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Name: Emily Veinglory
Fandoms: Sherlock Holmes, The Man from UNCLE, Arthurian Legend, and Batman
URL: VEINGLORY'S SLASHPHILE, Wayback link to fanfic website
Veinglory.com, author site
Emily Veinglory @ Livejournal (old)
Emily Veinglory Blog (active)
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cover design by Emily Veinglory for The Corruption Sequence

Emily Veinglory is a fan writer and fan artist. She has published the Sherlock Holmes novel Worth The Wound and written stories for The Man from UNCLE and Batman fandom. She has also written two novels based on the Arthurian myth: Alas, the Red Dragon and its sequel Among New Men.

Like an increasing numer of slash writers she has branched out into original M/M Romance where she writes mostly dark and paranormal fantasy.
I started to write back in 1998 when I first became aware of 'slash' fan-fiction which created stories about characters on TV and other media, with homoerotic content. My first major story was a 10,000 word melodrama about Sherlock Holmes and Dracula, which frankly contained some stuff that surprised even me. I think that all my stories so far contain a strong dark element whether it is outright paranormal horror of a personal darkness and despair that the characters are struggling with.
I then wrote two Arthurian novellas which were published by a small press called AngelWings. It struck me that I might be able to reach a larger audience, and even make some money. [...] Torquere Press gave me my first break and my editor taught me a lot about writing, which I have put to use in later works.[1]
Eclipse of the Heart was the first story she wrote deliberately as an erotic romance for an e-publisher.[1] Since then she has published several e-books, mostly with Loose Id and a few other publishers, and two paperback novels that were published by Samhain: King of Dragons, King of Men and Father of Dragons. The first one is a fantasy novel with a nice m/m/f dynamic and second one is about a depressed young man who gets impregnated by a dragon and falls in love with another man while he's still haunted by the ghost of his murdered ex-lover.


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