)
  • This Side of the Mirror (by Cathy L.) Missing scene. Ever wonder what was happening on P3R-233 while Daniel was visiting the alternate earth? Well, here you can find out. (14)
  • Dark Mirror (by Valerie DeVries) A post-Need tag. For Jack, helping Daniel beat his addiction to the sarcophagus means facing his own past. (14)
  • Objective Eye (by K. Hanna Korossy) A missing scene from Need. Teal'c takes his turn sitting with Daniel Jackson, bringing the man a little perspective. (6)
  • To Close My Eyes and See Forever (by Anna Man) SG-1 witness what can only be Jack O'Neill's death. While Sam and Teal'c deal with the loss in their own way, Daniel refuses to believe it's true. When it appears that Jack is indeed dead, Daniel loses the will to live. (38)
  • A Short Tale (by Elyse Dickinson) Ever wonder why Daniel's hair was cut so short? Well, here's the answer! (2)
  • Occupational Hazards (by Kaliope) On another alien planet, Daniel is possessed. Can he make Jack understand in time to save his own life and the life of the alien within? (12)
  • Hat Trick (by R.J. Miller) A post-Legacy tag. Daniel isn't coping well with the memories of his confinement, and for good reason, as Jack discovers. (8)
  • Terra Forte (by Nancy Campbell) On an alien planet SG-1 meet a group of people with amazing powers. Between deadly infections, psychic healings, and Goa'uld attacks SG-1 must fight for their lives and the lives of the others. (21)
  • Poetry by Cinda Gillilan

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

[Alliances]: The summary goes: "Anthropologist Jonathan MacKensie has located a dangerous artifact that could spell trouble for himself and SG-1." Now, I've never seen Shadow Chasers, but I thought I would give this a go anyway, in case it just worked if I treated the Shadow Chasers characters just as guest-characters in a Stargate story -- and it did. The opening was particularly cool, as we got to see the Stargate folks from the Shadow Chasers folks point of view, and the interaction was delightful; particularly with reactions where the Stargate people are trying not to let things drop. My favourite parts of this story was the character interaction; the actual action parts (and the inevitable Very Powerful Alien) weren't quite so interesting to me. (And of course we get the not unexpected Ghostbusters reference which the author seems to like to drop in to a lot of her stories). One of the things which made this story work as a crossover was the former encounter between Benedek and Daniel, and how that impacted on the tensions in the plot. As someone said, if you're going to have a crossover, you need a reason for the crossed people to be there, and that was the character reason (as distinct from the plot reason) for them to be there. I liked it. [2]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Barb Johnson

New Worlds & False Gods 3 was published in April 2000, is 136 pages long and a collection of 16 stories and poems. The cover is by Barb Johnson.

  • Go, Already (by Marcia Brin) An AU ending to Enigma. Jack tells off some alien visitors off – big time! (2)
  • One Step Back (by JackJunkie) A tag to One False Step. Jack invites Daniel out for a drink and some talk, too bad things go wrong – but he does get his chat! (6)
  • Major Incident (by Leigh Williams) When Sam gets hurt showing Teal'c one of Earth's customs, the Jaffa becomes her own personal mother hen... (14)
  • Wild (by Gatejunkie) Jack invites the team over for a poker night, and learns a lot about Daniel and his psychology. (8)
  • Learning By Heart (by K. Hanna Korossy) Daniel takes Teal'c to the mall to look for a birthday gift for Sam, and it's an education for both men! (9)
  • To Err is Human (by Kelly Benson) A post-Matter of Time story. Daniel seeks out Jack to see how he's doing. (6)
  • Waiting Game (by Leigh Williams) When Jack is injured, the team, and Sara rally around. (6)
  • Jack's Friend (by K Hanna Korossy) Jack treats Teal'c to a Thanksgiving dinner at a local diner. (6)
  • Dying Free (by Sheila Paulson) A tag to Forever in a Day. Teal'c has to make his peace with Daniel Jackson. (9)
  • Echo (JJJunky) A script for an episode that should have been filmed! The team meets itself on the other side of the Gate, and they race to save them from destruction. (43)
  • Common Ground (by Londa Pfeffer) A tag from Fair Game. Jack and Teal'c talk at each other, then with each other as the Jaffa and the Colonel learn more about each other. (12)
  • Poetry (The Question) by Marcia Brin

Issue 4

New Worlds & False Gods 4 contains 221 pages and was published in May 2001.

