Horizontal Mosaic

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Title: Horizontal Mosaic
Publisher: Blackfly Presses
Date(s): 2000s
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Horizontal Mosaic is a slash multifandom anthology. Each zine was comb-bound, 5.5" x 8-1/2". Each story also features a colour title page.

Summaries below from the publisher's page:

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Horizontal Mosaic 1

  • "Darts of Eros" by CJ (Stargate SG-1) 1 (Jack/Other) (When Jack is kidnapped by Apophis, can SG-1 rescue him before it's too late?)
  • "Dual Citizenship" by Stormy Stormheller (Due South) 83 (Fraser/RayK) (Det. Kowalski learns a few things about his new partner.)
  • "Glimpses" by Kit Mason (The Sentinel) 87 (Jim/Blair) (Simon gets a different view of his two top detectives.)
  • "Dirty Laundry" by Jenny Saypaw (Angel) 105 (Angel/Wesley) (The washing machine gets a workout.)
  • "What You Ask For" by Kalena & Mandalee (Crossover Due South/The Sentinel) 129 (Fraser/RayV, Blair/RayV) (What happens when you get what you want, then discover that it wasn't what you expected?)
  • "Nor the Battle to the Strong" by Lianne Burwell (Andromeda) 181 (Dylan/Tyr) (A simple game of Go becomes something entirely different.)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Horizontal Mosaic 2

  • "Journal of Conquest" translated by Bog (Lord of the Rings) 1 (Gimli/Legolas) (Gimli records his pursuit of a certain Woodland Elf.)
  • "The Reader" translated by Bog (Lord of the Rings) 17 (Gimli/Legolas) (Companion piece to "Journal of Conquest".)
  • "Dreaming" by Jenny Saypaw (The Sentinel) 25 (Jim/Blair) (The Shaman comes to terms with Jim's nightmares.)
  • "Topsy-Turvy" by Kit Mason (Andromeda) 35 ((Dylan/Harper) (The crew of the Andromeda take a day off - with interesting results.)
  • "Cat & Mouse Quartet" by Audrey Weirdsley (Blake's 7) 65 (Avon/Vila) (Avon and Vila play cat and mouse before and after throwing in their lot with Blake.)
  • "Conversation 1 - Naomi" by Toshua (The Sentinel) 101 (Jim/Blair) (Missing scene from "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg".)
  • "Conversation 2 - Blair" by Toshua (The Sentinel) 107 (Jim/Blair) (Companion piece to "Conversation 1".)
  • "Hot August Knights" by Scorch (Due South) (Fraser/RayK) (The weather isn't the only thing heating up in Chicago.)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Horizontal Mosaic 3 was published in 2003 and is 232 pages long.

  • "Curse of the Northern Kingdom" by Bog (Lord of the Rings) 1 (Gimli/Legolas) (Legolas is forced to face the greatest peril-Love!) Cartoon by Bog.)
  • "Sleepless in Seattle" by Elizabeth Gerber (St. Elsewhere) 21 (Physician, heal thyself.)
  • Find the Cliche by Bog (Find-a-Word.)
  • "The Best Game You Can Name" by JaimeBlue (SeaQuest DSV) 26 (Hudson/O'Neill) (Hockey makes strange bedfellows.)
  • "Pro-ra(y)ted" by Bog (The Professionals) 27 (A revealing moment for Ray?)
  • "The Midnight Sun" by Jenny Saypaw (Demon Under Glass) 55 (Simon/Joe) (Joe thinks he's finally safe. Simon knows better.)
  • "Castaway" by m. butterfly (X-Files) 59 (Mulder/Skinner) (AU. Close-quarters danger brings Mulder and Skinner closer together.)
  • "Shattered" by CJ (Smallville) 91 (Clark/Lex) (AU. A birthday present from Hell.)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Horizontal Mosaic 4 was published in 2003. Printed photocopy, GBC bound, 150 pages, digest sized. Artwork by Jenny Saypaw and Spacepixell.

