Shattered Glass

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Title: Shattered Glass
Publisher: Blackfly Presses
Editor(s): Nightowl
Date(s): June 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: Demon Under Glass
Language: English
External Links: page for the zine at the Blackfly Presses site
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cover by Jenny Saypaw

Shattered Glass is a slash 100-page Demon Under Glass anthology. It contains nine stories focusing on the relationship between Simon and Joe at the end of the movie, along with an meta essay of the difference between the caduceus and the staff of Aesculapius. Jenny Saypaw is the cover artist. Interior color art by Lupe, Shar, akablonded, AngstPuppy, Amy, and Kel. It was produced with a related gen zine by the same press, Broken Glass.[1]

Summaries below from the publisher:

  • "Renewal" by Amethyst[Note 1] (While Joe McKay waits for the vampire Simon Molinar to return for him, life must still go on.)
  • "Concede" by Amethyst (It's time at last for Joe to make his decision about whether or not to join Simon. Companion to "Renewal".)
  • "Querido" by akablonded (Simon Molinar ponders art, lust, and love.)
  • "Reluctance" by Kel (Simon works behind the scenes to bring Joe McKay back within his grasp.)
  • "Claiming" by Amethyst (Has Simon Molinar returned to save or destroy his doctor from the Delphi Project?)
  • "Try a Little Tenderness" by Amethyst (Logic and circumstance have made Joe McKay the vampire's reluctant companion, but Simon Molinar is determined to win him over as a willing lover. Companion to "Claiming".)
  • "The Seduction" by Kel (Simon woos a less-than-reluctant Dr. Joe.)
  • "Debate" by Sheena (On the run from the Delphi Project, the boys try (and fail) to fight their growing attachment to each other.)
  • "Tossed" by Jean (Bloody clothing in the laundry leads Dr. Joe to self-revelation. Companion to "Tumbleweeds" from Broken Glass.)

References & Notes


  1. Is this the same Amethyst as Amethyst (fan writer) or a different one?


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