Brotherhood (Supernatural and multifandom zine)

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Title: Brotherhood
Publisher: Pyramids Press
Date(s): 2006-
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia & Supernatural
Language: English
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Brotherhood is a gen anthology. It alternates between multifandom and Supernatural content.

Issue 1

cover issue #1

Brotherhood 1 has 220 pages as a 6x9 perfect bound digest. Published in 2006.

  • Tough Guys by Kiva. The first night after the case had been closed had been fine. As had the second. But from the third night on, Blair had been plagued by disturbing nightmares. An already punishing schedule was being exacerbated by broken sleep, and Blair was quickly coming to the realization that he couldn't keep going on like this. (The Sentinel) (8 pages)
  • They Also Serve by Sheila Paulson (Lord of the Rings) (8 pages)
  • Headache by Yum@ (Magnificent Seven ATF) (6 pages)
  • In Sickness and In Health by JJJunky. Mal hadn't realized he had reached his destination until he heard Kaylee's cheerful greeting. Staggering to a stop, he blurrily gazed upon the smiling face of his engineer. Even knowing death was waiting around the corner for him, her lilting voice lifted his spirits. (Firefly) (20 pages)
  • No Rest for the Weary by Brate. Mindlessly copying page after page, he had time to dwell on his brother's strange behavior. He was used to Sam lying to him about his nightmares and lack of sleep, but Dean always knew better. This time he could swear Sam was telling the truth. (Supernatural) (10 pages)
  • Minas Ithil by Sheila Paulson (Lord of the Rings) (30 pages)
  • Locked by Hypatia (Numb3rs) (58 pages)
  • Sleep by Yum@ (Firefly) (10 pages)
  • They Just Stop Looking written by K Hanna Korossy (Supernatural) (18 pages)
  • Fifteen Percent by Yum@ (NCIS) (24 pages)
  • Cold Fear by JoaG. His vision swam as he lay there, helpless and vulnerable. His muscles wouldn't obey, his head was fuzzy, partial memory of the dead antelope reminding him of the danger he was in. Don had to know where he was, right? (Numb3rs) (34 pages)
  • Identity by Yum@ (Magnificent Seven ATF) (winner of a 2007 FanQ) (10 pages)
  • Yeast Of Eden by Gallagater (Quantum Leap) (16 pages)
  • Promise Kept by Kaliope (Supernatural) (11 pages)

Issue 2

front cover issue #2
back cover issue #2

Brotherhood 2 has 420 pages. Published in 2007. All Supernatural. 6x9 perfect bound digest. The perfect bound version of the book comes with a trivia game insert sheet of paper, "The Supernatural Hunt", that reads: "Instructions - The cover of Brotherhood 2 contains hidden clues. Such as all named locations Sam & Dean Winchester visit in Season 1 & Season 2 (up until May 1, 2007). See if you can find them all." (see image of sheet).

Summary: "In these thick zines, Sam and Dean fight demons, have heart-to-heart talks, run for their lives, needle each other incessantly, drive from one end of the country to the other, meet funny, scary, sometimes normal people, and never slow down. Ah, life on the hunt!"[1]

  • And the Wicked | written by Blackwinged_bird. Sam rolled his eyes, pushed down his trepidation, and took a step. Suddenly, he was jerked off his feet, pulled face-first down into the abyss. He flailed, dropping the gun and flashlight, arms out to the sides as he fought to grab hold of something, anything to stop his fall. The darkness swallowed him, completely blinding him, stealing his voice as he shouted for Dean.
  • Fire Drill | written by Yum@ He rose to his feet. Mary's bloodcurdling scream was still too fresh in his memory. The father glanced back toward his one-year-old. Sam was finding Dean's old wooden blocks fascinating. He was too busy stacking them and clapping when they fell to be concerned with the rapid thud, thud, thud the door was making. Now the knob was joining the foray with its rattle.
  • No Quarter written by gaelicspirit. Sam watched as Dean slowly pulled himself from the grip of the nightmare, his breathing rapid, his hand trembling. He dropped his outstretched hand, then covered his face for a moment, his body shuddering once. Taking a breath through his fingers, he lifted his head and rolled his neck. Sam heard the joints crack. He didn’t bother to feign sleep. He used to when the nightmares began, shortly after going to Bobby’s, worried then what Dean might think if he saw Sam watching him. Now, he worried what would happen if he didn’t watch.
  • Thump In The Night written by kyriebess. The silence continued as the brothers maneuvered along the dark, wet road and back into civilization. As he drove, many thoughts ran through Sam’s head, not the least of which was wondering what Dean was going to do to him, and what he could possibly say to appease his brother. Unfortunately, the answers to both questions seemed unreachable and, as time went on, Sam’s anxiety began to grow. Briefly, he flicked his eyes over to his brother. Dean sat slouched in his seat, his back turned to Sam. It was obvious from the little of Dean’s face that Sam could see that his brother was still furious.
"The Supernatural Hunt" game insert from issue #2, click for larger version, then click again
  • Crazy written by Geoffrey Woods (Tyranusfan). Before he could do or say anything else, a pool of blood appeared on his brother’s shirt, across his abdomen. He was still begging silently for help when flames consumed him.
  • Into the Wood | written by Jennifer Krinke (JennK528). Dean spun, frantic, reaching for Sam even as Sam turned toward him. He got a fistful of Sam’s jacket, felt Sam’s hand briefly clutch his arm, then Sam was torn out of his grasp, expression anguished and Dean’s name on his lips.
  • Pedal to the Metal by K. Hanna Korossy
  • Three Strikes by JJJunky
  • Let There Be Light by Jeanne R. Gold
  • Love and War by S. Hines (happycabbage75)
  • Fools Rush In by Swanseajill
  • Between Darkness and Light by geminigrl11
  • It Seems We Stood And Talked Like This Before by Kellifer
  • Bait and Switch by Brate
  • Fight by Kohadril
  • Life Sentence by Kaliope
  • Express Lane by Yum@
  • Moving Day by Cathy
  • The Legend of Puddles by Brate
  • The Importance of Fruit Roll-Ups by Cathy

Issue 3

front cover issue #3, art by Cathy L.
back cover issue #3, art by Cathy L.

