Organized Frisky Bureau

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Title: Organized Frisky Bureau
Publisher: Almost Foolproof Press
Editor(s): Ann Teitelbaum and Dar F
Date(s): 1994-1996
Series?: No
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Wiseguy
Language: English
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Organized Frisky Bureau is a Wiseguy slash anthology.


For other Frisky zines, see Frisky Business.

Issue 1

cover #1, Maureen B.

Organized Frisky Bureau 1 was published in 1994 and has 180 pages. Artwork by Anja Gruber, and a color cover and interior illos by Maureen B. Also included: poetry by Khylara and Michele Christian.

  • All Our Dreams by cicatrice du veritas (21 pages)
  • Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea by Dar F (11 pages)
  • The Start Of Something Good by Ann T. (3 pages)
  • To Live and Die in New Jersey by Michelle Christian
  • How Much Weight by Michelle Christian
  • Fork In the Road by Katy Deery (2 pages)
  • Clean Shirts and Sex by Stark Tucker (5 pages)
  • Downbeat Memories by Mo B. (2 pages)
  • Call It Consummation by Ann T.
  • Blue, Blue Christmas by Pandora (3 pages)
  • A Newly Made Man by Dar F (6 pages)
  • Lost On A Sea Of Emotion by Mo B. (3 pages)
  • The White Hand by Kathy Resch (8 pages)
  • And It All Comes Out Here by Dar F (6 pages)
  • Trick Or Treat by Pandora
  • Alan Gets Restless by Ann T. (6 pages)
  • A Whiter Shade Of Pale by Mo B. (7 pages)
  • The Winter Of His Discontent by Dar F (81 pages)
  • Someone by Khylara
  • TV Talk by Ann T
  • The Way The Scene Should Have Gone by Ann T
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Maureen B.. Note: Marked as sexually explicit; minimized.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

In 1994, Michelle Christian posted the following review to the Virgule-L mailing list. It is reposted here with permission:

"Over-all impression: Definitely better than average for a Frisky Business zine. It's WAY better than TERRANOVA SITUATION, certainly. (Although there is what is titled "TV Talk: a brief interrlude into the [TS] universe", but since it wasn't even a half page long, I guess I can deal.) The artwork is really the best thing about the zine: Except for one or two exceptions (one a flat portrait of Vinnie, the other a picture of Vinnie, Frank, and Roger "in the act"), all of the drawings are very well done. The cover is gorgeous at first glance, but really looking at it, it's a montage of individual pictures of Frank (Wonder if someone should inform Johnathan Banks of how popular his publicity photo is!), Roger and Vinnie; and I'm slightly surprised that the zine doesn't tip over onto its left side since all three of them are crowded over there!  :) I should mention that all the drawings excepot for one (the one Vinnie portrait previously mentioned) were done by [Maureen B.]. (End of art critique.)

I'm not getting into most of the stories: for the most part, they were fairly so-so with so-so writing. The exceptions were: "All Our Dreams" by Cicatrice du Veritas--A fairly solid post fourth season story about Frank not only going after Vinnie, but having help from the Bureau while he did it. Biggest problem: The appearance or mention of characters from other series without any substance. I've seen cross-pollunation (to borrow a phrase) in fan stories before that worked, but here, all they did was annoy me.

"Fork in the Road" by Katy Deery--kinda nice little vignette set in the early to mid days of the Proffit arc. It's a scene between Frank and Vinnie, btw. "Downbeat Memories" by [Mo B.]--Please, no Mo! (*ahem* Sorry.) This is one of two stories where a character William Russ has played in another series is introduced to us in a WG kinda thing. This is set in the series "The Middle Ages" that Rusty did with a male hustler named Vince (who has permanent nipple rings and penis piercing with a chain linking all three.) Request to all writers, no matter the fandom: no more "ANYBODY as a hooker" stories, please! (Can you tell this is a sore spot with me?)

"Lost on a Sea of Emotion" by [Mo B.]--Roger and Frank do it in Lynchboro. Biggest problem: "'And here I thought all this time, it was me you were interested in.' Roger pursed his lips [...] 'You know what, Buckwheat. [sic] I think you were fascinated with me because I was doin' to Vince what you wished you could do.'" Now, Roger has a very healthy ego, no doubt, but who would have ever thought that Frank seemed interested more in ROGER than in VINNIE? Hello, the clue-man's at the door.

"Alan Gets Restless" by Ann Teitelbaum--The other Rusty-in-another-show story. This one is "Boy Meets World". (Stop groaning.) Evidentlly somehow Alan, Frank and Vinnie know each other pretty well--well enough to invite the guy up to their cabin for a threesome which seems to be par for the course (and how does a manager of a grocery store get to be tight--if you'll pardon the phrase--with two FBI agents? Did he bag their groceries in an extra sexy way once?). Alan's wife doesn't mind him going off to the woods--he even makes a mental note to tell her before he leaves. Oh, and the interview scene with the guy applying for Night Supervisor at the grocery store (he was harrassed at his last job by his boss because he was openly gay. Of course.) is simply riveting.

