Primal Instincts (Sentinel zine)

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Title: Primal Instincts
Publisher: Asbestos Press and CrowRow Productions
Date(s): October 1997-May 1999
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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Primal Instincts is a slash Sentinel anthology. The covers are by Suzan Lovett.

General Reactions and Reviews

The Primal Instincts 'zines have long been a favorite of mine. The characterization of Blair is one which never fails to turn me to mush. Words like fey, small, slender, and frail are used quite often in describing Blair, but I happen to really *like* it! I like "big, tough Ellison" protecting his little guppy. And in spite of the fact that's not really true canon Blair, as we have seen he's quite capable, I do enjoy seeing an emotionally needful Blair. I guess it's because Blair owies, whether mental or physical, give us an opportunity for Blessed Protector Jim! Yum! That said, I've read these stories over and over and they all remain some of my favs in this fandom. Just a note, the second and third PI 'zines, which are written in later seasons, obviously, do not lean so much towards the "femme" Blair characterization. I guess because there was much more canon to draw from. Still, I love all four PI 'zines dearly. Emotional!Blair/Primal!Jim are just really hot buttons for me! :-) [1]
These are old-school classics in the fandom, and a must-read for any serious TS fan. (I did feel that the characterization of Blair in many of these stories often tended toward the fragile/delicate end of the spectrum; this makes a bit more sense if you bear in mind that most of these zines were published quite early on in the series. While my view of that character differs significantly, I thought the writing was generally strong enough that I could suspend disbelief for the duration of each story. Most of the time.) [2]
This is a sweet, romantic set of zines. Only three to four writers contribute to this zine. Two of them, TigerTyger and [Rosemary C], tend to write long, involved stories that I delight in. The covers from Suzan Lovett have a tendency to steal your breathe away. [3]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, by Suzan Lovett -- "...we would like to thank Suzan for her stunning artwork. A cover is the very first thing the reader sees, and this special lady has a way of bringing the characters to life. As always, Suzan's work tells its own story and we are greatly honored to showcase such extraordinary talent. Our deepest thanks to Kathy O. And Anne M. for efforts above and beyond the call of duty. Kathy, a self-proclaimed SENTINEL-FREE ZONE, took our lovely artwork to the printer for us, so we all owe her our thanks. If not for her, there'd be stick figures on the front." -- from the editorial
uncredited illo from issue #1
sample text page

Primal Instincts 1 was published October 1997 and contains 152 pages. The cover by Suzan Lovett won a 1997 Stiffie Award for Best Sentinel art.

From the editorial: "We had fun reading/writing the stories and we hope, that you our readers, will enjoy them as much. Be prepared, some of them are pretty hot. The press name is not an accident ...we thank you, the reader, for taking a chance and buying our zine. In an age where you can press a button and download a month's worth of stories, we truly appreciate your patronage. Enjoy."

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

[art]: This cover was gorgeous. I kid you not, I just sat and stared at that for a long while. This woman is one of greats of Zine art. This is how good it is. My 26 year old son keep walking through the room and would say, "Geeze, Mom, could you put something over that damn cover?" I said to him, "Could you leave me alone and go somewhere else? Like next door?" Then my hubby took his turn a few times and they both finally gave up. Then hubby finally looked closely at it and said, "It is good, I just don't want to stare at Jim's ass. [1]
[zine]: All the stories in this 'zine are first-times, with the exception of the pre-slash stories, Imitations Of Intent and it's continuation, Mother Knows Best.

Birthday Rules is really wonderful. Jim discovers Blair's birthday is a week away and realizes what a jerk he's been at having never acknowledged it before. He sets out to give Blair the perfect birthday.

Last Request finds our guys pinned down in a shoot-out. It doesn't look good for them, so Blair figures "what the hell" if they're gonna die he may as well make a last request! Hee. Imagine his chagrin when they make it out alive!

In Imitations Of Intent and Mother Knows Best Jim tries to show Blair that he is welcome in his home. Jim has a few issues with the life-style Naomi chose for Blair and herself. Gee, I make it sound boring, but it's a great set of pre-slash stories! Very smarmy! I call these stories pre-slash because there is no sex, but I may be using the term incorrectly as it is made clear both guys are *in* love with each other. It's all done but the lubing....

Walking The Wire.... oh god, I just cry and cry over this one every time. Blair is hurt, but that's only the beginning of his problems. Things start to fall apart between he and the Tough Guy. Jim thinks he is letting Blair have the life he wants so he turns a blind eye to the fact that things aren't going well for Blair at all. It's definitely a five hanky story!

I want to mention the cover artist, Suzan Lovett. This lady produces some of the best slash art it's been my pleasure to view and own. She paints in many fandoms, and you can see her work and buy it online at Partners R More. [4]
[zine]: "Reviewer's disclaimer: Smart ass ass comment...some kind of semi-serious comment on the fact that I have strong opinions that I try to express clearly, honestly and occassionally with a moducum of ass comment...Use your own judgement on what you listen ass comment...I think that covers everything.

PRIMAL INSTINCTS 1 an approx. 165pp (no word count given) Slash Sentinel zine

published by Asbestos Press [address removed]

Technical stuff first. The zine's cover is by Suzan Lovett, but it's not one of her best. Show Blair and Jim lying around naked (so unlike her stuff!), which is more than okay to me, but her Blair looks less like Blair Sandburg on the Sentinel and more like Blair Warner on THE FACTS OF LIFE.

Fortunately, most of her other Sen stuff that was in the Z-Con art show was much better, though not all missed the 'Blair as woman' train, either. (Personal fave: Blair on top of Jim. Hubba.) There was also included with the zine a loose leaf picture of Jim and Blair from TACS based on the first story of the zine. It apparently was meant to be the cover, but for various reasons, didn't make it. Can't say I would have been much happier with it, since while the faces are pretty good, she's scanned them onto bodies that are out of proportion with the heads. And quite frankly, neither of their expressions convey either passion (as one would expect from their lack of dress) or happiness/silliness (as one would expect from the birthday party motif).

I don't normally pay much attention to the print of the zine since as long as I can read it, I'm happy, but I did notice one or two things that bothered me: One, I have no idea what the type is that's used, but it's sans serif and I think that made it a little harder to read in it's single spaced, single columned format. I also would urge Ro and Kelly to have a talk with their printer since there was a lot of fading in the print on most of the left handed pages. Nothing that made the zine impossible to read, but it was noticeable.

Now, onto the important stuff: How were the stories.

First of all, I noticed an overall theme: The meek shall get laid. Namely, Blair. Now, there was something about the way he's written that stops me from calling him a wuss (in at least one story he has an argument with Jim because of Jim's overprotectiveness) despite more than one crying incident, but there is an overwhelming air of meekness that I wouldn't normally associate with Blair.

