Merthur and Brolin Dress Up Game

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Title: Merthur and Brolin Dress Up Game
Creator: lil_lollypop36 (LiveJournal), lollypop36 (deviantArt)
Date(s): 18 November 2011
Medium: Fanart
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Chibi!Series Dress Up Game (deviantArt)
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Merthur and Brolin Dress Up Game is a Merlin/Arthur and Bradley/Colin dress up game by lil_lollypop36. It is part of her Merlin/Arthur chibi!series. The game has a strong focus on Modern AU clothing choices and offers different moods for the characters.

The artist says, "Everything should snap into place. If it doesn't snap into place, you're putting it in the wrong spot."[1]

wolveshavetakenmetomerthurland made a Merlin/Arthur card game based on the Merthur and Brolin Dress Up Game.[2]


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