Mister Density

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Title: Mister Density
Publisher: out of Birmingham, NY
Date(s): spring 1994-summer 1996
Medium: print
Size: some 8-1/2" x 11", some 7" x 8-1/2", one is 4-1/2" x 14"
Fandom: Crispin Glover
Language: English
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Mister Density is a zine with a focus on Crispin Glover, including Back to the Future and other roles.

There are seven issues.

Issue 1

Mister Density 1 was published in spring 1994 and contains 8 pages.

  • Hellion's Angel: a study of Crispin's divine cinematic message
  • The (in)Complete Crispin: listing of his films and characters
  • These Boots Are Made For Walking article
  • production credits, etc...

Issue 2

Mister Density 2 was published in summer 1994 and contains 12 pages.

front cover of issue #2
back cover of issue #2
  • Dense Matter: contributor's list & trivia
  • Crispin Glover: Secret Ninja? article
  • Crispin Glover paper dolls (2 pages that you can cut out & make paper dolls from)
  • Echo People unveiled (Rubin & Ed article)
  • Can't keep His Damn Hands Off Her: a look at Crispin's on-screen objects de l'amour (including Back To The Future), etc...

Issue 3

Mister Density 3 was published in fall 1994 and contains 12 pages.

front cover of issue #3
back cover of issue #3
  • Crispingate: the inside poop
  • news & rumoursm letters
  • movie reviews
  • Thine Own Worst Critic: analyzing Crispin's film habits
  • Oscar Never Points article, etc...

Issue 4

Mister Density 4 was published in winter 1994/95 and contains 20 pages. This was a unique size for a fanzine and was originally sent folded. 4-1/2" x 14".

partial front cover of issue #4
back cover of issue #4
  • I Hated That Clown: an analysis of the Clowny Clown Clown music video
  • Crispin Glover: An impression, 3 Friends 1 Three Cylnder Car & Bruce Glover article
  • letters
  • a Christmas poem starring Wild At Heart's Jingle Dell
  • What's The Big Problem?
  • theories about the mystery of Crispin's debut album
  • Just The Facts: a Crispy mini-bio,
  • news & rumours, etc...

Issue 5

Mister Density 5 was published in spring 1995 and contains 16 pages.

front cover of issue #5
back cover of issue #5
  • A year in the Life of a Zine: a look back at the first year of Mister Density
  • Even Cowgirls Get The Blues reviewed
  • Hellion's Angel: Part II, the long-awaited "nipple rub" scene from My Tutor
  • Dense Matter: letters art & poetry
  • Where The Hell Is Crispin Glover?
  • Warlock Pinchers article, Live hellion: live review
  • Crispin for the First Time: article,
  • What's The Big Problem?: Part II, etc...

Issue 6

front cover of issue #6

Issue 7

Mister Density 7 was published summer of 1996 and contains 24 pages.

front cover of issue #7
back cover of issue #7
  • Is It Mine review
  • 30 Door Key review
  • Crispin Glover interview
  • To Hell With Blockbuster article
  • news & rumours, letters
  • Trent Harris interview (Orkly Kid, Rubin & Ed director)
  • Immoral Beloved article
  • Plug
  • excerpts from "Ten Thousand Things" by K.D. Schmitz, etc...