"Birthday Rules" by Gloria R.-S.--The first and longest story in the zine. Jim sees some of Blair's personnel records and realises that after three years of friendship, he'd never known when Blair's birthday was. It is soon revealed that Blair has *never* celebrated his birthday, so Jim organizes a special birthday for Blair where Blair can have and do anything he wants. This is definitely the start of the 'meek Blair' syndrome. (Hm, wonder if I should start a meek-o-meter.) While the story is fairly well written and Jim was fairly well done, I just don't see Blair as such an emotionally fragile person. And while I do think that Jim takes Blair for granted at times, I don't see Blair as a silently suffering doormat. He's too noisy for that!

"Last Request" by Tiger Tyger--Blair and Jim are pinned down in a warehouse and Blair decides this is his last and only chance to kiss Jim. Fairly nice twist on an old standard that doesn't take it too far.

"Intimations of Intent" by Rosemary C.--Pre-slash, this mainly deals with the aftermath of a dangerous situation where Blair saved Jim's life and the newly awakening feelings in both the men, set just a few months into their partnership, not long after Blair is kidnapped by Lash. This appears to be the first of several stories, I believe the third part being the one that Sandy mentioned being in PRIMAL INSTINCTS 2 (which I will most likely review as soon as I read it).

"Mother Knows Best" by Rosemary C.--Sequel to "Intimations of Intent"--and *still* pre-slash. I liked this story quite a bit in that it deals with the semi-attraction between Jim and Naomi and Blair's obvious jealousy. I have to admit to liking fanfic versions like this of Naomi more than the one on the show, mainly because of the stupid, stereotypical ex-hippie, New Age flake they had her as, especially in the first ep she was in. In cases like this, they seem to keep her true to the character, while taking care of this annoying little thing the show gave us.

"Walking the Line" by Tiger Tyger- Last story of the zine, this one revolves around Blair's crumbling life under a multitude of pressures. Part of me likes to see stories that deal with this: working on your doctorate can be a bitch, forget about fighting crime in your off hours and being intermittently hospitalized. But this goes just a little overboard, IMHO. The fact that the guys are also trying to deal with some emotional issues--not the least of which is their budding mutual attraction that neither one knows the other is feeling (of course)--is one of the few things that excuses it. Deals with some issues fairly nicely, but there's other things that I think are a little too neat. For one thing, while Blair may not be utterly flush, if he could afford an $800 loft at the start of the series when he was just getting a TA stipened, I would think he could manage at least a slightly better place than what he gets now that he's also (presumably) getting something for being a 'consultant' to the PD.

So, in sum, while this is a fairly solidly written first foray into the Sentinel fandom, it also had it's problems for me. The biggest one being the somewhat emotionally fragile and sometimes downright meek Blair.

Definitely worth a look if your a fan of the show (it wins hands down over the LOVE & GUNS zines), but not something I would recommend to get others into the show. [5]

Birthday Rules by Gloria Ruggeri-Sandy This has to be one of the sweetest and saddest stories I've read in ages. I felt like I was watching as Jim became aware of someone that was the most important person in his life. It shocked the hell out of both men...

Watching Jim realize it's okay to love was great. Blair finding out he is worthy of such love left me in awe of this writer.

This was a hot, sexy, fun, sad, informative and all out great read. I'm so glad that I read this zine. I'm not familiar with this writer and plan to be more acquainted with her as time goes on. She's fabulous.

Last Request by Tiger Tyger Boy, this was a short, hot sexy and sweet first time story. It had one of my favorite things in it, which is the "69" position. Oh yeah. I read this one twice. Hee hee.

Nothing like thinking your not going to make it through something, making you say or do something you never had the nerve to do before.

It was too short. Waaaaaahhhhhhh. I loved it.

Intimations of Intent by [Rosemary C] Oh man, I love these types of stories. It starts out with Blair saving Jim's life followed by Blair being bullied in the PD locker room.

A full-blown Jim, in sentinel mode comes into play, needing to protect his tribe. On the other hand, shall we just say, Blair?

Jim doesn't know what to do with his feelings. In addition, Rosemary draws us into the world of Ellison and makes us never want to leave.

The ending was very abrupt and quite sad. However, I saw the next story was a sequel and did a little snoopy dance around the living room. I kid you not, my husband thinks, I've totally lost it.

Happy Day. This is a great read also.

Mother Knows Best, Sequel to Intimations of Intent by [Rosemary C] We get to see Naomi interact with Jim. It's wonderful. She seems more open with Jim than she is with Blair.

I loved hearing them talk their talk. When Blair decided what he really wanted, I was doing the snoopy dance again. (Yes, I do the snoopy dance a lot around here.)

I have one small complaint about this; it was over to damn soon. I had a wonderful time reading both of Rosemary's stories. Again, I'm not that familiar with many writers yet. Therefore, this has been such a thrill reading these new people and finding out how much I adore them. I always tell Alyjude she's an easy read, well so is Rosemary. Thanks, R.

Walking The Wire by Tiger Tyger Blair is in a hospital bed. He has thwarted a robbery attempt and took a bullet with Jim's name on it. Then we get to see a guilty Jim, which is one of my favorite things. This takes place after the Borneo trip being turned down.

Jim gets a first hand look at Naomi's neglect of even an adult Blair. I was so sad in these parts of the story. For both Mother and Child.

Right before Blair is discharged from the hospital he finds out his university insurance won't pay while he was with Jim. Even though they weren't on duty. They won't pay for his surgery or his hospital stay. There isn't enough money for all of Blair's bills so he must take food out of his own mouth. I was so upset while reading this.

Jim has to go to Quantico, for reasons I won't go in to. When he gets back, Blair has moved out of the loft and left a note.

Watching Simon referee Jim and Blair, the following workday cracked me up. Actually, it helped bring some of the sadness and gravity away from the story for a short time, so you can just relax a little bit. Well, at least I think so anyhow.

Jim finds out about Blair starving himself and why and talks to Blair and Simon. Things are discussed and decisions made.

I love first time stories. At first, I wondered if this was going to be one. Sure enough, it came late in the story, but Tiger made up for the wait. Protective Jim is playing in this story big time. I love Protective Jim.

The sex is very hot and left me panting and wishing there were more pages to read. Can't wait to read some more of Tiger's things too.

Thank you to everyone that wrote in this zine. It was a treat for me to read and enjoy. Thank you to all of you for putting up with my wordy reviews that probably doesn't help sell anyone on anything. You know I always think I'm giving away too much while I do these. I just like to keep everyone wanting to check these out themselves. I think it might work.

Why you should buy this 'zine: This set of 'zines are a true Sentinel slashers delight! Hurt/comfort. Happy endings. LOVE! The covers are professional works of art, and the stories are perfect. [6]

Issue 2

cover of issue #2, by Suzan Lovett -- "We'd like to thank Suzan Lovett, whose lovely artwork graces the cover. She has given us a wonderful piece that is both beautiful and sweet. We fell in love with it on sight, and hope you do, too." -- [7]

Primal Instincts 2 was published October 1997 and contains 186 pages.

The summaries below are from the publisher.

