Sandford Police Archives

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Title: Sandford Police Archives
Publisher: SandfordPolice LiveJournal Community
Date(s): Jan 15, 2008
Medium: print
Fandom: Hot Fuzz
Language: English
External Links: SandfordPolice Livejournal
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Sandford Police Archives is an Hot Fuzz fanzine. Vol 1, issue 1 has 17-pages and contains both slash and Gen stories. Cover by Jadwin.

From the Contributor:

Short stories and artwork by members of SandfordPolice on LiveJournal


Guns, car chases, proper action and sh-t, a few peace lilies, murderin psychopaths, and swans account for just a tiny bit of the normal, every-day country life to be expected in Sandford. Of course, thats just what youll see on the post cards. Stick around for a few days, and things really start to get off the chain.



Comics and Artwork

  • Peter Ian Staker's Guide to Finding Lost Swans by Skew-Whiff
  • Andes by Saryn

Fun and Games

  • Swear Box Word Find by Tawg
  • Hooded Figure Colour by Number by Jadwin
  • Paper Doll: Nicholas by Tawg

Notes and Submission Guide

Cover Gallery