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Tarrant Nostra is a term for fans of the Blake's 7 character Del Tarrant.

Tarrant is probably the most disliked Blake's 7 character (perhaps even more so than Blake) [1]. During the late 1990s/early 2000s, perhaps partly motivated by this hate, Tarrant had many fans who strongly felt positively about him. Such fans were often, though not always, Avon/Tarrant shippers. These fans identified themselves as the "Tarrant Nostra."

The origin of term, first coined by Lexa Reiss, is a pun on the name of the mafia-like organisation the 'Terra Nostra' depicted in Blake's 7 2x2 'Shadow' by Chris Boucher.

Some "Tarrant Nostra" Fans

Examples of Use

It's a third season version of Tarrant, one who's trying to take the ship away from Avon, and a particularly nasty one at that. I was getting a feeling of Tarrant being put down to make Avon look better in comparison. I don't think the Tarrant Nostra would like this one. [2]

Oh no, don't bring up paper dolls. Or the guys in drag. I don't want to have to grin and bear that here, not after enduring years of it from the Tarrant Nostra. [3]

There's a huge difference between holding and expressing an opinion, and insisting everyone else agree. I probably sound like I'm doing that, at times, but nothing could be further from the case. I insist on expressing my views, but after that — big, fat, hairy deal. What's funny are the people who have seen the series once, and are suddenly experts on everything. It wouldn't be so bad, except they're always Avonaniacs, with a sprinkling of Tarrant Nostra, who presume to possess the Ultimate Truth regarding Blake, when they haven't paid the least bit of unbiased attention to him. [4]

I forbore to wear my honorary Tarrant Nostra badge out of respect for she who bestowed it upon me, as I am not actually a member. [5]

And for Blake fans, I recommend Carol's PWB Blake story. She may be the Godmother of the Tarrant Nostra, but she has a good handle on other characters as well. [6]

Avon goes to a concert by a singer he's long admired, and ends up rescuing her from terrorists. As a result they end up in bed together. This one has indigo hair as well as eyes, but is actually sufficiently readable that I'm disinclined to label her MarySue. The Tarrant Nostra need not bother, as Tarrant is (ab)used to demonstrate how much more attractive Avon is. [7]

Rita d'Orac headed the faction against Tarrant, while commander Fifitrix of the Tarrant Nostra was valiantly defending her handsome hero. The audience had a great time teasing her by saying that Tarrant didn't have a brain to speak of... [8]

Next year, there'll probably have to be a Character-Bashing party. It'll be held in a darkened room, or perhaps attendees will wear bags over their heads (and conceal their badges) to preserve their anonymity. Thus protected, they'll say all the things they don't dare say at other parties for fear of vengeance by the dreaded Tarrant Nostra, the idealistic yet ruthless Blake Police, or agents of the far-flung Avon Without Guilt network. (Of course, the party will turn out to have been hosted by a Servalan fan with a tape recorder . . .) [9]