  • Free Falling by Rosemary C (last in the trilogy that was begun in the previous issue, pre-slash, Jim and Blair stop dancing around each other and start to talk through their feelings for each other.) (1)
  • Halftime Festivities by Gloria R.-S. (She doesn't ALWAYS write fall-on-the-floor-laughing-till-tears- stream-down-your-face, but certainly manages with HALFTIME FESTIVITIES, Jim makes a valiant, hands-on attempt to teach Blair the fine points of the game of football. Valiantly, he demonstrates with his hands on Blair's butt, Blair's crotch--OK, you get the idea?) (84)
  • When Angels Weep by Tiger Tyger (Jim Ellison in utter guilt mode, worn past the bone down to the marrow when he helps a friend lead a group of underpriviledged kids on a hiking trip, and a mudslide takes them unawares.) (96)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

1 Sentinel slash short story and 2 novellas. 2 of the finest angsty hurt/comfort Sentinel slash novellas ever printed. And 1 of the silliest, most farcical story ever! First print, October 1997. 199 pages, comb-bound.

Authors: [Rosemary C], who writes the most exquisitely angsty fanfiction around, outdid herself with FREE FALLING, the finale of a trilogy of marvelous stories. Numbers 1 & 2 were printed in PRIMAL INSTINCTS 1, preslash stories w Jim and Blair stop dancing around each other and start to talk through their feeling for each other. In FREE FALLING our guys go from talk to action, some skydiving through the air, some with various body parts on the ground..

[Gloria R.-S.], who doesn't ALWAYS write fall-on-the-floor-laughing-till-tears-stream-down-your-face, but certainly manages with HALFTIME FESTIVITIES, w Jim makes a valiant, hands-on attempt to teach Blair the fine points of the game of football. Valiantly, he demonstrates with his hands on Blair's butt, Blair's crotch--OK, you get the idea?

TIGER TYGER, who with this novella gives us a Jim Ellison in utter guilt mode, worn past the bone down to the marrow when he helps a friend lead a group of underpriviledged kids on a hiking trip, and a mudslide takes them unawares.


Three more beautiful love stories featuring our two favorite guys. Great Primal!Jim action in the first story! :-) This 'zine features a great combination of stories. Each very different, yet I just adore each one. The first gives us that Insecure!Blair/Blessed Protector!Jim combo that just melts me into a puddle of goo! The second it a darling bit of humor; I think Blair had a plan! Hee. And the third is Jim owies/angst. A wonderfully long story to end the 'zine.

Free Falling is a hot first-time story. This takes place right after the episode Flight. Jim decides that if Blair is going to be his partner he needs to learn certain sidekick things, like parachuting! They head out for a weekend at a friend's airfield but run into several problems, including a fellow with a jones for Blair. I love this story for its Primal Sentinel/Blessed Protector Jim.

Halftime Festivities is a much needed humorous interlude between the previous angsty story and the following one. An established couple story in which Blair decides Jim needs to teach him the finer points of football so that they can enjoy this activity together. Poor Jim. It's a good thing they have lots of beer handy. I just have to share a sample of what you can look forward to:

[dialog snipped]

Hee! Great story and it gets even better when Jim decides a hands-on demonstration would work better.

When Angels Weep is a first-time, very angsty story. Jim helps chaperone a group of kids on a camping trip, but they are caught in a mud-slide. Jim has to help find the surviving children and overcome the loss of those he couldn't save. Sniff.

As always, I want to make a special mention of Suzan Lovett's art, because she is just the cat's meow when it comes to TS (or any!) slash art. You can see her work at her site, Partners R More. [9]

This is a medium length zine that only has three stories in it, but they're by my faves, Tiger Tyger, [Gloria R-S], and [Rosemary C].

First up is [Rosemary C's] Free Falling. This is a sweet first time story set with Blair taking skydiving lessons (yes, you heard me right) with Jim. There's a blast from the past in there too, guaranteed to make you want to kill him on sight. Good story!

Gloria wrote Halftime Festivities. I can sympathize with Blair on this one, as Jim tries to explain football to him. Unsuccessfully. That's all right, though. They get some practice in something a lot more important, and fun, than football.

When Angels Weep by Tiger Tyger. I didn't love this one as much as I loved No Intent, merely because I'm not as much into Jim!Angst, but this is still a killer story centering on Jim's guilt when he and a group of schoolchildren are in a mudslide after a flash flood in the mountains. Jimbabes everywhere are going to love this one.

One other thing of note about this zine. The cover art is absolutely adorable, and I have to include a plug for the artist here. Go to Susan Lovetts website, and look at her painting, "Aloft" I have never seen such a powerful piece of work. She does the covers for all the Primal Instincts zines, and I think they are all gorgeous! [10]

Another cover piece of artwork by Suzane Lovett. Quite different than most of the works I've seen by her. Precious. Anyone would be happy to add this to their collection.

Free Falling By [Rosemary C] Oh man, Jim's talking Blair into taking lessons at the drop zone. Talk about nervous. I have a terrible fear of heights, and Rosemary is so good she had me sweating this one out big time. I hoped to learn a bunch from this to make me want to learn to jump myself. NOT! ...

I loved this. Blair is right on the verge of a nervous breakdown. However, we know Jim won't let him.

The flirting in the hanger is past darling. Loved it. Then Jim meets an old friend of Blair's. Jim hasn't really told Blair how he feels but he knows he has competition. The competition is a jerk to boot.

We have a Blair that is so unsure of himself it is heartbreaking.

The mating trail they both have to walk through and over are something a person can't get out of their heads.

I really love first time stories and this is a great one. It was a seriously hot first time. It went on for a long time. Hot damn, just the way I love them.

A very good, easy and fun read.

Thanks, Rosemary.

Halftime Festivities By [Gloria R-S] I've been reading this story to my hubby off and on all evening long. We were both just howling. Mind you, my hubby isn't into slash, but said this one was a truly fun one and it didn't bother him to listen to it.

This is one of the funniest stories I've read in ages. I love football. Many of the questions Blair asked I asked my hubby when I was learning the game. OH hell, who am I kidding? I still ask some of those questions.

When the light bulb went on over Jim's head, that reminded him of what was most important in his life, I just melted. This is a very sweet and sexy Jim. Totally loved him.

I will never watch a football game in the same way again. Hot, very hot. A fun, fast and sexy read.

Thanks, Gloria.

When Angels Weep By Tiger Tyger After a grueling undercover assignment, an exhausted Jim Ellison half-heartedly agrees to go on a hiking trip with an officer friend of his. They'll be taking 10 children along with them.

A rainstorm hits and a mudslide hits taking 4 of the hikers with it. The guilt Jim is carrying is so overwhelming; Jim doesn't even know what to do.

Jim goes back up to the mountain with the rescue crew to find the four that were buried and finds the little girl alive. Still heartbroken, but very happy to see the little precious girl alive, Jim doesn't know what the hell he's supposed to be feeling.

