Demon Under Glass

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Name: Demon Under Glass
Creator: Jon Cunningham, D. L. Warner
Date(s): 2002
Medium: movie
Country of Origin: USA
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Demon Under Glass is a 2002 vampire movie. It is a "6 degrees" fandom to The Sentinel because of Garett Maggart. It also stars Jason Carter (from Babylon 5).

It is famous for being one of the worst movies ever made and for being at least partly funded by ripping off fans.[1] The official convention after the movie came out was also notoriously awful.[2]



Money was raised with a CD of DUG content to send Garrett to France to promote the movie and attend Cannes looking for foreign distribution.[Note 1] Fans were also encouraged to send mail to US distributors the film was hoping to work with.[Note 2]

Fan Club

The film was funded by sales of packages and merchandise to fans via a web store. Much of this merchandise was never delivered. Later, these purchases were described as "investment" and not refunded.

Fan club membership packages were offered via the official DUG website.[3] They included:

  • Basic Membership - free
    • Access to future members-only parts of[Note 3]
    • email newsletter
  • Bronze - $75
    • fan club membership portfolio
    • official quarterly newsletter
    • fan mail forwarding service
    • autographed cast photos
    • choice of video or DVD copy of the film
  • Silver - $150
    • basic & bronze packages
    • 10% discount in the DUG fan store
    • soundtrack/score CDs
    • shooting script
  • Gold - $175
    • basic-silver packages
    • cast and crew autographed shooting script
    • gag reel on VHS
    • named credit on DVD
  • Platinum - $225
    • basic-gold packages
    • ticket to private screening in LA (limited to 200 people)
    • ticket to DUG "mini-con"


After the movie was completed, a one-day "mini" con was held on June 22, 2002 at the Furama Hotel in Los Angeles.[4]

Advertised events included a Q&A panel with:

  • Jason Carter
  • Garett Maggart
  • Jack Donner
  • David-Jean Thomas
  • The rest of the cast of Demon Under Glass

Screening of the film's Gag reel, an autograph session, a "salute" to Babylon 5 and The Sentinel

Advertised guests included: Jason Carter, Garett Maggart, Richard Burgi, Bruce A. Young, Henri Brown, Richard Biggs, Traci Scoggins[Note 4]

The room block was originally for 150 people.

A con report

Freak Experts

Reportedly, the production company wanted to follow DUG with a film titled 'Freak Experts', which was to have been a story about gay cops and BDSM. However, they lost the support of fans by not delivering DUG merchandise, and the quality of DUG was quite low, which probably deterred other investors.

Tie-in Novels

Fanworks & Fandom






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