Brotherhood 3 is a gen multimedia anthology and was published in May 2007 with a front and back cover by Cathy L. It has 280 pages, 6x9 perfect bound digest.

  • The Price of Cars in '77 by K Hanna Korossy (Starsky and Hutch) (5)
  • Reclaimed by Sheila Paulson (LOTR) (15)
  • Live Oak Growing by Gallagater (Stargate SG-1) (77)
  • The Emperor's Clothes by Cathy (winner of a 2008 FanQ) (Firefly) (85)
  • Only The Strong Survive by JJJunky (Magnificent Seven/Stargate SG-1) (97)
  • Nothing's Changed by Yum@ (Supernatural) (125)
  • Lancelot by Melissa Beattie (Angel) (145)
  • An Ever-Fixed Mark by K Hanna Korossy (Stargate Atlantis) (159)
  • Guest of Honor by Yum@ (Numb3rs) (183)
  • Tripping by Charli Booker (Stargate SG-1) (197)
  • Debate by Yum@ (NCIS) (207)
  • Just Imp-ossible by Kaliope (Supernatural) (215)
  • Boxing Day by Melissa Beattie (Stargate Atlantis) (229)
  • Traffic in Memory Lane by Yum@ (winner of a 2008 FanQ) (Stargate SG-1) (235)
  • The Sum of It All (Numb3rs) by Yum@ (winner of a 2008 FanQ) (249)
  • Bowling for Dullards by Brate (Magnificent Seven) (263)
  • Before Dawn by K Hanna Korossy (Supernatural) (269)

Issue 4

front cover issue #4, Art by Cathy
back cover issue #4, Art by Cathy

Brotherhood 4 is a gen all Supernatural anthology and was published in 2008 and has 280 pages, 6x9 perfect bound digest. 10 stories.

Issue 5

cover issue #5

Brotherhood 5 is a gen multimedia anthology and was published in 2008 and has 400 pages, 6x9 perfect bound digest.

Issue 6

cover issue #6

Brotherhood 6 is a gen all Supernatural anthology and was published in 2008 and has 280 pages, 6x9 perfect bound digest. 10 stories.

  • All The Little Children written by SBG/sbgrrl
  • Not Where He Eats written by S Hines (happycabbage75)
  • In Your Wildest Dreams written by Jeanne R. Gold
  • Shackles written by Gert
  • Pride written by Kohadril
  • Sleepless/also here by Jenn (After a hunt, Dean find himself unable to sleep. Just a little insomnia, right?)
  • Some Kind of Monster by Tyranusfan
  • Unimportant by Yum@
  • Expertise by Brate
  • Stargazing by Blackwinged_bird

Issue 7

cover issue #7

Brotherhood 7 is a gen multimedia anthology and was published in 2009 and has 392 pages, 6x9 perfect bound digest. Fandoms: RGB, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, Torchwood, Navy NCIS, The Sentinel, Doctor Who and Numb3rs. 17 stories.

  • Judgment (The Real Ghostbusters) | 38 pages written by Sheila Paulson
  • Going Dutch (Stargate Atlantis) | 44 pages written by liketheriver
  • Down In A Hole (Supernatural) | 16 pages written by SBG
  • Derailed (The Sentinel) | 18 pages written by Lyn
  • Of Rockillites and Hard Places (Stargate Atlantis) | 16 pages written by Gaffer42
  • First Time For Everything (Numb3rs) | 10 pages written by Zubeneschamali
  • Bait (Stargate Atlantis) | 30 pages written by Lorr54
  • Emancipation (Doctor Who) | 26 pages written by Wendymr
  • Auld Lang Syne (Stargate SG-1) | 22 pages written by Kiva
  • Half Empty, Half Full (Navy NCIS) | 8 pages written by Yum@
  • Barry White Never Sang About This (Supernatural) | 26 pages written by K Hanna Korossy
  • Hot Potato (Stargate Atlantis) | 50 pages written by Auburn, won a 2010 FanQ Award
  • The Hard Part Of Diplomacy (Stargate SG-1) | 16 pages written by Annie
  • Winding Back (Torchwood) | 14 pages written by Yum@
  • Language of Brothers (Supernatural) | 12 pages written by Nebula
  • Random Events (Numb3rs) | 10 pages written by K Hanna Korossy
  • Defender of the Faith (Torchwood) | 31 pages written by Sam Starbuck

Issue 8

cover issue #8

Brotherhood 8 is a gen all Supernatural anthology and was published in 2009 and has 440 pages, 6x9 perfect bound digest. It won a 2010 FanQ Award.

  • Counting Coup 52 pages written by Scullspeare
  • Dutch | 10 pages written by kimonkey7
  • When You Were Young | 16 pages written by geminigrl11
  • Wayward Ones | 30 pages written by Gaelicspirit
  • The First Wendigo | 14 pages written by Sodakey
  • Best Served Cold 42 pages written by Geoffry Woods/Tyranusfan
  • Between The Lines | 14 pages written by gekizetsu
  • The Bird-dog Key | 60 pages written by Maygin
  • Day Job | 30 pages written by K Hanna Korossy
  • No Pain, No Gain 14 pages written by Gert
  • Nchaa Bu | 56 pages written by Jeanne R Gold, winner of a 2010 FanQ Award
  • The Family Business | 101 pages written by Dodger Winslow


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