"The Winter of His Discontent" by Darlene F.--a very long post-Seattle, post-4th season story. Yet another Roger/Frank/Vinnie story by the lady who gave us all TS. Actually, it does have some pretty nice bits in there and I do like her use of Prescott Wilson (you know, the guy who owned Dawn Valley, Utah, in the D.C. arc). And Vinnie isn't half the wuss he is in TS. All in all a little too sappy on some stories, just a little too lame on others, with a few glimmers here and there.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2 by Maureen B.

Organized Frisky Bureau 2 was published in 1996 and has 160 pages. It has a color cover by Maureen B..

  • Long Night's Journey Into Day, by April Valentine (sequel to "Safehouse" in Indigo Boys #3)
  • Psychotherapist by Psycho the Rapist (2 pages)
  • Eye of the Storm by Annie Vie (S/V) (Vinnie thinks of Frank while Sonny makes a pass at him.)
  • The Best Medicine by Kate McChesney (F/V) (a PWP)
  • Prison Sweats by Pandora (very short story set during Vinnie's prison days. Deals with prison rape.)
  • One Two Three by Katy Deery (R/V) (set just after the White Supremacy arc.)
  • Down The Rabbit Hole, by Cody Nelson (A Wiseguy/Miami Vice crossover.) (Roger/Sonny)
  • Suicide Run by Pandora (R/V, set during Smokey Mountain Requiem.)
  • Mr. Lococco's New Neighborhood by Annabel Lee (American Gothic crossover: Roger/Lucas) (8 pages)
  • Angel Born in Hell by Pandora (Set during Rag Trade arc, R/V)
  • Desk Set by Keiko Kirin (R/V, PWP)
  • Day One/Night One by Ann T (2 pages)
  • Heart Beat Away by Pandora (R/V, 4th season AU)
  • The Shattered Mirror by Jonni Corday (F/V/R, 13 pages, alternate The Terranova Situation universe with elves)
  • Conversation at a Diner by Katy Deery (Frank and Roger, not F/R) set during WG reunion movie.) (2 pages)
  • Hope by Pandora (R/V, 2 pages, Roger saves Vinnie from the El Salvadoran death squads)
  • Vinnie's Adventures in Wonderland by Pandora (sequel to "Hope," Roger steps aside for Vinnie/Frank)
  • Ending/Beginning by Ann T, (1.5 page PWP
  • In the Emerald City by Jonni Corday (Roger/OMC, inspired by a character in The Terranova Situation)
  • Shades Of Gray, by Maureen B. (sequel to "A Whiter Shade of Pale" from the first issue)
  • Coming Home by Cody Nelson (R/V) (one reviewer called it the "best story in the zine")
  • Poetry by Khylara

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

In 1996 a fan submitted the following review to the Virgule-L mailing list. It is reposted here anonymously:

"Standard disclaimer: this is a review. Strictly my opinions and my biases. If reviews bother you -- STOP reading NOW. I know some of the authors mentioned below are on this list. If my review of your work offends you, I apologize in advance. <end disclaimer>

