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Name: Teal'c
Occupation: warrior, member of SG-1
Relationships: Drey'auc (wife, separated, deceased in season 3)
Shan'auc (season 4)
Krista James (season 8)
Ishta (seasons 8-10)
R'yac (son, married to Ka'ryn in season 7)
Bra'tac (mentor, father figure)
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Other: Played by actor Christopher Judge
Teal'c as First Prime of Apophis, image from Redemption #6
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Teal'c is a main character on the television show Stargate SG-1.

He is high-status Jaffa warrior who defects to the Tau'ri in the pilot episode and joins Jack O'Neill and the SG-1 team to fight for freedom of religion and from Goa'uld oppression.

Teal'c in Fan Works

The distinct tendency in Stargate fanfiction as a whole is to allow Teal'c to become wallpaper much the way the series did sometimes. Those who do write Teal'c seem to find him easier to write in gen stories, largely eschewing slash or ship despite the character canonically having more romantic relationships than most of the other main characters. Notably, in later seasons he is slashed with Cameron Mitchell and shipped with Samantha Carter, although the latter often is associated with Jack/Daniel slash stories as the main pairing.

There has been some tension around the way Teal'c gets ignored in fan fiction, particularly because of the implications for race issues. There have been a couple of Teal'c-focused communities and ficathons set up to try and counteract this.

Teal'c frequently uses the word indeed, to the extent that it has become a catchphrase.[1] He sometimes seems to run first and last names together in conversation; for example, referring to Daniel as "Danieljackson". He occasionally seems to have problems with Earth idioms in conversation. All of these tend to be greatly exaggerated in fanfic.

While few other Jaffa seem to shave their heads, this may be a custom of First Primes, and for Teal'c it seemed to be a cultural and possibly religious custom he would not give up for the first seven seasons of the show. Changes to Teal'c's customary use of kohl and skin paint, as well as some creative facial hair were seen in intervening years, which fans interpreted as a growing willingness to explore the origins of Jaffa custom and tradition.


  • Teal'c/Jack
  • Jack/Daniel/Teal'c
  • Teal'c/Sam
  • Teal'c/Daniel
  • Teal'c/Cameron


  • as a yenta/matchmaker
  • his Goa'uld symbiote
  • his son, Rya'c
  • Teal'c as an outsider

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I normally avoid Teal'c stories, because I find that he's a hard character to do right and I don't want to read him written wrong. [2]


We talked about the alienness of brown-skinned folk. For instance, Teal'c, who is not culturally Black, he's an alien who happens to have brown skin. He's literally an alien, but to what extent is alienness a metaphor for color? (Worf, too.)...For that matter, why aren't there any Chinese characters in Firefly, given the history of the 'verse?...Do we assume our futuristic 'verses are worlds where racism is obsolete? [3]

One thing I love about Teal'c fic is that because most people who write about him consciously choose to write about him, it tends to be better and more experienced writers. The quality is more uniformly excellent. There's less of it, but what's there is concentrated goodness. [4]

I could never decide if Teal'c and Cam were "doing it" but it sure as hell wasn't because Cam's tail failed to wag anytime he was near Teal'c. And almost no fanfic EVER picked up on it. I'm still mystified. [5]


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