  • "Precious" by Stormy Stormheller (Crossover Invisible Man/Buffy:tVS/Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter) 1 (Fawkes/Hobbes) (Our pair has more than one secret.)
  • "Missed Chances" by Kata Avalon (The Sentinel) 5 (Jim/other, Jim/Blair) (An email is ignored and fate takes a different turn.)
  • "Want" by Amethyst (Demon Under Glass) 35 (Simon/Joe) (Sometimes desire cannot be ignored.)
  • Manly Puzzle by Bog 54
  • "Punch Drunk" by Stormy Stormheller (Due South) (Fraser/RayK) 55 (Fraser/RayK) (Fraser, an alley, and way too much alcohol.)
  • More Than My Wordsworth by Bog (The Sentinel) 58
  • "Welcome" by Bog (Blake's 7) 59 (Avon/Vila) (A new ally brings dissension - and fear - to Blake's base.)
  • Amaz-Ent by Jenny Saypaw (Lord of the Rings) 74
  • "Halloween" by Mereid (Smallville) 75 (Lex/Clark) (Clark longs to unleash the truths about himself. Will he surrender them all to Lex? For readers willing to go beyond boundaries.)
  • Thongs of Innocence Experienced by Bog (The Sentinel) 110
  • "Having a Bad Day" by Jenny Saypaw (Due South) 111 (Fraser/RayK) (Ray's in deep this time.)
  • "Love Bites" by Amethyst (Demon Under Glass) 115 (Simon/Joe) (Simon gives Joe what he truly needs.)
  • "Hell on Wheels" by Stormy Stormheller (Due South) 129 (Fraser/RayK) (Life is a highway... with large potholes.)
  • "Common Culture" by Kit Mason (The Sentinel) 133 (Jim/other, Jim/Blair) (Jim tries to understand the point of Blair's latest lecture.)

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Horizontal Mosaic 5 was published October 17, 2003 and contains 150 pages.

The editor-in-chief/publisher was Nightowl, illustration/graphic design was by Jenny Saypaw, operations mgr/treasurer was HauntFox, the production mgr/illustrator was Bog, the webmaster was tag, and the proofreader was TorPen.

The art is by Jenny Saypaw, Stormy Stormheller, Loopster, Sandra Lee, and Spacepixell.

  • Orphaned Plot Bunnies by Bardd (various) (A collection of thoughts and ideas left for adoption.) (1)
  • "A Different Challenge" by Kay (crossover Angel/Highlander) (Doyle/Adam Pierson) (An uncomplicated moment in two very complicated lives.) (3)
  • Crossword Puzzle (Help Adam Pierson cross back over to Seacouver.) (20)
  • "Diversions: Spelunking" by Stormy Stormheller (The Sentinel) (Jim/Blair) (The story of Jim and Blair, encapsulated. Part 1) (21)
  • cartoon, Lord of the Rings (Gimli/Legolas). (24)
  • "Mosaic in Broken Time" by Kit Mason (Firefly) (Mal/Jayne, River/OFC) (River comes into her own.) (25)
  • "Diversions: Camping" by Stormy Stormheller (The Sentinel) (Jim/Blair) (The story of Jim and Blair, encapsulated. Part 2) (43)
  • "Wildfire" by Jenny Saypaw (Angel) (Angel/Wesley) (Angel and Wesley bond during a demon-bashing gone awry.) (47)
  • Have You Been Reading Too Much Slash? (Test your slashiness quotient.) by Bog (84)
  • "Diversions: Fencing" by Stormy Stormheller (The Sentinel) (Jim/Blair) (The story of Jim and Blair, encapsulated. Part 3) (85)
  • "God's Work" by Amethyst (Demon Under Glass) (Joe/Simon) (An encounter with a zealot could spell disaster for Simon and Joe.) (89)
  • "Diversions: Sculling" by Stormy Stormheller (The Sentinel) (Jim/Blair) (The story of Jim and Blair, encapsulated. Part 4) (137)
  • "Jim's Inner Jaguar" by Ami (The Sentinel) (Jim/Blair) (Blair brings out the animal in Jim.) (139)
  • "Diversions: Scoring" by Stormy Stormheller (The Sentinel) (Jim/Blair) (The story of Jim and Blair, encapsulated. Part 5) (147)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6

Horizontal Mosaic 6 was published in 2004 and is 242 pages long.

