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You may be looking for the Sentinel story by Dolimir called Choices.

Title: Choices
Publisher: Agent With Style, then Requiem Publications
Author(s): L.A. Adolf
Cover Artist(s): L.A. Adolf
Illustrator(s): L.A. Adolf
Date(s): April 2011 in print form, online earlier (between 2004 and 2006, when the first part appeared in Sensory Net #1)
Medium: print
Size: full-sized
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
Language: English
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cover by L.A. Adolf

Choices is a 226-page Sentinel slash Jim/Blair novel by L.A. Adolf. The cover and interior art is by the author.

The three stories which make up this novel were once online but have been edited for publication.

Online Versions

The first two stories are gen. The online versions have both a gen and a slash version of the third story. All online versions slash and gen have been removed as of 2012 by author.


"When Blair is refused admittance to the Police Academy due to medical reasons, it's the beginning of a new journey for Sentinel and Guide, one fraught with revealed secrets, danger and loss, and the very real possibility Blair could die."


  • Medical Grounds (Choices Series part 1): Post TSbBS, academic career in shambles, Blair's future as a cop and Jim's partner is threatened by circumstances unforeseen. [PG-13 for language]
  • World Turned Upside Down (Choices Series part 2): As Blair Sandburg faces a fight for his life, Jim Ellison must make a decision regarding his own destiny. Sequel to Medical Grounds. [PG-13 for language]
  • The Best Disguise (Choices Series part 3): Three months after surviving a near fatal bout of post cancer-treatment illness, Blair Sandburg adjusts to his altered life; Jim Ellison establishes his new life as a full-time Sentinel and faces the risks entailed. [R for sexual content]

Reactions and Reviews

You'll get my Perestrioka, White Rabbit, Lucifer Falling, Whisper of a Kill, Injured Innocents, Choices, Cosmic Collected, Broken Images, Second Grace, Harlequin Airs, Pandora's Box Affair, Primal Instincts 2, I Still Have Plans, and a variety of multi-media zines [out of my hands] only after my body is dust.[1]


  1. ^ a March 24, 2011 comment on a mailing list, quoted anonymously