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Name: Gekizetsu
Alias(es): eighth horizon, Barb, Sky
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Supernatural, Journey (RPS), Scrubs, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, NCIS, The A-Team
URL: supernatural fan fiction website
gekizetsu at FanFiction.Net
eight-horizon fic journal on LiveJournal
gekizetsu on LiveJournal
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Gekizetsu is a gen and slash fan writer.

Among her more notable works are Last Outpost Of All That Is‎ and The Month of Open Doors (both in Supernatural fandom). She also penned the satirical series Sammy's Drunken Letters to Stephen King (also Supernatural).

In August 2006, she was interviewed as part of volume #3 of the EVP podcast series. Her Supernatural story And Fools Shine On won Best Overall Gen Fic in the 2006 Lawrence Awards.

Gekizetsu has made a blanket statement about podficcing or translating her fanworks.[1]

Reactions to/Reviews of Gekizetsu's Writing

  • "Gekizetsu's work not only explores the complexities of characters, but forces the characters themselves to examine the conditions both of and for their own existence. At times metaphysical, always personal, Gekizetsu's intricately crafted writing style reflects the complex ideas and questions she raises to a seamless finish, packing a punch in the reader somewhere that's difficult to identify, but deeply felt."[2]
  • "You seeped this story with such a quiet sense of desperation and despair that I was ... stunned. And then still - with the laughter and poignant moments, it all just congealed into a marvelous, wonderous experience. You write amazing Sam and Dean interaction. Amazing!" [3]
  • "I just gotta Really good writing. Hands down, the best I've read since I've been haunting these boards the last few weeks. Not only do you have the characters down in dialogue and action, you've given some insight here that I think would resonate and jibe with the creators of the series."[4]


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