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Name: Cinda Gillilan
Alias(es): clgfanfic, Chris Alexander and more other names
Type: zine editor, fanwriter
Fandoms: The Magnificent Seven, War of the Worlds, Soldier of Fortune, Alias Smith and Jones, Riptide, The Sentinel, Without a Trace, Houston Knights
Communities: The Neon Gang (member)
Other: Neon Rainbow Press
URL: clgfanfic at Archive of Our Own
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Cinda Gillilan is fanwriter, co-owner and editor, along with Jody Norman, of Neon Rainbow Press.

She conducted Cinda Gillilan's 1997 Fan Survey.

List of aliases

Cinda has used several pennames over the years as a writer, and is considered under several of these names, part of The Neon Gang. Below is a list of these names:

Angelica Cooper-Smith | Aspen Glennbearn | Becca Koldfurr | Ben Thayer | Birgitt Schuknecht | Caryn Gottman | Caryn Mayo | Casey Squire | Cedar J. Duel | Cheyenne Winnie | Chris Alexander | Dana Edwards | Dana Ely | Dani Martin | DarkAngel | Deyna W. Greywolf | Diamond | Don Thatt | Dori Adams | Duval | Erica Michaels | Fallon Zane | Gillian Holt | Grace Fortado | J.P. Cads | Jerkey Treat | Joan Teri Janes | Joan Terri Janes | Justa Foreau | Kacey Tucker | Kaed | Kai O'Thay | Karson Raine | KC | Koppie | Laura Brush | Laura Cathcart | Laura Duval Grigsby | Laura Grigsby | Laura Zane | Layel Karson | Lexi Jordan | Llyr Chaves | Lorin Zane | Lynn Gill | Mary Fallon | Michelle Fortado | Morgan MacCarin | Nancy Platte | Nina Talbot | Paige Aaron | Pat | Patricia Grace | Rachel Squire | Rebecca Wright | Rhianna Corke | Robyn Jordaine | RubyJ | Sierra Chaves | Sierra Pruitt | Shiloh | Sioned Dannan | Squire | Tara MacKenzie | Teri | Zane | Zerelda