This story is so heartrending. We watch as Jim pulls away from Blair and all that is important to him. I had to stop reading now and then, to rest my poor broken heart. Tiger tells this tale a little too well sometimes.

The scene with all of the survivors at the funeral was heartbreaking. Yet, it was wonderful seeing how Jim had bonded with those children. It was also understandable how the parents of the children that died felt, but liked seeing the ones of the surviving children too. This part was so well written. The whole story is, but especially this part.

Simon calls in a psychiatrist friend of Jim's to help Jim. He's having terrible nightmares. Jim also has to deal with his new feelings for Blair. The therapy Jim and the doctor go through is moving. It's so wonderfully written that you can't put it down by this point. Remember halfway through I said I had to set it down from time to time. Well, about into this story, you get over that and realize that you need to get this done with. I stayed up half the night reading.

This is a definite keeper. I loved how everything was asked, answered and ended. A great read.

Thanks, Tiger. [11]
You'll get my Perestrioka, White Rabbit, Lucifer Falling, Whisper of a Kill, Injured Innocents, Choices, Cosmic Collected, Broken Images, Second Grace, Harlequin Airs, Pandora's Box Affair, Primal Instincts 2, I Still Have Plans, and a variety of multi-media zines [out of my hands] only after my body is dust. [12]

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Suzan Lovett -- "... we'd like to thank Suzan Lovettt for the absolutely breathtaking cover artwork. As always, Suzan's work is outstanding and we hope she'll continue to work with the boys for a long time to come. (Pretty please?)" [13]
the original art on the cover of issue #3, by Suzan Lovett. Title: Sense & Sensibility -- [14]

This art was the inspiration for Quack.

Primal Instincts 3 was published April 1998 and contains 146 pages.

  • Clarifications by Candy Apple (Following the events of "Sweet Science". On the heels of Simon's clarification of Blair's role at the PD, Blair needs some clarification of his role in Jim's life. By agreement with the publisher, this story will remain exclusive to the zine and will not be net published.) (1)
  • Fire and Flames by Tiger Tyger (11)
  • A Quiet Evening At Home by Gloria R.-S. (23)
  • In the Jungles of Peru by Ro VanGlo (36)
  • Of Weddings and Revelations by Mickey M. (38)
  • Takedown by Tiger Tyger (54)
  • Practice Makes Perfect by Rosemary C. (66)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

Reviewer's Short Note: There may be spoilers here, but I'll try to keep them as minor as possible while still being coherent with regard to what the stories are about. Also, the following are my opinions and mine alone. Similarity to opinions past, present, or future is purely coincidental. Salt to taste. And if you have a differing opinion or something to add about anything, please feel free to post. It's what discussion, and this list, are all about.

[zine info omitted]

Overall, I loved the zine. It had a nice mix of stories, both in content and size. I'm also almost inclined to call this the Kink Issue since we have stories involving sex with food, auditory voyeurism, spanking, rimming, and unusual lubricants (which could actually fall into the 'sex with food' category in at least one story, too). It also seemed to be yet another sign of the time in regard to how much net fandom and print fandom are merging, not just because it features a couple of fairly well known net authors, but because at the end of each story is listed the e-mail address of the author. Which I actually think is a very neat feedback idea.

The layout is relatively clean with only a few glitches here and there. It's all single columned, single spaced. I don't know the type, but it's sans serif and I think I've only ever seen in used in Rosemary C.'s zines. Sorry, folks, I'm a pretty basic Times New Roman or Courier kind of gal and don't know much to recognize type-faces beyond saying it's neither one of those.

The cover is actually my favorite Suzan Lovett Sentinel piece--and probably my favorite Sentinel piece of artwork, period. A nice, simple look at Jim and Blair, laughing in bed. Aside from the fact I think it's her best depiction of their faces, especially Jim's, I love the pose (Blair on top of Jim in bed, both wearing white shirts, heads thrown back in laughter). There's also just a *joy* in the picture. It's fun.

"Clarifications" by Candy Apple (10 pp.)--Listed as an additional scene from "Sweet Science", this is probably what you expect from the author. It's not nearly as sappy as some of her other stories, but it's still far more than I generally care for.

"Fire and Flames" by Tiger Tyger (12 pp.)--A burning building acts as a catalyst for Jim and Blair's relationship. It's not just a 'fuck like bunnies after a life-threatening situation' story, but it's still, if you'll pardon the phrase, pretty hot.

"A Quiet Evening at Home" by Gloria R.-S. (13 pp.)--After a long, exhausting assignment, Jim wants just what the title says, but Blair's got other ideas. A veritable cornucopia of kinks! I'm hardly complaining, though, and not just because one of them is a personal favorite.  :-)

"In the Jungles of Peru" by Ro VanGlo (2 pp.)--Filk/Poem. A lot of humor poetry and the like falls pretty flat with me, and this strikes me as one of those things you write at cons at 3am and think it's hilarious, and maybe it's still funny to you later, but it doesn't translate well when you try to explain it to someone who wasn't there in the full light of day.

"Of Weddings and Revelations" by Kim Gasper (16 pp.)--Carolyn invites Jim to her wedding in San Francisco and he decides to bring Blair along. While they're there, emotions--and other things--come to the fore. Heavy on the romance and aside from the set-up, pretty routine.

"Takedown" by Tiger Tyger (12 pp.)--Jim's undercover, and in order to pass information, he has Blair pose as his lover, whom he tells his employers he just has to see. The condition seems to be that the two men must get reacquainted in a car in an empty parking lot while Jim's "employers" listen in. Things go a little beyond what either man initially planned. Never thought of auditory voyeurism as a particular kink of mine, but this worked pretty well. Maybe because it didn't rely strictly on that.

"Practice Makes Perfect" by Rosemary C. (82 pp.)--The story starts about a month or two after Blair first moves into the loft, when he and Jim are still working out the lumps in their relationship. Soon, Jim reveals some very *personal* problems directly connected to his senses. I loved this story--possibly more than any story in the previous zines--for a couple of reasons. One is that it has one of my all time favorite plot kinks, miscommunication. And not just that, but miscommunication based on fear about what the other person is thinking. Also, it's one of those which doesn't present sex as the answer to all problems. In fact, sometimes it creates more.

So, overall, a well balanced zine. It seems quite a bit different from the previous issues, which had fewer and longer stories, but in many ways, I think this is my favorite of the three. Several thoroughly enjoyable stories for various reasons, including one long and meaty piece by Rosemary, make this more than worth the price for me. [15]
This is my favorite of the Primal Instincts 'zines. Several stories are of that "perfect" length. Almost all first time, and each just like I like to see our guys. If you can only get one Primal Instinct 'zine (I'll pray for you... ) then, IMHO, this is the one to pick!

Clarifications by Candy Apple: A wonderful (of course) contribution! This is a first time story set, I believe, around the Sweet Science ep.