Zine: Organized Frisky Bureau #2
Publisher: Almost Foolproof Press
Genre: Short stories and poetry
Size: 160 pages, letter-size (8 1/2 x 11"), glue-bound spine, color cover illustration (non-explicit), clear plastic front cover. Interior artwork, some of it erotic in content.
Fandom: Wiseguy, with some crossovers
Note: I do not review poetry
  • "Long Night's Journey Into Day" -- April Valentine (R/V) (Sequel to "Safehouse" from Indigo Boys III). I haven't read the prequel, which was apparently a story about Roger watching Frank and Vinnie having sex in the safehouse during the Dirty Little Wars/Date With An Angel period. Personally, I have some qualms about any of that happening at that time, but anyway... This didn't really do much for me. There was some nice Roger angst and the sex scene was not too bad. Overuse of epithets was distracting for me, especially when used to contrast Roger "the smaller man") versus Vinnie ("the big man"), which built into an idea of Roger as weak and helpless which, even at his lowest ebb, I don't believe. There are long passages concerning Roger's past in Vietnam and some additional characters which really weren't needed, imo, since they didn't really work into the rest of the story. Idea of Roger and Vinnie having sex right after Roger has spread Preet's ashes was a bit disturbing for me. Overall, a so-so story.
  • "Psychotherapist (Psycho The Rapist)" -- Pandora (R/V). This was meant to be funny, I think. I found it tasteless. It's only 2 pages long, though.
  • "Eye of the Storm" -- Anna Vie (S/V). Good, but short. Marred by a couple of quibbles: first, the POV switches back and forth without warning signs or punctuation. Second, Vinnie thinks of Frank while Sonny makes a pass at him?? I don't think so, somehow, although I'm sure the Frank fen could think up a justification or two.
  • "The Best Medicine" -- Kate McChesney (F/V). PWP set pre- and during White Noise. POV switches back and forth, but otherwise a nice little story.
  • "Prison Sweats" -- Pandora (Vinnie). Very short story set during Vinnie's prison days. Deals with prison rape. Grim, but good.
  • "One Two Three" -- Katy Deery (R/V). Set just after the White Supremacy arc and continuing. The Roger and Vinnie were believable, the writing was okay, and there was a nice little twist at the end that this Roger fan enjoyed. Interestingly, the part that worked the least for me was the sex scene, which I felt needed a bit more build-up. I enjoyed it, though.
  • "Down The Rabbit Hole" -- Cody Nelson (Miami Vice crossover: Roger/Sonny Crockett). Frustrating story for me. A promising premise, and a crossover I've wanted to see, but it didn't work for me because the POV is Roger's, not Crockett's, and since Crockett is the one who knew Evan, his is the story I wanted to read. The characterization of Roger seemed a little odd to me, the sex scene seemed weird, the ending seemed weird... All IMO.
  • "Suicide Run" -- Pandora (R/V). Set during Smokey Mountain Requiem. Very short story, but I enjoyed it. Liked the sort of twisted ending.
  • "Mr. Lococco's New Neighborhood" -- Annabel Lee (American Gothic crossover: Roger/Lucas). I didn't read this, because I have no interest in American Gothic. It's 18 pages long.
  • "Angel Born In Hell" -- Pandora (R/V). Set during Rag Trade arc or thereabouts. Nice story, I liked it. A Roger and Vinnie I believed.
  • "Desk Set" -- Keiko Kirin (R/V). Short PWP.
  • "Day One/Night One" -- Ann Teitelbaum (Vinnie). Nice 2-pager where Vinnie confronts his feelings for Frank. Seems like it would make a nice lead-up to an F/V.
  • "Heart Beat Away" -- Pandora (R/V). 4th season, possibly an a/u. Another nice short story where the Roger characterization seemed okay to me. Interestingly sad ending.
  • "The Shattered Mirror" -- Jonni Corday (F/V/R). An alternate Terranova Situation universe, according to the author's note. I skimmed. It's an, um, elf story. It's 13 pages long. To be honest, I can't tell whether it's supposed to be funny or serious.
  • "Conversation at a Diner" -- Katy Deery (Frank and Roger, NOT F/R). Set during WG reunion movie. Frank and Roger meet and discuss Vinnie. Nice dialogue. Another 2-pager.
  • "Hope" -- Pandora (R/V, non-explicit). 2-page a/u where Roger comes to save Vinnie from getting nabbed by the Salvadoran death squads. Cute.
  • "Vinnie's Adventures in Wonderland" -- Pandora (R/V, F/V). Sequel to "Hope." Predictably for fanfic, Roger steps aside so Frank and Vinnie can get together. Although that's not a favorite scenario for me, this was short and okay but for obvious reasons (me being a Roger fan), I preferred the prequel. :)
  • "Ending/Beginning" -- Ann Teitelbaum (F/V). 1 1/2-page PWP.
  • "In the Emerald City" -- Jonni Corday (Roger/someone else). Per the author's note, inspired by a character mentioned in Terranova Situation. I don't know which character. 1st person POV. If the idea of Roger getting a dildo rammed up his ass floats your boat, this may be the story for you. That idea does nothing for me, and I had no emotional connection to the characters, or to Roger, since the POV narrator had no emotional connection to him either.
  • "Shades of Grey" -- Maureen B. (S/V, F/V). Sequel to "A Whiter Shade of Pale" from Organized Frisky Bureau #1. I wanted this to be better since I liked the prequel. This one puts a nastier edge to Sonny and Vinnie which is very depressing to read. The Frank scenes ended up being my favorite ones <gasp>. Overall, it didn't really work for me, and I was disappointed.
  • "Coming Home" -- Cody Nelson (R/V). Best story in the zine, IMO, and probably the best R/V I've ever read. Spin from 4th season, where Vinnie gets rescued. The characterizations were good, believable, the new character introduced was enjoyable and didn't distract from the main interaction, the sex scene was good... I liked the ending, I liked the dialogue, and it was well-written to boot. I strongly recommend this story to R/V fans."

Issue 3

Organized Frisky Bureau 3 was intended to be published as a stand-alone zine but its contents were later published in Once, Twice, Three Times a Frisky.