  • "Equal in All Things" by Angelise (Highlander) 1 (Methos/Duncan) (The oldest Immortal is fully capable of protecting himself...despite what high-handed Highlanders think.)
  • "The Magic of Miniskirts" by Kata Avalon (Stargate SG-1) 17 (Teal'c/Jack) (Role-playing on a mission allows two men to explore the magic between them.)
  • "Moving Forward" by Lianne Burwell (Angel) 25 (Wes/Lindsey) (No going back? Or going full circle? Wes finds his direction.)
  • "Mating for Life" by Stormy Stormheller (Due South) 51 (RayK/Fraser) (Furniture can make a statement.)
  • "Power Within Possession" by Amethyst (Demon Under Glass) 55 (Joe/Simon) (When someone says "Mine", who is being claimed?)
  • "Binding" by Bog (Lord of the Rings) 67 (Gimli/Legolas) (Dreams of love are manipulated by a vengeful spirit.)
  • HP Slash According to Canon by Bog (cartoon) 85
  • Wizard and Watcher by Bog (cartoon) 86
  • "Storm Surge" by Jenny Saypaw (Demon Under Glass) 87 (Joe/Simon) (While attempting to evade capture, the fugitives run straight into danger.)
  • "Unplanned Parent" by Bog (Pirates of the Caribbean) 117 (Will/Jack) (Jack seriously considers tying some bootstraps to another cannon.)
  • Yo Ho! Ya Hoo! by Bog (filk) 146
  • "Hate Crime" by Stormy Stormheller (Due South) 147 (RayK/Fraser) (Ray seeks for meaning at yet another rain-drenched crime scene.)
  • At the Jim by Bog (cartoon) 152
  • "Blindsided" by CJ (Smallville) 153 (Clark/Lex) (Lex and Clark each find a life line and hang on. For life. An AU story arc after "Whispers". Warning: Death of a major character.)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7

Horizontal Mosaic 7

  • "Clockwork" by James Walkswithwind (Buffy:tVS/Angel) 1
  • "The Poacher" by Emily Veinglory (Dick Turpin) 15 (Dick Turpin / Willoughby Glutton) (Turpin takes advantage of a chance encounter.)
  • Escape by Jenny Saypaw (Lost) 22
  • "Secret Identities" by CJ (Crossover Smallville/Sorority Boys) (Clark / Adam / Adina with Clark / Lex implied) (This time it's not Clark having the identity practice.)
  • Spin-Offs by Jenny Saypaw (multimedia) 66
  • "The Garden of Proserpine" by Das Tier (Hornblower) (books) 67 (Hornblower / Bush) (Hornblower finds himself adrift on dry land.)
  • "Keys" by Stormy Stormheller (Due South) 81 (Fraser / Ray K) (Get out of my dreams and into my car. Beep. Beep.)
  • Demon Hunter by Jenny Saypaw (Van Helsing) 86
  • Multi-Fandom Trivia by Jenny Saypaw 87
  • "Bait" by Autiotalo (Van Helsing) 106 (Van Helsing / Carl) (The fog of London hides many sins.)
  • "Meridian" by Toshua (Stargate: SG-1) 107 (Jack / Daniel) (SG-1 reflects on Daniel's departure and return.)
  • "Nevermore" by Jenny Saypaw (Demon Under Glass) (winner of a 2006 FanQ) 117 (Joe / Simon / other) (Simon, Joe, and Edgar Allen Poe.)

Issue 8

cover of issue #8

Horizontal Mosaic 8 was published in 2005 and is 166 pages long.

  • "Pantheon" by Autiotalo (Van Helsing) 1 (Van Helsing / Carl) (Van Helsing and Carl explore Rome and their changing relationship.)
  • A Mountie Always Gets His Man by Bog (Due South) 18
  • "Training Day" by Toshua (The Sentinel) 19 (Jim / Blair) (Jim takes Blair out for target practice.)
  • "Side Effects" by Amethyst (Demon Under Glass) 33 (Joe / Simon) (A tainted cocktail strips Simon of his control.)
  • Wizards and Their Wands by Bog (multi) 44
  • "Storming the Ivory Towers" by Lianne Burwell (Angel) 45 (Lindsey / Wesley) (Zombies and Wesley and Lindsey, oh my!)
  • "Satisfying" by Angelise (Smallville) 85 (Clark / Lex) (Curious virgin seeks experienced lover.)
  • Our Multi-Fandom Stars by Jenny Saypaw 102
  • "New Life" by Kata Avalon (Stargate SG-1) (Sequel to "Miniskirts" in Vol. 6.) 103 (Jack / Teal'c) (Jack embraces a complete change in lifestyle. Sequel to "Miniskirts" in Vol. 6)
  • "Match" by Angelia (X-Files) 121 (Skinner /Krycek) (Move and countermove. Check and mate. Who are the pawns?)

