The Month of Open Doors

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Title: Month of Open Doors
Publisher: Morgan Dawn
Author(s): gekizetsu
Cover Artist(s): Morgan Dawn
Date(s): 2006
Series?: yes
Medium: online, print
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: online version
cover of the printed charity copy, design by Morgan Dawn
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The Month of Open Doors is a series of gen Supernatural stories written by gekizetsu.

The series was originally published online and, in 2007, a printed copy of the entire series was auctioned off as part of the Sweet Charity auctions. The perfect bound version of the series consists of 358 pages, with a color cover by Morgan Dawn. The series continues to be offered for free online for web reading. A podfic was recorded for the first story And Fools Shine On.


  • And Fools Shine On. Week one: nothing in his arsenal is going to save him from his brother. Dean is souljacked, and Sam is running out of time.
  • If Belief Was Enough. Week two: the boys go looking for the entrance to hell. Hell is relative; and Dean is an open book.
  • Woven. Week three: lightning does strike twice. "Don't make me go on like this, Sam."
  • Heart And Hearth. Coda to Woven. Dean burns houses for a lot of reasons. Sam sifts ashes. Burning's just part of the cycle and goes on for a long time after the flames are out.


  • This amazing and heartfelt series 'The Month of Open Doors' begins with Supernatural's Dean Winchester locked in a room in his own mind by something. A rather strange battle in the centre of the mind plays out over the first arc, 'As Fools Shine On.'
  • "A brilliant take on the deep bond between the Winchester brothers. Not Wincest. One of my absolute *favorite* SPN fics."[1]
  • "I love Sam's torment trying to save Dean and dealing with Not!Dean as well as Dean's own internal struggles fighting that "Other". It's gripping and emotional and a well-told tale."[2]
  • "[And Fools Shine On] is my favorite fic. The characterization and brotherly dynamic is spot on. Dean is all self-sacrifice, hard edges, and cheeky, with just the right amount of conviction and badassery that seems to stretch everywhere but Sam. Sam is Sam: determined, methodical, focusing on the endgame, and grabbing onto hope with both hands as panic sets in. The prose is lovely and the story is heartbreaking, intense, and well-paced. The transition into third person omniscient and navigation of narrative time into no time is so seamless it makes my head spin and reduces me to a spastic fangirl." [3]
podfic cover for And Fools Shine On by Cybel Harper
  • "[The author] does a wonderful job at characters and emotions and suspense and that lovely horror atmosphere that helps make Supernatural. I absolutely loved Dean and Sam's characterizations. Also, the supernatural entity that is the enemy this time around is just scary enough to satisfying, but just flawed enough to be believable. This is some hot fic, ladies and gents."[4]