After receiving reassurance from Simon of his place in the world of cops, Blair seeks the same from Jim. Jim's a little more stubborn than Simon in this respect, but finally admits not only his appreciation of Blair's presence in his life but that he is, in fact, in love with him.

The guys decide to share their newly admitted love for each other at an out of town Inn where they proceed have an intimate dinner followed up by dessert al la Blair! Yum.

Fire and Flames by Tiger Tyger: First time with some minor Jim & Blair owies! Angst! Wonderful story.

After a close brush with death the guys spend the night indulging in life affirming activities. (translation: sex!).

The next morning, however, Jim has negative reactions to their night spent together. Not able to accept the word "gay" and "James Ellison" in the same sentence, Jim denies the feelings between them.

This is a really nice Pushy!Blair story.

A Quiet Evening at Home by [Gloria R-S]: Perfect winter story. Because it's so damn H-O-T! An established couple story which brings new meaning to the question, "What's for dinner?"

Gratuitous use of the kitchen table and, well, dinner. Probably one of the looongest sex scenes in the fandom, yet - in spite of my own use of the word - not at all gratuitous. A beautiful story in which our guy's love and passion is expressed through physical actions. Damn but our guys reeeealy love each other! Hee. One of the hottest rimming scenes I've read, too. Very nice story.

In the Jungles Of Peru by RoVanGlo: Poetry. Very cute take on the "In the jungles of Peru..." line heard at the beginning of the Sentinel eps.

Of Weddings and Revelations by Kim Gasper: First time! Jim receives and invitation to Carolyn's wedding in San Francisco. Since the invitation reads, "...and guest..." well, Jim brings a guest! The re-marriage of Jim's ex-wife is the catalyst which brings Jim to reflect on what he wants and who he wants. Blair does a little introspection of his own.

Takedown by Tiger Tyger: First time! Great story, this!

Not wanting to blow Jim's cover, which has taken weeks to establish, a plan is devised where Blair will meet Jim under the guise of "lover" giving Jim a chance to pass on pertinent information to Simon.

They meet in a parking lot and, because they are being watched, "pretend" to have sex. Hee.

After the bust goes down and Jim and Blair are back to their normal routine, they proceed to ignore what happened, each thinking the other probably just thought it was an "in the line of duty" thing. Silly boys.

Not a terribly original plot (like there are any left...), but the writing is so wonderful I'd swear I'd never read the "undercover as gay guys" plot before! Well done.

Practice Makes Perfect by [Rosemary C]: Wonderful first time with a very interesting plot. How *would* a Sentinel be able to handle sex with heightened senses? Not well apparently.

After Jim returns early from a failed date, Blair tenaciously questions him and learns he hasn't been able to avoid a zone-out during sex since coming "on-line". Blair, being the good little guide he is, offers to help. ;-)

Jim is reluctant at first but, after conceding that Guides know best, allows Blair to help him overcome his problem.

Once again Suzan Lovett's beautiful work graces the cover of a 'zine. Between the class-act authors and beautiful color covers, the Primal Instincts 'zines are a joy to own and a treasure to keep.

If you don't believe me, take a look at Suzan's work at Partners R More. Happy drooling! [16]
The cover art by Suzan Lovett is not only beautiful, but also very sexy. It is one of my favorites. (Okay, I love them all, but still, it's super nice.) I could go on and on about it, but why not just buy the zine and see for yourself.

Clarifications By Candy Apple

Blair wants to know how Jim feels about him in his life. Leave it to Blair to just come right out and say what's on his mind....Great writing, I just loved it. Once they profess how they feel about one another, it is just so damned sweet.

This is a very charming and thoughtful first time story. Candy Apple will not leave anyone unhappy with this. Oh Candy, can I bitch about one thing? It was too damn short. (Pushy damn fans.)

Thank you, Candy.

Fire and Flames By Tiger Tyger

The story starts out with Jim and Blair in a 3-story building housing Senior Citizens. They were being used in an extortion racket for their Social Security Checks.

Jim almost loses Blair in the fire.

Tiger writes a very good and confused Jim. He makes love to Blair then wants to just forget it happened. He blames it on the fire scare. Now Blair just needs to teach him who is the boss.

Holey Moley, Batgirl. I had to turn the damn fan on. Woo hoo. This is one hot story.

Jim only wants to be loved and not left. Blair will show him how it's done. Hot damn, but this was good. No one will be disappointed in this story. A very good read.

Thank you, Tiger.

A Quiet Evening At Home By [Gloria R-S] Slight warning: there is some butt smacking in a short part of the story. I just like to warn folks up front. This squicks some folks and don't want anyone yelling at me later. I myself, had to turn that damn fan back on. It's so slight and hardly even worth mentioning. However, don't want to get in trouble, you know?

Jim is exhausted and calls to tell his lover, Blair, he needs serious downtime. His lover is setting things up for dinner when Jim comes home.

Now the description by Jim, of what Blair is wearing is so sweet and worth reading for that alone.... It was wonderful. I enjoyed the descriptive fun. Jim tells him it won't do any good. Blair can't raise the dead. I was howling when I read that. (We know his Blair don't we?)

Gloria is very evil to poor Jim. Now Blair is humming while he's cooking. 'I'm too sexy for my shirt.' Again, I'm howling. Hubby is starting with the damn dirty looks. (If you must know, I told him to get a grip.)

All right Gloria. I keep laughing and he's trying to watch that damn movie. He's going to ask for your addy soon and tell you to write something dark. I won't give it to him. Your secret is safe with me.

We are talking super hot sex here. Now the hubby is saying he needs to send off a thank you note. I guess I should put another warning here. Make sure you're not alone when you read this story. It's too good to waste on just yourself.

Tongue fucking is so hot, but this was fucking boiling. Jim's been on stakeout for five days, these boys are warm for each other's form.

A quiet evening at home my ass. I think I heard Blair say this in my sleep last night. Hee Hee.

Thank you so much, Gloria....

Of Weddings and Revelations by Kim Gasper

Carolyn is getting married in San Francisco. She invites Jim and a guest for this occasion. Jim asks Blair to go with him. Do I need to mention that Jim is wild about Blair? I didn't think so.

Jim's imagination is working overtime. Oh, how I love when the boys try to pretend they don't want to fuck each other senseless.

Carolyn invites only Jim to the dinner the night before the wedding. Jim realizes they'd have to talk about a relationship between them when he gets back to the room. He gets back to the room and Blair is nowhere to be found. What does our Jim do? He hunts that Blair babe down. Oh yeah.

The scene in the bar is a riot. I don't want to tell everyone because I feel like I already rambled on about too much as it is. (It's very cute, sweet, sexy and just so darn Jim and Blair.)

We witness a big old Jim slut. Blair calls Jim an older man and Jim shows him just how old he is. Blair will never be calling Jim old again.

They won't be doing much sight seeing in San Francisco. Oh what a shame.

The only complain I have is that this was excessively short. Kim, you know I need the long ones, darlin. This was a fast, hot, sexy and very sweet read. You'll all love it.

