Broken Glass

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Title: Broken Glass
Publisher: Blackfly Presses
Editor(s): Nightowl
Date(s): June 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: Demon Under Glass
Language: English
External Links: page for the zine with ToC at the Blackfly Presses website
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cover by Jenny Saypaw

Broken Glass is a gen 152-page Demon Under Glass anthology. It is digest sized with a color cover and interior color photomanips by Jenny Saypaw.

  • "Conversations with My Conscience" by Dolimir
  • "Conversations with My Soul" by Dolimir
  • "Conversations with the Devil" by Dolimir
  • "Tumbleweeds" by Jean
  • "Above All Do No Harm" by Set-Medic
  • "Acceptable Negative Parameters" by Set-Medic (Sentinel crossover)
  • "A View from the Coffin" by Barb Henn
  • "Mom" by Sheena
  • "Dilemma" by LilyK (24 crossover)
  • "Blooded" by CJ