Tarrant Nostra

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Name: Tarrant Nostra
Focus: Del Tarrant, other Blake's 7 fanfic
Fandoms: Blake's 7
External Links: TarrantNostra.com website, formerly maintained by RandyM, via WBM; ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/TarrantNostra/tarrant.htm via WBM
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Fans of Blake's 7 character Del Tarrant are sometimes called the Tarrant Nostra. This name, first coined by Lexa Reiss, is a pun on the name of the mafia-like organisation the 'Terra Nostra' depicted in Blake's 7 2x2 'Shadow' by Chris Boucher.

Some notable Tarrant fans include Cami (or Carol Mc) referred to as "the Godmother of the Tarrant Nostra"[1] and the late Pat Jacquerie, whose Avon/Tarrant fics, Duty and A Marketable Commodity, were influential in popularising the pairing.


The group had a website of the same name, which housed gen fanfiction (not necessarily related to Tarrrant, although much was) by Pat Nussman, Sheila Paulson and Suzan Lovett, as well as Avon/Tarrant and Tarrant/Vila slash fanfiction by various authors, episode reviews, images and other fannish products. The site was maintained by RandyM. The site was in existence by 1997. Some of its content was republished from An Avon/Tarrant Online Fiction Archive. The explicitly Avon/Tarrant centric section of the site was last updated in 2001. The website went offline in 2017.

The homepage jokingly announced:

Yes, we are Tarrant fans. But we're fairly harmless![2]


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