Thank you, Kim.

Take Down By Tiger Tyger

Jim is undercover and calls Blair because he needs his lover. Too bad Blair isn't his lover. He needs to pass off some info to Blair, but can't say it because he is bugged.

As Blair is walking through the parking lot, Blair is thinking, * Sex in the parking lot? *

When Jim finally meets up with Blair, they are both goners. I was roaring and loving every single minute of it. Again, I have to say, hubby is getting mad about these damn zines. He said, and I quote, 'Doesn't anyone write any serious ones anymore?'

Oh, I have to mention that the sex in the truck is hot, hot, and hot. I had to turn on that fan again. I'll probably have a cold tomorrow. These boys have gotten in way over their head.

Both men are left to deal with this separately because Jim is undercover and Blair is just damn confused.

The undercover deal goes down well and now Jim wants to find out if there is a future for he and Blair. (As if there was any doubt!)

As expected, they are crazy about each other and wild sex ensues. Reading about them was truly fun, hot and sexy. Jim's last thought in the story is how to seduce his guide. Oh yeah.

This is a fast read, but a wonderful read.

Thank you, Tiger.

Practice Makes Perfect by [Rosemary C]

Jim is at a safe house guarding a witness, when the witness has a heart attack. Once it is over with, a very tired Jim finally gets to the loft and it's a pigsty.

Jim stands in the middle of the room and starts yelling his fool head off. He tells Blair he has three days to get out. Blair is heartbroken, but hides it as well as he can. (I cried here. Hubby got upset and told me to go back and read the one that made me laugh. He's at a loss when I cry.)

Jim then begins to suffer from the loss before it even happens. Then Jim overhears Blair trying to find a place over the phone and it was downright heartbreaking to read. (I cried here too.)

When Blair meets him in the truck Jim apologized and asks him to stay. They argue about Blair paying rent and then Jim lets it slip that he hears things in the middle of the night from his guide's room.

This is so fun. The conversation is turned around so Blair is embarrassing Jim big time. It's great....

I was howling. Jim has a date that goes terribly bad. Blair gets him to open up about it. Jim hasn't had any sexual release in over 3 months. Holey Moley. (I'd have to kill someone)

Blair comes up with the idea of him watching Jim while he whacks off. (Hey Rosemary, I could totally hear Blair saying this. I was rolling on the floor by this time.) Rod glanced over and said, 'Glad to see it's not making you cry now.' Gotta love the big lug.

Now it's not watching, Jim can't do it with Blair watching, so now it's up to Blair to help him through this. He needs to learn control. Blair talks him into it and Jim zones. All is not lost and they start over again. Oh my God, Mt. Ellison has just erupted with help from a certain guide. (Now we can call him a mountain guide. Good with geysers)

Then Blair tells Jim he'll need to practice his control. That's what they call this. Practice. (You have to love it.)

In the next months Jim finds himself falling in love with Blair. Thinking it might just be infatuation, he doesn't talk to Blair about it just yet. He keeps it to himself. (Everyone that is surprised about him holding it in, raise their hands. Okay, no one, I thought so.)

It is just wonderful seeing the love that is 'Blair.' He loves Jim so much. Reading about these two written by Rosemary, you can't help but melt.

We have the a scene with an ending for the Lash Episode, Attraction and a few others. I don't want to give it all away. I loved how Rosemary wove the epi's into this story. It worked really well.

Now there was one bit of frustration I had. Another classic case of Clue Bus Avoidance by the lonely and stupid. In other words, Jim and Blair weren't at the stop again.

Finally they do get to the stop, Rosemary makes sure that they actually get on and both have the right passes. They will no longer be lonely or stupid. Well, at least not lonely.

This was an exceptionally long story. I was very happy. I love long. I had to finish it in one read though. It was very sexy, hot and damn exciting.

Thank you, Rosemary.

Why you should buy this 'zine:

The epitome of TS fanfic. For me this is what it's all about. Between Alyjude and the Primal Instincts 'zines, I could live here forever! [17]
I just read an old TS zine this weekend -- Primal Instincts 3 -- and came away from the whole zine feeling like there was a theme of pseudo-Harlequin running through it.

Candy is in that zine; so are Kim Gasper, Gloria Ruggieri, Rosemary C, and Tyger Tyger. And it's a lovely zine. I loved reading it. I recommend it highly.

But I think it reflects a particular perspective on Blair, one which jives with what you were saying about Candy -- because I came away from the zine feeling like there were many, many moments where Blair could've been a romance heroine.

I mean, in my universe, Blair Sandburg just doesn't burst into tears and say "Hold me, Jim!" very often. <grin> It's too girly for me.

OTOH, though, I don't want to knock PI3. Because it's a well-written and well-edited zine. And the sex scenes are absurdly hot. And there's a lot of talent in it.

I think it just comes out of a different view of Blair than my stories do, so I feel like I have to shift a few degrees into another universe to accept that version of Blair. Part of it may be that these stories were written some years ago, too -- I could see an argument being made that Blair is more of a "sidekick" or "lesser" partner in seasons one and two than in season four and the imagined universes we've written for post-TSbyBS. And maybe Femme!Blair wasn't as overused a fanon cliche at the point in time when the zine was assembled.

But mostly, I figure, Candy and Tyger Tyger and Rosemary C have a different vision of Blair than I do; this is the Blair they like to write. <shrug> Tyger Tyger and Rosemary C do it especially well, to my mind. Rosemary's long story in PI3 ("Practice Makes Perfect") is one of my favorite recent reads -- she takes a premise we're familiar with (Jim has trouble performing sexually b/c of the senses) and draws it into a gorgeous, complex, almost novella-length romance. I'm pretty much willing to overlook the ways in which her Blair differs from mine (more romance-heroine-y than I prefer, a little more insecure than I usually write him) because the story works so well within the parameters she's set for it....

I realize I wasn't entirely clear.

Not everything in the zine has a RomanceHeroine!Blair feel to it. And some of it's very subtle: there's a lot of mention of sweet scents (vanilla, whipped cream), which didn't use to annoy me but does now because it seems like such a cliche to me.

Mostly it's Rosemary's story that reads to me like a total Harlequin.

And it's funny; I loved that story. I read it for the first time on Wednesday, and re-read it all weekend. There are elements in it that push a lot of my buttons -- the "I can't believe he really wants me" thing, for instance, isn't how I usually write Blair, but reading it gave me a real kick.

But even while I was enjoying it, some part of my brain was stepping back and going, "Oh, come on. Gimme a break. He isn't that fragile. He isn't that girly. He absolutely, positively does NOT cry out 'hold me, Jim!' in an agony of weepy distress."

