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Title: The Cosmic Collected
Editor(s): Gayle F
Date(s): 1986
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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The Cosmic Collected is a 50-page K/S slash Star Trek: TOS zine from 1986. It reprints a collection of the four stories in the Cosmic Fuck Series by Gayle F.

The Editorial

front cover of "Cosmic Collected". Note: Marked as sexually explicit; minimized.

Dear Reader, For many years, K/S fen have been asking me why I didn't reprint The Cosmic Fuck Series, as I have always fondly called it, in one volume. The advent of the Computer Age has made this possible, finally. Praise be to Whirlaway, the family computer, and to my husband, [name redacted], for his expertise in formatting the stories I wrote. Praise also to Ruth Lym and her LaserWriter for the print out. Many thanks to Della Van Hise, Carol Frisbie, and Lori Chapek-Carleton, the editors of Naked Times, Thrust, and The Obsc'zine, for permission to reprint Desert Heat, Beyond Setarcos and Night of the Dragon, and Between Friends.

There are a few changes in the text--a word here and there, shifts in syntax. They are minimal, but I offer my apologies to anyone who has memorized the stories. The writer's itch must be scratched....


Gallery -- Non-Explicit

Gallery -- Explicit

Reactions and Reviews

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1987 - [zine]: 'The Cosmic Collected' is a reprint of Gayle F's four classic short stories. This zine has an obscene nickname which is a good indication of its contents. It is a beautifully written and nicely put together zine with a number of Gayle's illustrations. A must for the serious K/S collectors. [1]

1994- [zine]: Okay, okay, I'm probably one of two people who haven't read this (the other probably being my mother), but it's one of my huge collection of unread zines and therefore subject to my incredibly insightful, penetrating, discerning (sounds like Spock's eyes) scrutiny! So for that fine other person out there, this is for you.

This is a series of connected stories concerning Spock going into pon farr while he and Kirk are left for a week on an abandoned planet. So, of course, Kirk has to help out. The stories continue back on the Enterprise, and Kirk has to help out some more. In the last story, McCoy helps out, but more on that later.

I'd already heard about [Gayle F's] writing being a lot like her sexy, ultra-explicit, fantasy artwork. Well, it's not exactly like it. There's a bit too much of "he licked his chest, abdomen, legs, knees, ankles, feet, toes,..." (not a quote} for my taste. Then, there's lots of "telling" not "showing". Also, the characterizations are a little strange. For the most pan. Kirk is unrecognizable and Spock is cliche with his exacting, logical talk. The rest is inner thoughts that are so heavy with a kind of emotional poetry, that I was confused as to who was feeling what and especially, why.

The style of writing was frustrating to me. Done in short, clipped sentences, I had to work really hard to visualize things and believe me, there were lots of things I wanted to visualize) The use of repeating verbs didn't help imo.), nor did leaving off nouns and the objects of verbs, and the "ands". Example: "Dropped his pants, kicked them away and jerked off boots, socks." There are many more examples, but you get the idea. Also, there are lots of hes, hims, and hises that totally confused me as to whose, whats and wheres.

The last story — Bones is kidnapped, forced into a labor slaver/ for these beetle-like creatures in a cave — is all done in memory. The funny thing is, if the whole story were told to someone in synopsis form, it would sound fascinating. The only problem is, that is how it's written.

The last story of K, S and McCoy all having sex together is the least successful of all. Granted, I was unable to overcome my innate dislike of sex scenes with Bones, and actually it wasn't written badly. But when I read about Bones licking Spock's ass and penetrating him, I was less excited than morbidly curious. Especially difficult was Spock moaning: "Bones, Bones, Bones...". It was like when you're a kid and you hear or see a family member having sex.

Then, the strangest thing happened. They couldn't handle so much passion, or something, so they all experienced a weird guilt trip with a "mutual sense of failure vibrating them like a single chord." Huh?

All right, now I'll stop complaining and say there were lots of really hot, sexy parts. Yes, but... [2]
1998- [zine]: In keeping with the intensely personal nature of the holiday, I intend to take the phone off the hook and disconnect the doorbell. Then I will pour myself a glass of Midori (green melon) liqueur and a dish of strawberry sorbet. Then I will reread [Gayle F's] "The Cosmic Collected" from cover to cover. "Desert Heat", which begins this collection, is the first K/S story I ever read and is still a damn good place to start. [3]

unknown date - [zine] "The Cosmic Collected" (stories and explicit art) from 1986 is a wonderful zine which consists of a series of three hot K/S and one K/S/Mc story at the end - "Between Friends" (27 pages, first published in "Obsc'zine #3").

Once again it's McCoy who's in hurt and is asked by K/S to join them, so it could be taken as pity sex. OTOH, it's definitely for healing, it's not totally easy that night but in the end very fitting and working, and there is nothing like instant bonding, a pet peeve of mine. All three have their insecure moments, and all overcome those fears, joining together naturally. The sex is hot, the art is incredibly hot (I don't think I've ever seen such explicit K/S/Mc anywhere else) and there is a K/Mc talk in the end which includes this:

"You know what was most special?" Jim asked. "No, what...besides, everything?" "The laughter. We never laughed like that before."

A must-have for K/S/Mc fans, in my opinion! [4]


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