Down on the Floor... With a Twist

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Title: Down on the Floor... With a Twist
Publisher: Noel Silva
Editor(s): Noel Silva
Date(s): May 1997
Series?: no
Medium: print
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Down on the Floor... With a Twist is a 96-page, digest-sized slash anthology. Fandoms include: ER, Highlander, UNCLE, Nash Bridges, Sentinel, X-Files. Most of the stories end with a photo (b&w copy) of the characters, except the final story, which ends with a sketch of Krycek made by the author.


  • Stolen Moments, by Dar F (ER, 5 pages)
  • Advanced Lessons in Manipulation, by Julia D. (Highlander, 32 pages)
  • "Down On The Floor!" by Miranda (MUNCLE, 8 pages)
  • Down On The Floor with Nash and Joe, by Stacy Doyle (Nash Bridges, 17 pages)
  • Down On The Floor, by Ann Teitelbaum (Sentinel, 3 pages)
  • The Gateway, by TooLoose (Sentinel, 12 pages)
  • Down In The Silo, by Cody Nelson (X-Files, 18 pages incl. illo)