Anyway. Just wanted to clarify that, of the stories in PI3, it's Rosemary's story that comes across most as a Harlequin to me -- and that not everything in the zine has that feel. Kim Gasper's story, for instance, isn't like that at all. (And is absolutely fabulous, but c'mon now, who's surprised? ;-) [18]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, by Suzan Lovett, titled "Dream Guardian" -- "As always, we'd like to thank Suzan Lovett for the absolutely beautiful cover artwork. The original is hanging in Ro's living room, so she gets to drool over it every day, but the cover came out nearly as perfectly. Don't know about the rest of you, but we'd sure love to curl up with that! Suzan's work is outstanding and we hope she'll continue to cover the boys for a long time to come (no pun intended, angel!). She brings a level of emotion and expression to each piece that Is positively spellbinding." -- [19]

Primal Instincts 4 was published May 1999 and contains 290 pages. The inside art is by Larrkin.

From the editorial: "...we'd like to welcome a spanking new artist on board! We'd like to express our deepest gratitude to Larrkin for bringing each and every story to life. She came through for us under circumstances when any sane person would have just flung their hands up in the air and said, "IT CAN'T BE DONE!" But Larrkin did it, and quite breathtakingly, we might add. You should be proud of yourself, luuvy! We're sure proud of you."

  • Rhapsody by Lynne Dhenson (poem) (1)
  • No Intent by Tiger Tyger (2)
  • More Than Friendship by Emrys (49) (an AU)
  • Divine Retribution by Gloria R.-S. (58) (BDSM)
  • Rent Boy by Rosemary C. (63) (an AU)
  • Past Imperfect by Gloria R.-S. (168)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

As it stands right now, I think this is my favorite zine, of all that I have. I think. Possibly. Tiger Tyger, [Gloria R-S], and [Rosemary C], are so very good. It is a sin that none of the online fandom gets to enjoy their work.

Tiger Tyger wrote No Intent, a first time story, with 2 memorable OC's one of the two legged variety, and one of the four legged variety. You get a Jim desperately needing to buy a clue in this one, which is a characterization that causes a lot of ranting and raving at an innocent zine. At least for me.

[Rosemary C] wrote Rent Boy, which is a truly spectacular AU. If you're thinking it's the same old, "Blair used to be a prostitute" thing. Uh huh. No way. Jim's the culprit in this one, and the way she writes them is wonderfully three dimensional, so that you can really identify with both of them. This one has some good h/c scenes in it, and is so damn sweet! Also, there's a teaser at the end that let's you know there's going to be more to this story. I guarantee that I'll be buying that edition of PI!

[Gloria R-S] wrote Past Imperfect, which also deals with the prostitution theme, but in a more tried and true way. Just because it's been done before, doesn't mean it can't be done well! The only thing that struck me a little odd in this one, was that Jim seemed to have some kind of a Jekel and Hyde thing going on. In the first half of the story, he just struck me as...well...kind of obnoxious to Blair, to tell you the truth. But by the second half of the story, he had morphed into someone that any of us would love to have...well to have!

Gloria also wrote Divine Retribution, which is a totally hot B/D, if that's your cuppa. The only thing is, and I've said this before in regards to the story, there is one instance in there, where Blair calls Jim "daddy" in the heat of the moment. Uuggh!! That is the biggest turn off for me! YMMV on this, and I realize that many find that a major turn on, but for those of you out there that don't. Don't worry. It's just that one time. Just throw up a mental block, and you'll be fine!

There's one other story in here, and it was a perfectly respectable story, but to be honest, it just doesn't show up as well, when put up against stories like those above. More Than Friendship by Emrys is a nice first time story, but it is, by far, the shortest one in here. Only 9 pages long. But, as I said, it's a very good, well-written story. Just not completely wonderful.

Oh, and for you poetry lovers out there, there's a poem on the first page by Lynne Dhenson called Rhapsody. I hate poetry. Any and all poetry. So I can't critique that, because I wouldn't know good from bad from high art in that case!

Like I said at the beginning. Just about my favorite zine. [20]
This is a great piece of art. I love the cuddle look of Jim and Blair. The bedding is even gorgeous. It's one of my favorite ones. Why do I say that? I say that about all of them...Well, it's nice to know that I've not seen one that I don't like yet.

Thank you, Suzan.

NEW ARTIST: There is a new artist named Larrkin.

Page 4: This one is a color work of Blair in glasses. I love this one. She has captured the Blair look perfectly. Great job.

Page 27: Jim in a baseball cap. Not my favorite of him out of all of the others, but it's still mighty fine.

Page 52: Another of Blair, looking every bit a professor. I love this one too. Beautiful work.

Page 60: This one is one of the sweetest and sexiest Blair works I've ever seen. Love it to death.

Page 72: All right, I have a new favorite of Jim. My God, sex appeal is dripping off this piece of work. Drool alert should really be added to this one. Haha.

Page 168: Another great one of Jim. However, after the one on page 72, all others will have a hard time competing. Wait till ya all see it.

On to the stories. Thank goodness this is the last of the four, so you don't have to read my rambling's for too much longer. Although, you don't have to read them now. Remember that Delete button is your friend. Especially when I've written a review. Haha.

Rhapsody (Poem) By Lynne Dhenson This is a beautiful poem. The description of the eyes is most moving.

By the time I finished, I wondered if it was about Jim's eyes or Blair's. Then I realized it would be for whomever we saw in it. I saw Jim's eyes. There was a mention of a hint of the dark jungles, wild and strange. This screamed Jim to me. However, to someone else it might scream Blair.

I love poetry that makes you think. This one does. You'll love it.

Thank you so much, Lynne.

No Intent by Tiger Tyger Just a quick and slight warning here. There is a very small and fast J/o. I just like to mention that in case it upsets anyone...

Jim is investigating a string of home invasions. While checking out the newest one, where the family was murdered, Jim ends up with their dog. He takes it to the loft until he can figure out what to do with it. He doesn't have the heart to leave it at the pound, so now we have a dog at the loft. He tells the pound that the dog is a material witness. Such a hard ass, eh? This seemed to Jim to me.

Jim catches the home invaders but they aren't the ones that killed the two people at the last Home Invasion.

The new fed guy moved to Cascade. His name is Kevin. He's fitting right in with Major Crime. Jim likes him a lot. Blair doesn't. It's so damn cute. Blair is soooooo jealous.

Blair feels like his best friend has dumped him. Jim is starting to feel like a heel. Funny thing is he misses Blair too.

Jim finds out that Kevin thinks he and Jim have been dating. I have to tell you, I was howling when I read this. When Kevin puts the moves on Jim, I had to tell everyone in the room why. My husband is so damn glad I'm done reading these four zines. I was driving him nuts. Then my daughter was there, who happens to think that Slash is very cool and she had to read parts of it when I was done. Tiger corrupted the poor thing. Haha.

Kevin, the jerk, not really I just like to call him that because he's not Blair. Anyhow, Kevin tells Jim that everyone believes that he and Blair are lovers. Jim freaks out and pulls away from Blair after this becomes known.

Jim ends up sleeping with Kevin, because he needs to know if he is truly gay. Jim feels like shit for using Kevin and never intending to be with him more than once. Arriving home, he and Blair argue. Blair figures out Jim slept with Kevin.

