Pam Perry

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Name: Pam Perry
Type: vidder, zine publisher
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch
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Pam Perry is one of the early Starsky & Hutch VCR vidders. Mary Van Duesen credits Pam for getting her interested in making fanvids in 1985: "I'd also like to hat tip to Pam Perry, whose wonderful Starsky and Hutch videos are what got me into vidding. I bought the same machine she did, and fell into a bottomless pit of music from which I still haven't dug out.... The people that I knew were just moving from the earliest type of video making, that is, they were no longer using stop watches to time clips that were assemble edited together and then copied with the audio cable attached to an audio source. Instead, Pam Perry had purchased an RCA 800 VCR, which allowed one to lay down an audio track, and then insert edit scenes into it. I immediately went out and bought one."[1]

According to Kandy Fong, Pam began vidding in 1981 when she along with a group of vidders such as Dargelos and Linda Brandt showed up at Zcon:

"with vids they had made, and they were inviting people into their rooms.....Everyone had their own style and own way of solving the editing challenge...Dargelos and Pam had a Commodore 64[2] that they could hook into their BETA video machines to make their credits. Still, the challenge for all vidders remained making clean edits. Dargelos and Pam sidestepped that problem with the idea of shorts [short videos]. To quote another vidder "Get in, make your joke, get out."

Dargelos and Pam Perry also inspired Kathleen R. and Mary E. Overstreet to make the first Dark Shadows videos."[3]

Pam's vid "I'm So Excited" was shown at the first Paul Muni Special convention. She also published the Starsky & Hutch letterzine The Who Do We Trust Times.


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