cover of issue #4
  • Open Windows (by Jackjunkie) A look into Daniel and Jack's thoughts about each other and their friendship. (7)
  • Learning the Steps (by Sheila Paulson) Daniel is still dealing with Sha're's death, and it's not easy, especially with Teal'c there to remind him what happened. (7)
  • Recall Me at a Bound (by Becca Koldfurr) On PX1-971 the team runs into Apophis' troops and a storm, a possibly lethal combination for Jack, if help doesn't arrive in time. (45)
  • Changes (by K. Hanna Korossy) Sam notices the changes that have taken place in Daniel. (10)
  • Confrontation (by Marcia Brin) Teal'c and Sam go head to head over a couple of issues that they both need to get past. (5)
  • Black and White (by Leigh Williams) Jack quits the team when he reaches the conclusion that they don't respect him. He's wrong, but it's going to take a concerted effort on the part of Daniel, Sam and Teal'c. (24)
  • Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (by Lin) While on a new planet the team is beset by nightmares that continue to haunt them even after they return home. (14)
  • Potential (by Sheryl R. Rieling) Jack really needs to blow off some steam, and Hammond decides to allow it. It's that or court-martial the man. So Jack takes a trip, to see Charlie. (14)
  • Suicide is Painless (by Gatedemon) When a member of the SGC kills himself it dredges up some old memories for Jack. It also leaves Teal'c profoundly confused and troubled, and Jack is the only one who can help him understand. (11)
  • Two Faces (by JJJunky) On a mission, Daniel and Teal'c are captured by Apophis, who wants both men to die - slowly. But things get more complicated when the Goa'uld's new bride decides that she would prefer Daniel, who has no choice but to extract a painful promise from Teal'c. Too bad he has to keep that promise. (34)
  • Getting Away From It All (by Teal'cster & Gatecrasher) Jack and Teal'c take a vacation while Sam and Daniel do their thing on a peaceful planet. Too bad this isn't a peaceful planet. The two men run into a nest of skinheads who know what to do with a man of color and his friend, and it isn't pretty. (40)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

New Worlds & False Gods 5 The cover is by Shiloh. It was published in April 2002 and contains 132 pages.

  • Ice Breakers (by K Hanna Korossy) In the aftermath of dealing with Machello and his body-swapping device, Daniel is in need of some downtime, but his night out is the beginning of an obsession for Teal'c. (9)
  • Reflections of Acceptance (by Gallagater) While on an alien planet, Jack encounters a device that lets him see another version of reality, one where Charlie lived, but at a very high price. (12)
  • Absolution (by Marcia Brin) A post-Fifth Man poem. (2)
  • Nightmare (by Cheryl Benson) Jack's having nightmares, and Janet finds out about them. (3)
  • Field Trip (by Sheila Paulson) Teal'c goes into town with Jack, but there is more afoot than he expects. (13)
  • Out of the Ashes (by Judith Proctor) Sam helps Jack deal with almost ending up a host. (4)
  • Pride Goeth Before the Fall (by Gallagater) When Jack is injured on a mission, he finds he's not the macho colonel he thinks he is. (15)
  • Candles (by Leigh Williams) Teal'c needs to build some rituals of his own on his adopted new world. (3)
  • Aces (by Mae Hemm) Daniel is going crazy, therefore, he's on the hunt, but what he finds isn't what he expected, which is why he's going nuts. (9)
  • Thanks, Doc (by Loretta Greco) Jack has to thank Janet. (3)
  • Thanks, Daniel (by Loretta Greco) In an alternative vision, Jack has to thank Daniel. (2)
  • Exodus (by Marcia Brin) A poetic look at what it's like to love and lose. (4)
  • Of Cabbages and Kings (by Marcia Brin) While on a mission Jack meets someone unusual. (5)
  • Village of the Damned (by Becca Koldfurr) When the SGC receives a message from the planet where a special team and Daniel are supposed to be helping the locals in exchange for technology to protect earth from the Goa'uld, Jack, Sam and Teal'c have no choice but to return, but they could be walking into a deadly trap. (38)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, Shiloh

New Worlds & False Gods 6 was published in April 2003 and is 200 pages long. The cover is by Shiloh.

  • Nine Days in a Battle Called Life (by Gallagater) A look into the heart and soul of Jack O'Neill as he struggles to survive. (16)
  • Bad Days at the SGC (by Cheryl Benson) When the members of SG-1 have to give up some of their favorite things, they all get a little testy. (4)
  • Clothes Make the Man (by K Hanna Korossy) Jack takes Teal'c shopping for clothes... need we say more? (8)
  • Kids (by Cheryl Benson) While waiting to testify in a Congressional hearing, Jack meets a new friend and realizes the importance of children in his life. (2)
  • The Shining One (by Sheila Paulson) SG-1 believe Daniel is dead, but that doesn't mean they can shirk their responsibilities. So, when the people responsible for his death ask them to return, no one is happy. (15)
  • Ten Days in a Tel'tac (by Sue Corkill & Wendy Parkinson) While making a trip the team learn some interesting things about each other. (15)
  • Riffs in the Key of Stargate: The Warriors Concerto (by Marcia Brin) A skillfully rendered series of missing scenes from five seasons of episodes that highlights the hidden side of our warriors. (23)
  • What's in a Name (by Cheryl Benson) Jack has some strong opinions about what to name their new spacecraft. (1)
  • The Sirens of P3X292 (by Nancy Campbell) Jonas and Jack find themselves trapped on an alien world, and with little hope for escape unless the Colonel's stubbornness can get them though. (53)
  • Gauntlet (by Leigh Williams) A trip into the mountains turns deadly when Jack, Daniel and Sam are stalked by a hunter with a personal grudge. (52)


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