Now Blair is going to mark Jim and let him know whom he belongs to from this moment on.

My review isn't that great, because I don't want to give too much away. This is a wonderful love story. Tiger does it better than you can imagine.

Thank you so much, Tiger.

More than Friendship By Emrys This story opens with a panicky Blair. He's thinking sexual thoughts about Jim. Blair's heart is racing and Jim is trying to figure out why Blair is so upset. Then Blair backs away from him and Jim thinks that Blair is afraid of him.

Blair thinks on it all day long and decides he is going to tell Jim how he feels. He's praying that Jim won't hurt him. Hee hee.

Jim has been in love with Blair since he first met him, so he's not going to kill him anytime soon.

I love hot first times and it just kept getting better and hotter as I read on.

This story is very romantic, sweet, sexy and fun. You'll all love it.

Thank you so much, Emrys.

Devine Retribution By [Gloria R-S] Warning: I feel like I need to put a slight warning about DD and BD.

Jim starts out being very angry with Blair for making him worry about him. Blair has almost gotten hurt again.

Oh my goodness. Jim needs his Blair, he throws him over his shoulder and heads up the stairs. Hee hee.

Holey Moley, Batgirl. I do believe you've corrupted me. When Jim takes off his belt, I had to run and get the fan for my office.

I'm not real big on DD stories; it makes me a little uncomfortable. (Pardon the pun) Gloria makes it easier to swallow, though. (Oh goodness, another pun.) Ignore me, I'm getting slaphappy....

If you don't like this type of thing, don't read it. If you do, you're in for a real treat. Gloria makes you forget that you are uncomfortable reading these things and wanting more.

This is a super fun read. You'll like it.

Thank you so much, Gloria.

Rent Boy By [Rosemary C] Before I even begin, let me start by saying, I want more from this story, Rosemary. I expect a sequel to follow. Not that this one isn't done, because it is. It just has so much more to tell. Please tell it to us. Don't make me beg on the lists more than once.

Blair is a professor and Jim is a student in his class. Blair is smitten from the moment he runs into Jim in the hallway before class. Blair knows that he can't date students, so he's longing for Jim. His friend from the University takes him to a gay club that night.

While there, he sees Jim and Blair's friend tells him that Jim is a hooker. Jim sees Blair and tries the next day to get out of Blair's class. However, he'll lose his money if he does and he doesn't want the university to think that Blair is a bad teacher. Therefore, he ends up staying.

Blair continues teaching and only has three failing students in his class. They are in football. I think. Don't you love my notes?? Haha.

Blair fails those three students and they attack him in a deserted part of campus at night. Jim comes to his rescue. They probably would have killed him if not for Jim. He saves Blair's life, takes him to Blair's loft and they talk.

Blair asks Jim out once he gets back to teaching. Nevertheless, Jim tells him he can't.

One day Jim comes to class after missing a few days and is all beat up. Blair goes to the bar that night, to hire Jim for the evening. They fight and argue but end up discussing the Chopec. (Well, I don't want to tell you word for word.) Jim tells Blair how he came to know about them.

Blair and Jim decide through the university to study the Chopec. Blair takes notes on everything that Jim tells him about the Chopec people.

While spending this time with Jim, Blair discovers he may have found someone with enhanced senses. Blair wants to spend time with Jim, but Jim refuses all of Blair's advances.

Blair calls it Operation Win-Jim. God, I loved that title. So cute.

Reading about Blair posing as a pimp was great, you have to read that. I won't say anymore about that either. I feel like I give too much away.

When they talk later, Jim explains to him why he sells his body for a living. I'm not going to say because it is something that is so upsetting, you really need to read it with the rest of the story. I'm still upset.

Both men come to terms with things as Blair explains about Sentinel senses. Blair and Jim are into the holding on to each other stage. Jim doesn't feel like he deserves to be loved. Blair tells him they both deserve to be loved and love back. Just once in their life. (This is such a sad story.)

Blair now has to guide Jim in the romance department. It was so incredibly sad. Rosemary has written this so well that I'm having an anxiety attack. This is one of the saddest tales I've ever read.

Blair is so gentle and sweet. I love both of the characters, but Blair shines.

I won't share the ending because I feel as that would ruin it for everyone. Heehee.

This is a very long story. Heartbreakingly believable and exhausting all at the same time. I loved it. You will too.

Thank you so much, Rosemary.

PS: Okay, I'm going to ask for the sequel again. Please???? Right now, Rosemary is thinking, this is the biggest pain in the neck fan I could ever have. However, I guess I could write that sequel that Patt and so many others want. Is this what you're thinking, Rosemary? LOL

Past Imperfect By [Gloria R-S] ...

Jim and Blair are arguing, and as usual, Jim doesn't have a clue as to what the real problem is. Blair threatens to leave and Jim of course freaks out and promises to stay out of Blair's affairs. *Looky, now I think I'm a poet.*

I love the way Gloria writes. I'm just beginning and am totally hooked. (What do you mean, I have email. Tough fucking shit. I'm reading a Gloria story.) Okay, I feel better had to get that out of my system. You will find yourself unable to put the story down and not caring whether your hubby gets any food after work or not. Let me see, I think I said, 'It's your turn to order take-out, honey.'

Blair is dating a guy named Peter and what a perfect name being he's a prick and all.

Blair breaks it off. Peter threatens Blair's past over his head. When nothing else works, he beats the shit out of Blair.

Jim sees all the damage and gets dressed to go talk to the prick. (Jim's way of thinking, not just mine.)

Blair panic's and calls Simon for help...

I kid you not when I read this part, I wanted to kill the man myself.

Peter begins to attack Blair again, until Jim shows up. Jim tries to get to the prick, but Blair won't let him. Blair is trying to save Jim's hide. He knows that Jim will get in trouble, not Peter. When he loses control of Jim's rage, Simon shows up to save the day.

The office scene is great with the four men. I'm not telling. You'll have to read it yourself. Heehee

Gloria, I love the interaction between Jim and Simon. Simon is a good friend and a bossy one.

Jim and Blair have some major discussions that are so moving sometimes I forgot that it was just a story. (Did I just say, it was just a story? I'm so sorry, Gloria.) Heehee

These two men pulling away from each other was heartbreaking to read.

We learn about a neglecting Naomi. I belong to the 'I can't stand Naomi club', so this was a perfect part for me to read.

Blair tells Jim his Major Secret as Jim cries, while listening. Again, the story is so heartbreaking. I'm leaving this part out.

Jim asks Blair on a date It's a new place. Their place...

Blair finds out about two men in his past, thanks to Jim. Now Blair might be able to move on.

Fan-fucking-tastic story of the courtship and road to the discovery of what true love is for Blair.

I loved both Jim and Blair in this story. Everyone will love it. And if you're a big fan of angst and stories that will make you cry, then this one is a given.

Thank you so much, Gloria. [21]


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