An Avon/Tarrant Online Fiction Archive

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Name: An Avon/Tarrant Online Fiction Archive
Date(s): before January 1999 – 2001 (Wayback date)
Archivist: Randym
Type: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Blake's 7
URL: (via Wayback Machine)
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An Avon/Tarrant Online Fiction Archive was a fansite and slash fanfiction archive for Avon/Tarrant and other Tarrant pairings in the Blake's 7 fandom, maintained by Randym. It is probably the first multi-author slash archive in the fandom. Some of its content has been republished at the page.


The site housed a small archive for Avon/Tarrant fanfiction; it also housed some stories for Tarrant/Vila and other Tarrant pairings. It contained 26 stories. Authors archived were:

Other Contents

The Avon/Tarrant Page also housed:

  • Image gallery
  • 'The Top Ten Reasons Avon and Tarrant Make a Good Couple'
  • 'Favorite Avon/Tarrant Moments'
  • Links list


  • svandensen recommends The Avon/Tarrant Page: Tongue in cheek site, including the top ten reasons why they make a cute couple, plus much more![1]


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