Issue 9

cover of issue #9

Horizontal Mosaic 9 was published in 2005 and is 234 pages long.

  • "Sacred Petition" by Angelise (Arthurian Legend) 1 (Arthur/Lancelot) (A brooding Arthur seeks comfort.)
  • Love Nest by Jenny Sawpaw (Star Wars) 8 (puzzle)
  • "Visceral" by Jenny Saypaw (The Sentinel) 9 (Jim/Blair) (Jim cannot escape from a crime scene's ugliness.)
  • "Exercises in Free Will" by Autiotalo (Crossover Van Helsing/Martin Luther) 21 (VH/Carl, VH/ML) (On a mission, Van Helsing recalls another piece of his past.)
  • "Teaching the Greg-O" by Angelise (CSI) 67 (Greg/Warrick) (Greg can teach Warrick a thing or two.)
  • "Tales of the Man-Lust" by Sunfyre (Lord of the Rings) 91 (Elrond/Aragorn, Elrond/Faramir, Elessar/Faramir, Pippin/Merry, Sam/Frodo, Pippin/Merry/Sam) (The previously unchronicled secrets of Middle Earth.)
  • "Find Our Way Home" by Lyn (The Sentinel) 153 (Jim/Blair) (A bomb may separate Sentinel and Guide forever.)
  • "Draft" by James Walkswithwind (NCIS) 175 (Gibbs/DiNozzo) (Can Gibbs commit to a course?)
  • How Fandom Has Changed! by Bog (multi) 182 (word search puzzle)
  • "Ways of Protection" by DasTier (Hornblower), books 183 (Hornblower/Bush) (The unnameable crime lands Hornblower in Bedlam.)

Issue 10

cover of issue #10

Horizontal Mosaic 10

  • "A Most Delightful Spectacle" by Angelise (NCIS) (winner of a 2006 FanQ) 1 (Gibbs/DiNozzo) (Gibbs glimpses Tony's family jewels.)
  • "Cenotaph" by Jenny Saypaw (Angel) (winner of a 2006 FanQ) 13 (Angel/Wesley) (After death, there are still choices to be made.)
  • "Destiny" by Autiotalo (Constantine) 39 (John/Balthazar) (The cards don't lie.)
  • "Strategic Responses" by James Walkswithwind (Stargate: Atlantis) 51 (McKay/Zelenka) (A case of supply and demand.)
  • Desperate Househusbands by Bog (multi) 60 (word scramble)
  • "Thirteenth Day" by m. butterfly (X-Files) 61 (Mulder/Skinner, Scully/Samantha) (A modern retelling of Twelfth Night, X-Files-style.)
  • "Keeping Company" by Bog (Lord of the Rings) 105 (Legolas/Gimli) (A little light dinner conversation.)
  • "Trust Issues" by Annie (Diagnosis: Murder) 109 (Jesse/Steve) (A distraught Jesse makes a big mistake.)
  • "Smell the Roses" by Kata Avalon (The Sentinel) 129 (Jim/Blair) (Blair is being secretive, a murderer is on the loose, and Jim is partnered with Joel.)
  • "Kansas Rules" by CJ (Smallville) 167 (Clark/Lex) (Lex Luthor makes for an odd White Knight.)

Issue 11

cover of issue #11

Horizontal Mosaic 11 was published in 2006 and contains 150 pages.

  • "Seeing is Believing" by Angelise (NCIS) 1 (Gibbs/DiNozzo) (Gibbs gets an unexpected glimpse into Tony's past.)
  • G is for Gos by Bog (Lord of the Rings) 40
  • "The Laughter of Foxes" by autiotalo (The House of Flying Daggers) 41 (Leo/Jin) (What brings them together drives them apart.)
  • "Conflagration: Must" by Bog (Multi-Media/Fan) 60
  • "Seesaw, Margery Daw" by Jenny Saypaw (Demon Under Glass) 61 (Simon/Joe) (Is evil a matter of perspective?)
  • "Conflagration: Crap" by Bog (Multi-Media/Fan) 78
  • "New Paths" by Bog (Lord of the Rings) (winner of a 2007 FanQ) 79 (Gimli/Legolas) (A different take on doctor/patient confidentiality.)
  • "Storm Winds" by Lianne Burwell (CSI) 117 (Nick/Greg) (A tornado tears Las Vegas apart.)
  • Art Critics by Bog (Lord of the Rings) 150

Issue 12

cover of issue #12

Horizontal Mosaic 12 was published in 2006 and is 166 pages long. It won a 2007 FanQ. Premiered at MediaWest 2007. Artwork by Anukk, L.A. Adolf, Angelise, and Jenny Saypaw.

