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Name: Carol McCoy
Alias(es): Cami
Type: fan writer, vidder
Fandoms: Blake's 7
Communities: Tarrant Nostra
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Carol McCoy was a fan writer and a VCR-era vidder.

She was particularly known for her championship of the Blake's 7 character, Del Tarrant.

Blake's 7 Fanvids

Some of these may have been co-edited with Randym.

A fan in March 1992 mentions some vids by McCoy, see Dandruff Droppings.

A fan in a 1993 issue of Rallying Call says she hopes to "be stumbling across more of your music videos!"

And So It Goes | Another Suitcase | Behind Blue Eyes | Bennie Always Looking Good | Billy the Kid | Bless the Wings | Bridge | Bridge Across Forever | Camp Granada | Come Sail Away (Sailing Away) by Styx | Every Breath You Take by The Police (Blake/Avon) | Everything I Do | Find Me a Horse | From a Distance | Get Outta Here With That | Greek Sailor | Hard to Begin Again | If I Only Had A Brain/Heart/Courage | Impossible Dream | It’s In His Kiss | I’m On Fire | Jesse James | Just For One Day | Just Once by James Ingram (Avon/Tarrant) | Living For the Devil | Living Without You | Looking for Love In All The Wrong Places by Johnny Lee (Tarrant/Vila) | Love Theme | Material Girl | Memories | Memories of Love | Mozart’s Requiem | Nature Trail to Hell | Nothing But Clouds | Phantom of the Opera - a Cally themed vid | San Francisco Nights | Servelan’s Lover (set to Sandglass a filk song written by A. Passovoy & J. Taero and performed by Zen Nine From Outerspace from their Hip Deep In Heroes cassette tape – Servalan/Tarrant) | That’s All I Know | The Girl For Me | The Rose | We’ll All Go Down Together | What A Time It Was | When You Tell Me That You Love Me | Where Do I Go | Wild Woman Blues | | Wind Beneath My Wings | Wizard | Woman in New Mexico | You’re My Home |

Fan Comments: Vids

I bought those Carol McCoy B7 videos you suggested from Jean Graham. [McCoy] does like Tarrant which I can appreciate, his sunny grin certainly brights scenes. Among the 4 dozen or so videos, I really liked a rollicking take of Tarrant as Billy the Kid, "A Legend in His Time. And I laughed at Vila's escapes in "Worse Come to Worse." Vila is "Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places" and ends with Tarrant. And Tarrant piloting Liberator among the stars in "Sail Away." I loved Tarrant & Soolin dancing around each other to end in bed in ""I'm on Fire." Travis laments "No One Knows What's It's Like to Be a Bad Man." Avon's fashion sense "Good Looking Looking Good." Tarrant's avenging Deeta "Vengeance Has Tempered My Sword." Scorpio's crew struggling thru to the last fight in "And Then We'd All Go Down Together." Tarrant flirting with every one in "Here You Come Again." What kind of woman Avon prefers "The Sadder But Wiser Girl for Me." The final effects of all the battles the cast has had and their end in "Too Long as Soldiers." [1]

I enjoyed your review of Carol McCoy's music videos. My favorites on that tape were completely different, though! My special favorites are the three A/Bs: "And So It Goes," "That's All I Know," and especially "Bless the Wings." That last one was my tiptop favorite music vid for a long time, though it's now got stiff competition from Nicole's "True Believer." I also really, really like the A/C to "The Rose" and the A/T to "Just Once.” I find it especially interesting that the maker of my favorite A/B and A/C vids doesn't much like those combinations herself! Maybe that gives her more of a perspective and enables her to put in a hint of irony and tragedy that is especially appropriate for the A/Bs. I also very much like the funny ones— "Nature Trail to Hell," "Vinnie Always Looking Good" (I see you mentioned that one too), "Camp Granada," and "If I Only Had a Brain"-- the lip synching in that last one is brilliant! And getting back to the serious ones, I think the song from Evita, "Where Am I Going To" is perfect for Soolin. Sometimes I think about an imaginary anthology of music vids, one for each B7 character, and that's definitely the one for Soolin. [2]

Blake's 7 Fiction

Blake, Rabble and Roll | Forgotten Seven | Gambit | Orac's Oddities | Pattern of Infinity | Roads Not Taken | The Seven Live On | Southern Comfort | Southern Lights | Whomsoever Holds This Sword


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