Guardian (X-Files story by Sugar Rush)

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Title: Guardian
Author(s): Sugar Rush
Date(s): 1998
Length: 136k
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: Guardian (The Basement)
Guardian (RatB)

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Guardian is a Mulder/Krycek story by Sugar Rush. It was originally published in the zine X-PLICIT FANTASIES 2, and was the winner of the 1998 Slash Talent in Fandom Award for Best Novella. The online version has a cover by The Theban Band. The cover was nominated for the FOX Awards.

Author's note:
"I started in XF fandom as a Mulder/Scully shipper, and then Mulder/Krycek took over my fic-writing obsession for several years. "Guardian" was written following the airing of Patient X/Red and the Black; it pretty much sums up everything I have to say about the Mulder/Krycek and Mulder/Scully relationships. Which is probably why I haven't written anything since!! Hope you all enjoy it."

Recs and Reviews

In this one Mulder sort of makes a deal with the devil, the devil in question being Krycek. Krycek has some information Mulder wants, important infomation that could be the ultimate proof Mulder needs. It comes with a high price though, Krycek wants Mulder. Willing and ready, for one night. Is the ultimate truth worth, whoring himself for. That's the question Mulder has to ask himself. Shockingly, that is only the beginning of the story. The truth is giving himself to Krycek isn't really all that big a hardship for Mulder. He's felt the draw to Krycek as badly as Alex has felt it in return. It's one of his secret desires. He finally has an excuse to fulfill it, with a completely plausible reason for why. Payment for the most important piece of info he's come across. Like I said though, this is just the tip of the ice berg. He ends up finding out so much more than he ever bargained for. Things about himself, Krycek, his family, and who he really is. One night with Krycek in exchange for this info and his world turns upside down. It's more than just the sex that throws him a big old curveball too. Sometimes you end up knowing things you would rather have been left in the dark about. The truth of them is inescapable though and you need to know it. So you have to face it, have to bring it into yourself. Mulder has to face some home truths, that are hard and leave him a very changed man. This story has an intensity of feeling and passion that always sucks me in and leaves me all quivery. I just love Sugar Rush's writing, I'm going to have to rec some more of her work. I haven't found much out there by her, but what I have is damn good. I rec'd one of her stories over on my X-Over page too. An X-files/Kindred crossover that is just fabulous. [...] [1]
Mulder is in desperate need of the information that Alex has. R: Wow. I don't think that I've read a story were Mulder has had sex with Krycek for information yet. You'd think that stories with that premise would be abundant, but nooooo. Anyway, this story was fantastic. Krycek/Mulder ***½[2]


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