  • "Break and Enter" by Lianne Burwell (Once a Thief) 1 (Vic/Mac) (Mac finds some great blackmail material.)
  • Burning Warehouse by Nightowl (Once a Thief) 10 (maze)
  • "The Sorry Road" by Lyn (Without a Trace) (winner of a 2007 FanQ) 11 (Danny/Martin) (On a hard journey, you need a friend.)
  • "Something to Live For" by Bardd (Airwolf) 25 (Hawke/Archangel) (Hawke has an epiphany about what-and whom-he needs.)
  • "Conflagration: Masked Man," poetry by Bog (Multi-Media/Fan) 58
  • "Lattice" by James (Stargate: Atlantis) 67 (Radek/Rodney) (Rodney should have gone to Teyla first.)
  • "Accidentally by Design" by Jenny Saypaw (The Sentinel) (Jim/Blair) (AU. A desperate, lost sentinel is found.)
  • "Starting the Journey Over" by Bog (Lord of the Rings) 77 (Gimli/Legolas) (Jealous Elves and stubborn Dwarves are a match made in Lothlórien.)
  • From Here to Eternity by Bog (Lord of the Rings) 98 (cartoon)
  • "Mine" by Jenny Saypaw (Demon Under Glass) 99 (Simon/Joe) (Joe finds Simon's retreat a little chilly at first.)
  • "Ruffled Emotions" by Angelise (Starsky & Hutch) 115 (Starsky/Hutch) (An accident, a revelation and a ruffled shirt.)

Issue 13

Horizontal Mosaic 13 was published in 2007 and contains 240 pages, digest sized. Artwork by L.A. Adolf and Jenny Saypaw.

cover of issue #13
  • The Grift of the MAGI by Stormy Stormheller (Stargate: Atlantis) 1 (McKay/Sheppard) ("Just lie to her. Tell her you're in a relationship already.")
  • Dust by Nadja Lee (The Sentinel) 16
  • Snow Day by F.E. Lin (Demon Under Glass) 17 (Joe/Simon) (Simon is determined to make Joe play hooky.)
  • Lost in a Kiss by Nadja Lee (The Sentinel) 52
  • Escape to the Forest by Lianne Burwell (Once a Thief) 53 (Vic/Mac) (Can you ever really leave the Agency?)
  • Complaint by Portia MacBeth (Arthurian Legend) 73 (Lancelot/Arthur, Arthur/Guenivere) (A sequence of Sarmatian sonnets.)
  • The Cup of Nimue by Anne-Li (From Eroica with Love)/(Brimstone 75 (Dorian/Klaus, Zeke/the Devil) (A daring theft by Dorian puts Klaus at risk. as usual.)
  • Don't Ever Change by Nadja Lee (The Sentinel) 116
  • Gone by F.E. Lin Demon Under Glass) 117 (Joe/Simon) (Simon is bored, bored, bored.)
  • Invitation by Angelise (NCIS) 129 (Gibbs/DiNozzo, OFC) (An innocent invitation brings Tony the man of his dreams.)
  • Fraser's Fear by Khylara (Due South) 149
  • The Other Side of the Line by Khylara (The X-Files) 151
  • Richie's Fantasy by Khylara (Highlander) 154
  • Last Touch by Khylara (The Phantom Menace) 157
  • The Cat in You by Nadja Lee (The Sentinel) 160
  • Hamlet's Dilemma by Dawnwind (I Spy) 161 (Scott/Kelly) (Scott must pull Kelly from the brink.)
  • Place the Agency by Dr. Bog (Multimedia) 184
  • Mile High by F.E. Lin (Demon Under Glass) 185 (Joe/Simon) (Joe is reluctant to join the club.)
  • Slash and Burn by Bog (Multimedia) 198
  • Diplomacy by Autiotalo (Demon Diary) (Raenef/Eclipse) (Has Raenef outgrown his mentor?)