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Synonyms: Mother Hen
See also: Shaman of the Great City, Caveman!Jim, Primal!Jim
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Blessed Protector is a nickname for the character Jim Ellison on the TV series, The Sentinel. It refers to his role as Shaman of the Great City. Sometimes it is shortened to "BP."

Canonically, at the end of the episode, "Cypher", Blair tells Jim that since Jim had saved his life, he was now responsible for Blair, a sort of "blessed protector". Canon never refers to this again, but fandom took it and ran with it. The fanfic Jim is liable to become a hyper-protective "Blessed Protector" at the drop of any potentially dangerous hat. Being a BP is portrayed as a genetic part of Ellison's being a sentinel.

Blessed Protector Syndrome and Blessed Protector Mode are two ways Jim's being a Blessed Protector play out.

Examples of Use

From Many Waters by Lanning Cook: "Jim had a tendency to do the I-don't-like-this-feeling-so-I'll-get-angry mambo, which was a dance that got his sentinel into more trouble at times than even a Class A Intrepid Guide and Shaman-in-Training could successfully deal with. The last thing this situation needed was a Blessed Protector run amuck." And: "Relax, Simon, he’s just BPSing again," said Blair wearily."

From Sentinel Sanctuary, a GDP story by Susan Foster: "Ellison and Sandburg were getting back into synch after the head injury that had caused Jim to turn into a sentinel out of Blair's worst nightmares. Now, injury healed, the sentinel was fussing around his guide. What did they call it? 'Blessed Protector Mode?' He chuckled softly, and a healthy dose of Mother Hen as well."