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Paper Dolls are fannish crafts and art which feature characters and their possible clothes and accessories.

Examples: In Print Zines

Examples: Paper Dolls in Electronic Formats/Online

  • Pixel-based dress-up dolls were once extremely popular in many anime fandoms, most notably Sailor Moon. In the early 1990's, Japanese fans created a special format just for creating these electronic dress-up dolls and sharing them with each other. They called it Kisekae Set System, or KiSS. Some KiSS creators made non-fannish dolls, but a huge component of KiSS's popularity were fan-made dolls. KiSS spread into Western fandom as non-Japanese fans made dolls based not just on their favorite anime, but also comics, TV shows, and musicians. Eventually, though, the format fell out of favor as the tools to view and create KiSS dolls became outdated. The largest archive of KiSS dolls is OtakuWorld's KiSS Doll Library, where the dolls are primary organized by fandom. Notable examples of fannish dolls include Male and Female Ranma by Dov Sherman (Ranma 1/2), Legolas by Aragonite (Lord of the Rings), and Utena and Anthy by Nakama KiSS Group, Jade Gordon, and Satori (Revolutionary Girl Utena).

Examples: Paper Dolls in Fanfic

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