Indecent eXposure

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Title: Indecent eXposure
Publisher: IIBNF Press
Date(s): 1999/2000, second edition 2002
Medium: print zine
Fandom: The X-Files
Language: English
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Indecent Exposure is a slash X-Files fanzine. It was published in 1999 and has 140 pages. The second edition was printed in 2002 without art.

The cover design is by Bernice, the M/K snapshot by Killashandra.

overlay over of issue #3, under cover
cover of issue #3, exposed
detail from the back cover, the warnings

The reason for the lack of art: from the artist, Bernice: "I had little to no feedback on the art from that zine so I'm not putting it into future issues. I think it's just a waste of paper to most folks." [1]

All stories feature Krycek. In addition to the stories it includes poetry by Gwendolen and Sterling and art designs by Killashandra and Bernice.

See the flyer at: I n d e c e n t e X p o s u r e, Archived version

Part of a Series

This Zine, Slash, and Visibility

The publisher of the zine may have been unhappy with the ever increasing visibility of slash fan fiction in the public eye and the disintegration of the Fourth Wall. On the front page of the second edition (and perhaps the first?), she prominently posted the following:
"This zine is not to be given to journalists (in particular Cynthia Brouse or Veronica Cusack), actors, producers or anyone else involved in the entertainment/media industries. Please do not refer to this zine in any public forum without the express permission of the editor."
This is in reference to several cheeky, and often insulting, articles about fandom and fans for a major Toronto newspaper by Brouse that were written in 1998 (Internet Authors Put TV Buddies in Unusual Romances) and 2000 (Gross encounters: on the way to writing a profile of Paul Gross, the author discovers his fans are the real story. Reflections on celebrity worship, Internet love and Canada as the Holy Land).

However, given the publication date (1999), slash fandom, and X-Files slash fandom in particular, increasingly inhabited the public online spaces. In fact, right above this prohibition was the publisher's website address in bold letters where she openly advertised the fanzine.


From the editorial:

Double eXposure was very warmly received by the fans, and I hope you enjoy this issue just as much. There's a real mix of stories in this issue; short and sweet, not so sweet, and long, slow and thorough. Just how we like our men! If you enjoy these stories, please drop us a line. Have a look at the terrific Letters of Comment at the back of this fanzine. Heart warming! This is what keeps the authors writing - without your letters, notes, or emails, we all just give up. Oh, and remember to check the warnings in the back of the zine if you're the delicate sort.

This series has been very successful so far, and I am keen to keep doing more X Files slash zines. If you are interested in becoming a contributor to Over eXposure, drop me a line or send an e-mail.

Warning: The following zine is rated XXX and contains language offensive enough to offend CSM! This is a not-for-profit publication. In fact, this is run at a financial loss to cover up the creation of an army of Krycek clones with which I intend to take over the government and rule the world! Har har har har har... (insert more maniacal laughter here...).


As per other zines in this series, the luckless "Gwendolyn/Gwendolen/Gwendolin" has their name spelled several different ways in this issue.

  • Faces, poem by Gwendolen
  • Body Guard by Katy Deery ("Calvin Wayne Mitchell was his name. Trailer trash, his death would be investigated for a couple of weeks fit most, then forgotten. One of the unimportant ones, gut not to Alex. No, to him Calvin Wayne Mitchell had been very important. Calvin Wayne Mitchell, who posted inflammatory statements on the web about Fox Mulder, destroyer of the second coming. Mulder, who had once been a saint to people like Mitchell and was now the devil incarnate to his kind.") (3)
  • Bad by Cody Nelson ("I want you to hurt me. Mulder could still hear the precise tones of Krycek's voice, could still see his face, his stance, exactly as it had been the first time he'd said those words. Hell! wanted to laugh and say, Are you crazy? No way! The blood pounding through his body, throbbing in his cock, had choked the laughter in his throat.") (9)
  • Tunguska/Aftermath, poem by Sterling (22)
  • Safe Haven by Sugar Rush ("Times like this made me sorry I never got the light on my digital watch fixed. I'd lost all track of time sitting here on the floor in the dark, with nothing but Mulder's shallow, steady breathing and the slowing thump of my own heart for company. It was way too small a space for us to sit apart comfortably, though Mulder had already slumped over next to me, head resting heavily on my shoulder, still pretty much out of it I couldn't help reaching up, fingers carding through his hair, finding the lump at the nape of his neck where Leather Boy had whacked him, still barely oozing blood. I licked it off my fingertips, stomach cramping, tearing at this tiny taste of sweetness, craving more. I needed to feed, and badly.") (23)
  • Soul Mate, poem by Gwendolen (41)
  • Rat Rat by Micetro The story is a sequel to A Rat’s Tail by Liza. ("He tried to capture that tongue - wrapping his arms around it as it effortlessly unravelled his mind -but it travelled on, laying his soul bare, its strength greater than his own. As it moved, massaged, teased his new body, he gave in, lying back, his hands grasping Mulder's nose. Squeak!") (Online summary: "Please be aware this story is deeply offensive in various ways and contains highly inaccurate information on rat care.") (Summary: Mulder has sex with an actual rat.) (42)
  • Clarity, poem by Sterling (55)
  • After Bite by Sugar Rush (4 pages) ("My skin prickled in the night air, I wondered if it was conscience more than the weather. I wondered about a lot of things, not the least of which was my own sanity. It was weird, too fucking weird and twisted and even a little sick, but since when had our relationship been anything else?.")
  • Sleeping Beauty by Gwendolen ("Sometimes Skinner wondered what the younger man saw in an old man like him, why he came back. There were prettier men outside, younger men and many better suited for this than himselfc Could it be the lure of danger? The constant threat of discovery?") (56)
  • At Night, poem by Gwendolen (57)
  • After Bite by Sugar Rush (58)
  • Krycek/Dilemma, poems by Sterling (61)
  • Baptism By Fire by Jill Morrison ("His mouth moved lower, kisses falling over the tendons of Mulder's neck, pausing at his breastbone, tasting the salty tang of his sweat His bare skin stung where the air touched it, melted where Mulder kissed it, stroked it.") (62)
  • The Spy Who Came Down With A Cold by Jane Symons ("Unable to move or speak for fear of breaking the spell, Mulder stared back. Krycek put out his hand, the fingers trembling a little, and ran it across Mulder's chest, stopping when it reached a nipple, explorjng tentatively through the T-shirt fabric. Everything about Mulder that was capable of hardening did so immediately. Even his teeth seemed to grow harder. It appeared to be all the encouragement Krycek" needed. Mulder never knew what hit him. He'd heard of sex bombs, of course. He'd just never experienced one before. Up until now, he'd experienced sex and bombs separately. Probably more bombs than sex, if he came to work it out The combination scared him widess and drove him out of his mind at the same time.") (62)
  • If Only, poem by Gwendolen (76)
  • Acceptance by OTC ("Mulder knew that he was not going to attack Krycek again. He had spent two nights in bed with the man and even now was lying with Krycek in his arms. He knew that the tenible emotions that had gripped him that night simply did not exist in him now. A great part of the change that both Scully and Krycek had noticed about him came from that knowledge. However, he still found it perverse that Kiycek should show such confidence in him and demonstrably Krycek did. Even without the suggestion of sex, Krycek clearly trusted him.") (77)
  • Letters of Comment (133)

Sample Interior

Reactions and Reviews

The editor of IIBNF zines likes to keep at a fairly low profile, so I'm not going to say much about them. I do enjoy the series. I find it a joy to read. The humor might not be for everyone, but if you're in the mood for something a little different, then try these. [2]


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